Tariq Nasheed: "I do not support immigration"

Discussion in 'Blackgirl Online' started by playa-exodus, Jan 12, 2019.

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    So at what point do you stay in america and no longer become an immigrant? How many ancestors pass that you are no longer an immigrant.

    What many dont realize is this is divide and conquer.

    After they start getting you to side with removal of Latinos, then you as blacks are next. So all white will be here and rejoice, "now they're all gone".

    Its the same base that Trump feeds off of for hatred.

    It's better to say you don't want criminals here, who does. But to say immigrants, everyone here is.
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    It's as easy as that, huh? :rolleyes:
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    When the Brits arrived to the Powhatan confederacy (which was an empire BTW, lead by a conquering war Lord)

    They were considered IMMIGRANTS, and had to be vetted , to determine if that nation would allow them to stay. The Powhatans allowed them to stay because they had something worthy of trading. Some trinkets, but mostly some.GUNS that the natives figured they could use to make their own empire bigger. They were given visas based on their worthiness. They were also starved out one winter when they didn't do what that current ruler said. Borders aren't new, and everyone's had to deal with them. Everywhere.
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    Legal immigration?
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    Is that a serious question? Youre no longer an immigrant once you're accepted as a CITIZEN of that nation. That means by the laws of said nation, you are provided protections and benefits, you learn it's culture, languages, laws, etc... Same as citizens of Mexico or.any other nation. BTW , millions of "Mexicans" are already citizens of America and will continue to be. But for some semblance of order there's a Genesis of nationhood and a code that is written and agreed upon. Just like there has been.for every other nation past or present. This includes nations in Africa, Europe, Asia, any where you can think of.

    This isn't divide and conquer. You were never United with anyone except the people in this country. Black people on America were SENT here by warring nations that were just as imperialistic as any german, Brit, Dutch, Portuguese, or Spanish you can think of. Quit trying to pretend there was ever some unified planet. If anything has what's coming, not what's already happened
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    So when exactly were blacks accepted as citizens of which united states?

    The constitution you think you're under?
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  8. sharkbait28

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    I have my own reservations about anti-illegal sentiment given how dishonest and xenophopic the conversation around it generally is (there's usually not much sincere convo around the economic logic that drives it and in which we are entirely complicit)

    Having said that any aversion to legal immigration is just silly in the context of this nation's peculiar history as a "nation of immigrants". Just strikes me as a non-starter for serious discussion.
  9. exiledking

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    What nation in the history of nations isn't a nation of "immigrants" my friend ?
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    I’ve never seen so many pro illegal and legal immigration negroes b4. These people are here to replace you. You niggaz really think these people are coming here to side with you against white supremacy?

    Show me the illegals and legals who have came here to link up with black America against whites? Where in history has this happened? Some fool here said to get them here to outnumber whites.

    They’re going to do nothing but help white supremacy against you fools. Look at Los Angeles of blacks getting their homes bombed. Look at Fernando Castiles murderer.

    And you niggaz are using black immigrants as a scapegoat or cover up now. You’re using them to pretend as if that’s what you’re mad about when you’re really mad about those non black immigrants. You’re not fooling me.
  11. sharkbait28

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    Japan lol. Historically America's approach to immigration has been VERY unique and many have argued (and I agree) that a good portion of our dynamism and vitality is due to our unique character in that regard. Are you saying you're anti legal immigration?
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    The funny thing is that all of these anti-immigrant arguments are emotional and visceral and not intellectual or economic. This country like most countries are getting older as a whole and because we barely have more than one child per family we do not have enough young people to fill jobs and provide a strong economic engine to replace the older population (think Japan). Instead because of our robust immigration policy, we are not going to face the same economic and social issues like the Japanese are facing. Now the Japanese are for the first time in their history are looking at making immigration easier. Then look at how prices in this country are held down, by paying new workers as little as possible and that can only done with immigrants.
  13. exiledking

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    I don't think I'm under it, I'm.under it, I'm under it. You THINK you're not.

    That's the same constitution who's words we use when we want something from it. At one point we've all had ancestors "under" some other agreement, I know MY family has been in talks about THIS one for several generations,. And if this one ever goes under as many have before it, someone will have to draw up another one. Since I live NOW. I am concerned with this one.

