Tariq Nasheed: "I do not support immigration"

Discussion in 'Blackgirl Online' started by playa-exodus, Jan 12, 2019.

  1. playa-exodus

    playa-exodus Well-Known Member BGOL Investor

    Harry Belofonte, Sidney Portier, Marcus Garvey, Malcom X, Stokely Carmicheal, Gil Scott-Heron, all either immigrants or born from black immigrant parents.

    Tariq is now a part of the black alt right. Can no longer support this guy
  2. shaddyvillethug

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    I gat so much heat for this nigga

    Blow his brains all over the sidewalk like G money
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  3. forcesteeler

    forcesteeler Well-Known Member BGOL Investor

    I agree with Tariq. I’m tired of black folks breaking there necks for other groups of people and then when they come to this country they want to shit and look down on black Americans.

    You got these same Latinos when they come to this country and reep the benefits and then vote republican and side with white supremacy. Same thing with the LGBT community. They hate straight black men. And it’s the same black man (Obama) that pass laws so you can marry and have a platform.

    So that is one thing I like about trump. He is raising hell on other groups. While the past 2 years blacks have been chilling. It’s the immigrants and the gays that are losing there rights.
  4. Soul On Ice

    Soul On Ice Black 1st Certified Pussy Poster

    You don't even believe what you just typed.
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    THE GRANDJURY Well-Known Member BGOL Investor

    Orange colored Mexicans be coming over here acting more prejudice against us than white people, as if we stole their land.
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  6. Megatron X

    Megatron X A Prophet of Doom BGOL Investor


    I am with Tariq Nasheed. Immigration has nothing to do with Black Americans. You'll have some blacks who try to use the black immigrants as an escape when the vast majority of the immigrants are not black. But, even those black immigrants I got my eye on now. Some of them come here and can be slick talking about Black Americans. They can be from the Caribbean, Africa or South America, or maybe Europe. For far too long I've been seeing and hearing these immigrants come here and shit on Black Americans when Black Americans opened the pathway for their bum ass.
  7. 34real

    34real Well-Known Member BGOL Investor

    I'm descendants of immigrants but even I don't support immigration not in the same vain as it's being used now for latino's or mexicans,arabs or asians.Most come here get grants,government funding,foodstamps,go to college on our dime and hall ass after accumulating a high ass tab getting a business started or some criminal fraud shit and Uncle Sam won't even let me slide with owing him a few funky ass dollars from a few years ago......

    Build that wall,long as the union hire some black folks to help build it.....

    Fuck that,as american get it how you live especially when it comes to Uncle Sam sneak any and everything by him as you can....
  8. Camille

    Camille Kitchen Wench #TeamTots #TeamQuaid Super Moderator

    Lmao. Sorry asses are taking sides against about half your BGOL brethren. @playahaitian come get your people.
  9. forcesteeler

    forcesteeler Well-Known Member BGOL Investor

    Nobody is taking sides. Black Americans, Caribbean’s, Africans, and Latinos are 1 big nigga in the eyes of white supremacy.

    We just hate the fact that people come over to America and then want to look down on black Americans when we were putting work. The Civil rights / immigration bill is reason so many Caribbean’s, Africa’s Latinos were able to come to America especially after the 1970’s.

    Everybody wants to shit on black Americans and suck up to white mommy and white daddy and when real open white supremacist show you how they really real and fuckers are getting deported and losing rights. Mother fuckers want to run to black Americans taking about we are in this together bullshit and looking for us to march on the streets and put in work while y’all hide behind us.
  10. william busa

    william busa Well-Known Member BGOL Investor

    How do black people "break their necks" for immigrants??? And you're blaming the immigrants for looking down on black people when all the media does is show the negative side of black America. When a non-white immigrant shits on black people, it's because of some shit they saw on TV. Facts. I am friends with a lot of Africans and we did a whole Q&A about "us". The problem they had was nobody from the African American community reached out to these brothers, but instead looked down on them and turned their noses up at them. I had to explain to them that the information we get on them was from THE MEDIA. I told them about how the only thing I ever knew about Africa before going to college was what we saw on those "Feed the children" commercials where they showed African kids being bony with big ass stomachs, flys in their faces and half dead. One would think that was how the whole of Africa was. But everyone don't go to college, so everyone is not exposed to the truth. The real truth is we have been divided and conquered on a national scale.
  11. blackmarket

    blackmarket Saving all my fucks for retirement BGOL Investor

    Tariq needs to be specific and not lump all immigrants together but the bulk o these sentiments need to spread through the community. We (collectively, not me)gotta get our head out the fuckin sand about these immigrant groups and how theyre used against us. The fuck has all these Hispanics and other people flooding the country done for us besides push us further down the socioeconomic totem pole? What substantive alliance has ever built between us and these people?

