Tariq Nasheed: "I do not support immigration"

Discussion in 'Blackgirl Online' started by playa-exodus, Jan 12, 2019 at 1:28 AM.

  1. Dannyblueyes

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    The real reason there is an illegal immigration problem is because the legal path to citizenship is so convoluted and contradictory that most people either can't navigate it or lose their status in the middle of the process.

    If you're an illegal immigrant that has managed to find a home and eke out a living coming forward to legitimize yourself means risking immediate deportation. You also risk that your legitimate claim might be overturned before you get a green card. Even if that doesn't happen you can be discriminated against by a border or immigration agent and get denied on their say-so.

    That's why most of the people that come here illegally have a "fake it till you make it" approach. They live their life and keep their head down hoping that a president or act of Congress will make it legal for them to exist in America before they get kicked out.

    The biggest way to fix this problem is employee enough immigration staff that a person applying for asylum or a family visa can have their case dealt with within weeks instead of years.

    The next step is to put a moratorium on immigration laws for 5 years. That way every immigrant and their lawyers know exactly what's required of them to get legal status.

    Finally, take decision power away from the immigration and border agents. the guy who searches suitcases for contraband cigarettes shouldn't be in a position to decide whether or not a work permit is valid.

    This procedure is much cheaper than a wall and way more effective.
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  2. playa-exodus

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    Tariq has been on a anti african and carribbean immigrant wave for a couple of months now. Not sure how me calling him out for his bullshit means I'm a Fox News viewer. What the fuck?

    Farrakhan is also the son of carribbean immigrants so it's ironic that you bring him up. Just makes Tariq's anti immigration stance look even more idiotic.
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  3. gene cisco

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    See. That's the dangerous shit right there. Anything that doesn't go with what these white hippies are saying is a (insert the blank) talking point.

    For one second, stop worrying about what white people think, do, or say. Look at the fucking facts and then come to your own conclusion without worrying about whether or not your interests might align with some redneck even though they were for different fucking reasons.

    You can't base policy for the community off looking what some redneck thinks and automatically taking the opposite position without fucking thinking things through. That's why the black community has fallen behind the Hispanic community in this country.

    I'm not checking for hippie talking points from Huffpost or redneck talking points from Fox news. Fuck these cac hippies who exploit the community and these racists. I'm looking at this shit with bias for our community. Fuck has the Hispanic population passing us by in both numbers and economic power done for the black community in the last 40 years? :confused: Name some benefits. I'll wait.
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  4. Shaka54

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    I'm pretty sure that he was speaking of the current times. Late 20th to 21st Century.
  5. exiledking

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    I LIVE in Atlanta. Lol yeah I was trying to be measured in what I said (that's why I mentioned there are SOME) But then I figured the response would need up too long.

    Welp, now it's gonna be lol

    For Black people in Atlanta we don't really interact with the Latin community much, or acknowledge them, yet we see this talk about "black and brown" as if we've had this discussion with someone already lol.

    I know in the drug game.theres interaction but I don't know if there's crazy violence from it as of yet.

    As far as construction and labor, my Black friends who do it, HATE the fact tbat "them Migos" can just come and get the work cheaper , while they don't do as thorough a job.

    Ive had a few bad interactions with some Latino guys on a few occasions but I'm grown and I don't get drawn into stupid shit. Honsetlybindont count that as problems any worse than any run instead with young guys.

    There are Mexicans, Central Americans of all kinds, Cubans, Puerto Ricans, all kinds of Latin groups in Atlanta and all their stories are different as well as their level of interconnection in the black community.
  6. exiledking

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    You can't speak of that time as I'd it doesn't stem from another time. Once these countries were becoming independent , the instability they existed in, made em ripe for different empires to step in. It makes sense for America to be worried about what was around em. I don't agree with EVERYTHING about it, but it wasn't done out of no where. You can't ask me to help liberate you , then expect me to just shake hands and bounce. Doesn't work like that anywhere

    Same reason Haiti immediately made moves To take over the whole island of Hispaniola at one point. Toussaint made himself emporer. Dessalines too. Then they assisted Simone Bolivar. You think that was for nothing? Cuba wanted to become a world power too for a minute. Can't hate that game. It's ugly but all that's relevant.
  7. Shaka54

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    First, he sloppily puts out the Standard "not all" disclaimer and speaks on specific instances where they occur, like the Luvie chick, for example.

    Second, this is a topic that he has hijacked and is using to HIS benefit. He saw this topic unfolding and jumped on it because he was running out of shit to say.