    As far as when Blacks were granted the full rights we deserve and fought for, around 1965, which is why I think we should be mindful of who gets the benefits of said struggle.
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    Japan hasn't always been "Japan" plenty of smaller ethnic groups lived in those areas doing their own thing before anyone ever organized under the umbrella of a place named JAPAN. And those were feudal Lord's and gangsters just like everywhere else.

    And of course I'm anti illegal immigration. That's the first sentence I wrote.

    Just like I'm anti anyone walking into my house-- and guess what? My house wasn't always MY house, or the land it sits up ok no wasn't always MINE, Etc...

    However , for where it sits, I have rules that protect my right to be there as long as I'm paying my money, and I can call the law about it, do stuff to it, kill someone who threatens me in it, and so on.
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    That's why there is LEGAL immigration. Tons of it. The issue is ILLEGAL. There is already a ROBUST immigration policy, whereby millions every year show up here. Some of them make shit like Facebook, Amazon, Toyota, Hollywood, Microsoft, nuclear power, or some shit like that. Some just come and work at those places. Some don't. I don't think it's a stupid idea to know who's coming in and out of a place and have a procedure whereby they're acculturated. It's what everyone as far as the other empire, Mali empire, Ghana empire, anyone's ever done.
  16. Megatron X

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    You have over 300 million people here! Are you aware of the harm these immigrants would do to black Americans? Do you even care or do you just care about immigrants who don’t give a fuck about you?

    Show me how these immigrants care about black America and I’ll even change some of my stances on immigration.
  17. sharkbait28

    sharkbait28 I Never Don't Trip

    We're having parallel discussions bruh, while I have reservations about the honesty and seriousness of convos around illegal immigration both here on the board and nationally I can appreciate folks being against it. I was reacting to this notion of being anti-all-immigration... a position that strikes me as dumb, xenophobic and in full contradiction to our nation's unique history/character.
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  18. Mixd

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    OK I'll take that, but you'll soon come to realize, this nation isn't what it's made up to be along with its constitution. Which is part of why we are in a shutdown of the very system they are changing. Many truths are about to be revealed to the public and many lies brought forth as to how we got here.

    Which is why this whole "immigration" discussion is funny to me.

    People listen to a Tariq, who says he's a Black American descendant of slavery, but doesn't support immigration. Yet his ancestors were brought here against his free will.

    I'm sure he feels a right to stay here because now he's a "citizen", but how do those white supremists and supporters of "Patriotism" feel the same sentiment?
  19. exiledking

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    BTW try moving your ass to Japan and staying. You wanna talk about STRICT. Try China. Shit, try Nigeria. Look into tbe "GHANA MUST GO" Program in the 70s

    Actual by now Nigeria has lost so many people, with the perception of what African American might have access to, you'd have no problem becoming a citizen. However , you'd never Be given any political power beyond what you could achieve by money.
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  20. exiledking

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    Oh. Well Tariq said anti immigration. That's because he's an idiot.

    Lol no serious discussion can really be started on a premise started by him. I tried to turn it into something. ILLEGAL immigration no good. IMMIGRATION is good. But that has to be vetted.
  21. exiledking

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    I won't come to realize anything. Any nation is what we MAKE it. No black person was ever under any impression. They simply read what the stated goals were, decided we could use that, and made demands based upon it. Our ancestors weren't stupid. They knew what was out there globally, and made choices. At some point, some moved to Haiti when it gained independence. Many of them came BACK here why? Because Haiti was under military dictatorship and didn't change their economy plus they were a francophone nation with shitty infrastructure. There was also forced labor because their economy was still based on sugar. This was in 1800s BEFORE emancipation here

    Some went to Liberia. We see how that turned out. Some went many places. In this day and age, ancestors of slave traders have moved voluntarily to the place they sent our ancestors involuntarily for a better deal lol.
  22. playa-exodus

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    I don't think ANYONE is for illegal immigration. It's doing shit like building walls which have been shown not to work (especially when Mexicans have tunnels and shit from the 70s that the US still hasn't discovered), separating kids from families, or deporting adults who has been here since birth but who's parents came here illegally, is what people do not agree with.

