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Actress Mo'Nique suing Netflix for race, gender discrimination (filed Nov 14, 2019)
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LOS ANGELES — Oscar-winning actress and comedian Mo'Nique sued Netflix on Thursday, accusing the streaming giant of racial and gender discrimination by trying to drastically underpay her for a stand-up special after offering other stars tens of millions of dollars.

The suit filed in Los Angeles County Superior Court accuses Netflix of giving a “biased, discriminatory” offer to Mo'Nique for a one-hour comedy special around November 2017.

In the 39-page filing, Mo’Nique calls out everyone from the top executives of the Netflix management team to highlighting the gender wage gap and lack of diversity in Hollywood.

“Despite Mo’Nique’s extensive résumé and documented history of comedic success, when Netflix presented her with an offer of employment for an exclusive stand-up comedy special, Netflix made a lowball offer that was only a fraction of what Netflix paid other (non-Black female) comedians,” according to the lawsuit, which seeks unspecified damages and was filed on her behalf...
Myles Garrett about to get kicked out the league
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Again Myles Garrett is 100% wrong! However the league is big on player safety, you think Pouncey doesn’t deserve to be suspended for kicking a player IN THE HEAD! He’s getting suspended if he doesn’t then it sends message it’s ok it kick peeps. With that Mason brought this on himself! Garrett was reacting to something and replay shows him grabbing dudes helmet! That’s a fact and Garrett then ripped of his helmet, dude wanted the smoke and couldn’t handle it, now he’s giving interviews acting like the victim.
Cris Carter Out at Fox...
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According to multiple reports, Fox broadcaster Cris Carter’s leave of absence from FS1’s First Things First morning show could turn into a permanent vacation from the network.

Carter has missed the last three episodes of show and is reportedly upset about Fox’s decision to exclude him from its Thursday Night Football coverage and instead go with less-proven talent like Tony Gonzalez and Rob Gronkowski.

Ahhhhh! . ..........I fucked up! :rolleyes2:
Would Martin (tv show) fly today?? NOT A REBOOT!! If Martin from the 90s was put on TODAY would it be accepted??
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would THIS ^^^^SHOW last on the air today as long as it did in the 90s?? considering

  • Martin Lawrence in drag 2 TIMES with his mother and Shenana
  • Shenana being a stereotyped hoodrat
  • Martin's love interest is, of course, a light-skinned girl
  • Gina's dark skin friend Pam is loud, confrontation, and can't keep a man
  • Martin is constantly attacking Pam mainly in stereotyped ways especially about her KINKY HAIR (beady bead, buck shots, peas, nappy, etc)
  • Tommy is a black man with no discernable employment
  • Cole another black man is stupid
  • Martin doing white face

How should the College Football Playoff be expanded in the future?
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FCS has been doing it with at least 8 teams since 1981 and 24 teams since 2013. Haven't heard anyone complain about it. The issue is the Bowl games, these stadium owners want their money from the Rock City Bowl. I think 24 teams is a bit much but they don't have the amount of bowl games the FBS has. And I hate the Power 5 conference talk. If you are so good then the Power 5 Conferences in the FBS should never play a team in the FCS. I know the small school gets money but its a wasted game. Every 3 years if you cant build a 4 win team like the Dukes, Vanderbilt or Wyoming then you drop down to the FCS and the champion of the FCS moves up to your FBS conference.

Fair scheduing needs to be changed. Alabama having a bye or FCS game before a ranked game needs to change thats BS.
Barack Obama Slams Call-Out Culture, Says 'That's Not Activism'
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Barack Obama doesn't want to hear about your outrage -- not if it's just on Twitter -- because he believes a society that's judgmental to the max is one that doesn't make it better.

The former President called out the current "woke" culture -- especially on social media -- while speaking Tuesday at the Obama Foundation Summit in Chicago. Obama's big point ... everything is not black and white in this world, and people make mistakes.

He told the audience ... "The world is messy. There are ambiguities. People who do really good stuff have flaws," and said the idea that everyone should be pure and perfect all the time needs to go away.

Barack added a hypothetical example of getting on Twitter and calling someone out for doing or saying something wrong, and then sitting back and feeling satisfied about it.

44 says that's not activism and it's not enough to bring change, or as he puts it ... "If all you’re doing is casting...
Byron Allen. Comcast threatens to roll back civil rights act
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Respect for Byron Allen, we need to support him. It is about black people getting access to constructive information and rewriting the negative narratives concerning our image as a community. Bryon needs to get with Tyler and others like them need to come together as well. As black people we need to start supporting black institutions and black media/entertainment is a good start.
Stephen Curry Breaks Hand
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Stephen Curry has broken his hand, Marcus Thompson of the The Athletic reports. X-rays were performed on the 31-year-old’s hand and wrist after he injured it Wednesday night against the Phoenix Suns.

The Warriors themselves have since confirmed the break in an announcement of their own.

The veteran guard injured the hand after hitting the deck on a driving attempt in the third quarter, he lost balance in the air and came down bracing his fall with his arms.

According to Kerith Burke of NBC Sports, the next step for the Warriors will be to have Curry undergo a CT scan to assess the damage. That Dubs general manager Bob Myers tells them will determine whether or not the guard requires surgery.
When the Slave Traders Were African (Colin-worthy but a must-read for ADOS)
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When the Slave Traders Were African
Those whose ancestors sold slaves to Europeans now struggle to come to terms with a painful legacy

By Adaobi Tricia Nwaubani
Updated Sept. 20, 2019 11:06 am ET

This August marked 400 years since the first documented enslaved Africans arrived in the U.S. In 1619, a ship reached the Jamestown settlement in the colony of Virginia, carrying “some 20 and odd Negroes” who were kidnapped from their villages in present-day Angola. The anniversary coincides with a controversial debate in the U.S. about whether the country owes reparations to the descendants of slaves as compensation for centuries of injustice and inequality. It is a moment for posing questions of historic guilt and responsibility.

But the American side of the story is not the only one. Africans are now also reckoning with their own complicated legacy in the slave trade, and the infamous “Middle Passage” often looks different from across the...
Falcon's Fan Thoughts on the Season
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No lies told. Shit has been an unmitigated disaster from jump. We have no creativity on offense thanks to Dirk Koetter's play calling. Defense is a whole other clusterfuck of its own. The fact that the head coach is calling the defensive plays is a huge indictment. Vic Beasley needs to be charged with grand larceny for stealing damn near $13 million this season. Dan Quinn needs to go, and I wouldn't be upset if the GM got the boot too.