    Where did this black Alt-Right come from? Who funds them? Where is there Agenda? Who are their most prominent members?

    "Black Lives Matter is a Terrorist Organization."
    Your average Faux Views viewer and Drumph Rally attendee.
  8. exiledking

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    For where we are in history RIGHT NOW, Anything that is good for us will also effect some white group somewhere and there will appear to be some temporary alliance. Who cares? Get what ya need and move on.
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  9. exiledking

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    Black alt right is Tariq Nasheed. It's that simple. He's a Black nationalist and supremacist. Not just a guy who loves being Black, he thinks we're SUPREME. His dumbass movies say we made EVERYTHING lol. That's some shit the alt right makes for their base.

    Funny thing was, when he faced am actual alt right white guy in a debate, he crumbled and told the guy Black people were stupid. This really happened
  10. exiledking

    exiledking Well-Known Member BGOL Investor

    Tariq plays around with tbe Caribbean and African thing quite a bit. I dunno if I'd say he was 100% ANTI, But he does whatever is convenient at the time. It's funny how he makes African history docs and never has any Africans in them. Then he went to Zimbabwe and never spoke to a scholar from the region, didnt really ask much questions, just kinda talked down to em.for an African scholar he knows zilch about actual Africa.

    And speaking of Farrakhan, they hate west Africans too which is ironic
  11. Soul On Ice

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  12. Shaka54

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    I saw that shit show of a "debate" against Jared Taylor. Tariq shouldn't have even been the one. He was way underqualified and like the CACs, he shouldve recruited a scholar for that.

    Tariq is NOT to be taken seriously as a Black Leader, Nationalist, or anything else. He's shunned that time and time again, especially after he got SWATTED and shook to the core.:lol:
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  13. exiledking

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    Lol yeah that why I love watching him. He's a pure reality show. I remember when all of sudden he started invocating OGUN, and talking about how nature will take care of things, after all that shit about he talked about Christians for praying. And when he was suspected of inciting the guy who shot the cop in Texas, all of sudden he starts talking about constitution. And when he got swatted (by the pubescent teenage gamer boys hes fighting white supremacy against), you can see his ass in full submission and cooperation with the cops, on the news talking about how nice they were to him lol.
  14. YoungSinister

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    Normal men try to get attention from women
    You’re sitting online trying to go back and forth with another man
    Last word
  15. Dannyblueyes

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    Nature taking care of things, smh.

    I remember a Facebook post he made suggesting that nature was taking care of Paradise, California because it is a sundown town.

    Meanwhile you had Black people all over the Bay Area wearing dust masks just to go outside and others that ended being hospitalized because of pre-existing conditions. Schools were closed which denied Black children an education. Many Black people who work outdoors lost wages from temporary layoffs. There's also no telling how this will affect home and fire insurance rates for Black property owners in the future.

    It makes me even less convinced that the ancestors have control over our day-to-day affairs. Even they knew that a forrest fire's consequences go well beyond the people who get burned
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  16. Dannyblueyes

    Dannyblueyes Aka Illegal Danny BGOL Investor

    Not to mention Afrika Bambaataa, Kool Herc, Grandmaster Flash, KRS ONE and several other of hip-hop's pioneers. Pretty ironic for a public figure that got his start as a rapper.
  17. gene cisco

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    It's just scary how shallow some folks are with this topic. All they see is what makes white people mad. If it makes whites mad, they think it's some type of win. :smh:

    Fuck that the Hispanic(and illegal immigration is about Hispanics primarily) population has grown 600 percent since 1970. That's the same time frame that America made black people the face of the prison industrial complex. But as long as cac upset about the brown people, black people winning. :lol:

    At this rate, black America will be irrelevant in 50 years. The pecking order will be whites, Asian, Hispanic, sand cac, then black America. A lot different compared to the 1960s when it was whites then black America number 2.
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  18. hardawayz16

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    But it's not even whites with power they want to antagonize. They're happy if some poor/lower middle class powerless bigots on stormfront are upset.

    Like bruh...who cares? We got so much work to do.
  19. exiledking

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    People who relied on ancestor worship, black white and other, all got their asses kicked by Christians and Muslims who had better weapons. That test has already been administered.
  20. Soul On Ice

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    Props to you for trying to educate these folks here.

    I said what I said I dipped out page one.