    I do however think it should be easier for poorer people to get here. Our immigration process is a bitch. It's damn near impossible for disadvantaged people to immigrant here. Rich folks not so much, but that's a totally different discussion.
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  23. exiledking

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    Walls do work. The fact that someone has to build a tunnel shows you Walls make someone have to take extra steps. Otherwise they could just walk over.

    It's just like your password works to keep someone else from signing in your account. Doesn't mean someone crafty can't, but at least they have to put in extra effort. You mentionijg tunnels just means we need walls AND there are tunnels to fill in. Sounds like a great economic opportunity for a Black owned tunnel filling company lol.

    If someone breaks the law IN AMERICA, they get separated from their family. Millions of actual American Black men and women are in jail SEPARATED from families. Why is the American media more concerned with non citizens families? I'm not saying I don't care about that.. but in terms of priorities-- I don't care about that.

    And as far as the fact that rich people can earn citizenship easier than poor-- aren't you lucky that you're already in the place where all the rich people wanna come?
  24. ronmch20

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    Immigration is not our problem. It's 400 years of indoctrination that has convinced way too many of us that we can't compete with those we see getting ahead of us.
    The deck is stacked against us. We're victims of racism. We're this, we're that. Mostly true, but so what. The bottom line is nobody gives it to you for free, especially in
    this country. You have to take it, and our way of taking it depends on us working way harder than we should have to. As unfair as that it is, it is how it is.

    The only way to success for us is education and the will to do whatever we have to to make it. Live in a ghetto racked with crime and poverty? Dropping out of school sure isn't the solution. All a person has to do is say to him or herself that if I don't do something to better my situation I'm gonna be trapped here. Can't find a job? Realize that we have to have something to sell to a potential employer other than "here I am" hire me.

    We don't like immigrants who come here and will work like slaves for less money than we would. Think whitey gives a shit? Who do you think he's gonna hire?. The fuckin' country was built on, and continues to run on, exploitation and we need to realize that ain't never gonna change. So hating Mexicans and other brown people is gonna to what for us? Nothing. We either compete and gain the skills necessary that will enable us to rise above the economic bullshit or resign ourselves to being members of the permanent underclass. :hmm:
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  25. playa-exodus

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    How'd a wall work for China, East and West Germany, etc? They'll get here by tunnel, land, sea, ocean whatever as long as THEY CAN GET HIRED BY PEOPLE WHO ARE LOOKING TO EXPLOIT THEM BY PAYING THEM FAR LESS THAN THEY CAN PAY CITIZENS. But that's not the conversation they want us having, because changing that would affect everyone's bottom line. They want us focusing on meaningless walls and shit because they want us divided but don't want to address the real problem.

    "If you can convince the lowest white man he's better than the best colored man, he won't notice you're picking his pocket. Hell, give him somebody to look down on, and he'll empty his pockets for you."

    Sad that black people are falling for the same shit.

    Most illegal immigration doesn't even occur at the border, most illegal immigrants get here via plane and overstay their visas.
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  26. zod16

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    I have posted this several times before but illegal immigration directly impacts us way more than it ever has impacted any other group and has played a huge role destroying the Black middle class. This is the abstract from a peer reviewed paper published by the Kennedy School of Government at Harvard:

    The employment rate of black men, and particularly of low-skilled black men, fell precipitously between 1960 and 2000. At the same time, their incarceration rate rose. This paper examines the relation between immigration and these trends in employment and incarceration. Using data from the 1960–2000 US censuses, we find that a 10% immigration-induced increase in the supply of workers in a particular skill group reduced the black wage of that group by 2.5%, lowered the employment rate by 5.9 percentage points, and increased the incarceration rate by 1.3 percentage points.


    Other studies reached the same conclusions.

    Illegal immigration to the United States in recent decades has tended to depress both wages and employment rates for low-skilled American citizens, a disproportionate number of whom are black men.

  27. 4 Dimensional

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    This is actually an amazing social experiment question to see how much race place on people’s perception.

    When you here “criminal” —what race do you think of first?

    When you hear “rapist” —what race do you think of first?

    When you here “pedo” —what race do you think of first?

    I’ve done this in class to people who claim they don’t see race.
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    Every time I hear a person say this, I wanna slap the shit out of them!
  29. exiledking

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    The great Wall of China was in fact a pretty useful deterrent. The issue with that was waaay too much open territory to protect. You should use other walls , fortresses, moats, as examples. Here's an awesome example.

    The citadel laferriere in haiti!

    Henri Christophe had that shit built to make sure the French didn't bring their asses back and IT WORKED.

    The great walls of Benin served well to protect that empire for a long time as well

    Look we know that WALLS WORK, Which is why we have them on our own houses and communities. No, they're no perfect, but they do help in certain instances. We already HAVE walls which is why Mexicans don't just wandering into San Diego from Tijuana whenever they feel like it.

    And yes, most illegals come in through the WALL, And overstay their welcome. But if there were walls in places there are currently not, there would ONLY be that kind of illegal immigration, which is a little easier to.keeo track of. Black people aren't being fooled into any trick except making arguments for people who don't give a shit about them, and are their voter replacements
  30. 4 Dimensional

    4 Dimensional Resident Meteorologist BGOL Investor

    Yeah. A lot of people think that it’s a safe stance when it’s actually harmful.
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  31. exiledking

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    "In 2012, 52% of unauthorized immigrants were from Mexico, 15% from Central America, 12% from Asia, 6% from South America, 5% from the Caribbean, and another 5% from Europe and Canada."

    That's damn near 70% from Central America. This is why there's a "Mexican" face to it and not a Haitian one.

    Yes, Tariq is an idiot, especially for saying IMMIGRATION in general and not ILLEGAL. America is PRO immigration, more than any place on the planet, just not ILLEGAL.

    And what is "acting like white people"? Claiming the place you live and work and caring about shit your ancestors fought for that someone else may get? Show me a place on the planet that isn't done.

    In South Africa, the south Africans who have issues with Nigerian immigrants are "acting like white people"?

    In Zimbabwe, kicking out white farmers and giving land to Black citizens is "acting like white people"?

    Black people live here and put work in here. Political allies and enemies have to be negotiated. You "acting like a Mexican" looking out for them so much lol
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  32. yureeka9

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    This is an interesting debate. On the one hand we all know trump doesn't care one way or another about crises that affect regular people and that all this bluster over the border is just something his idiotic base can rally around because they need someone to blame to justify their low place in life. On the other hand Tariq always makes great points that are in favor of black society. Let's focus on what most people on the board in support of Tariq are saying: Immigrants come to the US and start looking down on black people. If you're in a position where an immigrant can look DOWN on you then you have much bigger problems. I'm still trying to figure out where I've been that I've actually felt inferior to a person that didn't speak English as their first language. Hmmmm...let's see, gas stations, fast food, cheap hotels? Do I really feel put out when these low end workers think they can look down on me? Nope, not at all. They already know what it is and even if they don't why should I care because I DO know what it is. Let's stop wasting so much energy on the opinions of people that shouldn't matter and focus on being the best BLACK people we can be. You're suffering from an inferiority complex and a slave mentality if you sit around worried about how the immigrant class treats you as a natural born citizen. I don't know about ya'll but I'm better than that.
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  33. playa-exodus

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    There are way more efficient and pragmatic ways to deter illegal immigration other than to build a 5 billion dollar wall that will barely have an impact and only serve to stroke the president's ego. There's plenty of undocumented migration going on from Tijuana, do your research. Illegal border crossings have been fallen steadily for several years. But studies have shown that since the number of illegal border crossing has fallen, people coming here legally then illegally overstaying their visas has risen in greater numbers than border crossers. This further proves my point that a wall will do nothing. This is a made up controversy meant to distract and divide.
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  34. exiledking

    exiledking Well-Known Member BGOL Investor

    So you do agree with deterrents to illegal immigration.

    Guess what? A deterrent is a WALL

    You a just hear the word "wall" and think of the literal definition.

    This is no more a made up controversy than it was when anyone else has talked about walls , from Clinton, to Obama, to anyone else.

    And again, just because someone can be crafty and sometimes get through the the deterrent doesn't mean the deterrent shouldn't be there. We all have doors. Of course someone can break the lock -- so now we just get rid of the door? Of course not.
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