    Bgol is playing real stupid about this whole topic and I refuse to even entertain it .
  21. exiledking

    exiledking Well-Known Member BGOL Investor

    You say that like dude has to actually be consistent about something lol
  22. gene cisco

    gene cisco Thulsa-master of noids. Super Moderator

    So true. It's sad when what makes some powerless cac upset or happy dictates your opinion on a topic that affects your community 1000x more. Reminds me of cacs who are blind to their situation because they too busy enjoying seeing a black person upset.

    Shit's just frustrating. But it's an example of how the black community is always one step behind and easily manipulated.
  23. zod16

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    I think it is really hard for some to accept that we literally have no true friends or allies. Nobody wants to believe that the people who should be sympathetic to us are pretty much just cacs by another name. :smh: I also think some confuse embracing black culture with embracing black people.

    I challenge everyone in this thread to actually read both of these pdfs and then come back and explain how this is beneficial to black people.

    This is the abstract from a peer reviewed paper published by the Kennedy School of Government at Harvard:

    The employment rate of black men, and particularly of low-skilled black men, fell precipitously between 1960 and 2000. At the same time, their incarceration rate rose. This paper examines the relation between immigration and these trends in employment and incarceration. Using data from the 1960–2000 US censuses, we find that a 10% immigration-induced increase in the supply of workers in a particular skill group reduced the black wage of that group by 2.5%, lowered the employment rate by 5.9 percentage points, and increased the incarceration rate by 1.3 percentage points.


    Other studies reached the same conclusions.

    Illegal immigration to the United States in recent decades has tended to depress both wages and employment rates for low-skilled American citizens, a disproportionate number of whom are black men.

  24. Dannyblueyes

    Dannyblueyes Aka Illegal Danny BGOL Investor

    I read that PDF when you posted it earlier.

    The study ignores one crucial factor. Most immigrants who undercut Black people for these jobs do it as a temporary step on their way to fame and fortune. No immigrant has ever looked at the way poor Black Americans live and said "that's how I want to spend the rest of my life and I'm going to leave my family, community, culture, and language behind to do it."

    The real problem isn't that immigrants take these jobs. It's that too many Black Americans aren't given the necessary tools and resources to get beyond them. it's not Pablo's fault that Uncle Sam decided to build another prison instead of a job training center.
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  25. Soul On Ice

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    Why should should BGOL care about those study's?

    Every one here is literally a millionaire turning away girls finer than Bria daily.
    We're insulated from them despite driving past poor Black people daily on our way to the bank to cash 6 figure checks...
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  26. Big Tex

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    Please tell me you are emmigrating somewhere with no internet access
  27. LennyNero1972

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    Ya'll loves ya'll some Tariq. :lol:
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  29. exiledking

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    It's so funny watching Charlemagne slowly wise up as he asks Angela Rye these questions and watching her squirm to answer lol

  30. Diomedes3000

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    I don't support immigration either. Unless you are of African descent. I welcome the whole African diaspora. These other muthafuckas No. A good chunk of these folks at the border are racist. You should how Black folks are treated in some of these South and central American countries.
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    COINTELPRO Well-Known Member BGOL Investor


    Hit the Report link on this, hoe nigga.

    The reason immigrants or their children do well is because they picked environments that are suited for them.

    Some immigrants love living in a white supremacists environment where they are degraded over being with their people.
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  32. exiledking

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    I usually disagree with SOME PART of Yvettes shit. Today's she is on point.

  33. lazarus

    lazarus waking people up BGOL Investor

    So your answer is to halt immigrants from these low paying jobs instead of demanding more from the government that keeps us incarcerated and doesn't supply us better jobs and improved skills? almost 10 percent of black men are incarcerated and somehow that is an immigrant's fault?
    You're being played by blame the next lowly made citizen game that rich whites use on poor white folks.
  34. Drayonis

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    I'm not holding water for Mexicans or white supremacists. They on their own.
  35. exiledking

    exiledking Well-Known Member BGOL Investor

    So where's the thread about demanding more from the government ? Where's the CNN piece on that? Oh that's right, that's pushed to the back because we're sitting up here fighting for immigrants. And not just immigrants because again, no one has a problem with them, ILLEGAL immigrants.

    And some people in this same post are sitting here telling me "well shit , we're all immigrants , America stole, so ya know..."

    Oh NOW that there's some progress and we wanna eat around here, all of a sudden there's no country anymore. It was all illegal, everything you were forced to build, give it away. And similar to your question, is it OUR FAULT that they lost half of their country to America , the good part, and that American was able.to destabilize their countries so bad , so now they gotta come dip into the benefits of where we been living?
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