    I'm all for brothers and sisters from other nations immigrating over, but ONLY the NON-COON ones about Black empowerment for ALL of us, not just people from the Caribbean or the Continent. I grew up around a lot of down ass, live West Indians and Afrikans, but exponentially more ones with coon tendencies and a disdain for Black American Society, and fuck every last one of em just like Black people from over here that fall under that category. Fuck coons at home and abroad and double fuck these groups coming here in efforts to supplant us.

    Literally every Black person in America should be forced by any means to read this book so they can get an understanding of whats been done/being done to us, my W.I. and continental brethren who got their minds right included.

    COINTELPRO Well-Known Member BGOL Investor

    As somebody that is about to embark on the immigration process, not every country is a good fit for that person.

    The condition may become intolerable with surveillance or gang stalking that you have to leave.
  13. Megatron X

    Megatron X A Prophet of Doom BGOL Investor

    Instead of immigrants coming here and making things bad for and talking shit about black America they should stay in their own countries and build that shit up. Don't come to America and leach off of Black Americans and then talk shit about them. Build your own shit and don't flee like cowards.

    Dr. Claude Anderson even pointed out that these immigrants come to America to replace Black Americans.
  14. YoungSinister

    YoungSinister Well-Known Member BGOL Investor

    Any African American who supports immigration is a weirdo
  15. playahaitian

    playahaitian Well-Known Member Certified Pussy Poster

    MY PEOPLE??? :lol:

    these fools bugging

    that man called my homeland a shithole.

    If you a member of bgol and haven't seen the front page FILLED with white folk saying THE SAME SH*T YOU saying about "immigrants" about YOU & YOURS?

    They think these white folk consider ANY of us "American"?

    Cause I would think the COUNTLESS videos of police SLAUGHTERING us

    and FULLY SUPPORTED by the white public would be ENOUGH evidence that they do NOT want you here...

    even if you were BORN here.

    How many more speeches Trump gotta give?

    How many more videos you gotta see?

    How many more gofundme supporting cops who KILL us?

    How many more articles?

    How many more Youtube vids saying the middle passage was a lie and ERASING our ancestry?

    You don't even KNOW who the REAL enemy is?

    When the enemy is saying I HATE YOU every damn day to your face?

    When they saying f*ck the immigrants...

    you think they AIN'T talking about YOU?

    cause why?

    You were BORN here?

    You pay taxes?


    We mad because these other groups are more UNIFIED and ORGANIZED economically and politically than us in a SHORTER amount of time?

    Look I understand...

    ALL THESE groups try to co opt our struggle to forward their OWN agendas...

    I get that.

    They NEVER rep us...

    Yeah I get that too.

    But to continue to go against our OWN best interest?

    And co sign ANYTHING and I mean ANYTHING these devils do?

    Come on.

    When they war comes?

    This is gonna effect ALL of us who ain't on THEIR side...

    black brown yellow...


    We EARNED (ALL OF US) our spot at the table.

    ( I REALLY hope I don't gotta explain ALL of the contributions immigrants have made to this country)
  16. lazarus

    lazarus waking people up BGOL Investor

    Bullshit opinion based on no facts. Whitey has programmed you well.

    But here are facts.

    Immigrants that become citizens are five times more likely to become democrats. 54% to 11%. There's s reason they want a border.

  17. havelcok

    havelcok Well-Known Member BGOL Investor

    Then America needs to stop fucking up the rest of the world

    Most immigration is due to America’s fucked up policies

    You can’t destabilize countries and people’s, enjoy the benefits and not expect people to come get theirs
  18. lazarus

    lazarus waking people up BGOL Investor

    I'm weird cause I want Africans to come here? Okay...
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  19. exiledking

    exiledking Well-Known Member BGOL Investor

    I don't support ILLEGAL immigration. Of course I support information of anyone who wants to walk through the front door and add value to this bitch. Even other immigrants agree with this. Who do you think is working for ICE? A lot of Latin Americans.

    As far as the Black people aspect of it, yes illegal immigration of low skilled people fucks up the income of the low skilled folks in my community who want that work. Makes em not want the work when they keep getting low balled , by people coming from desperate conditions. And even Cezar Chavez was against ILLEGAL immigration for these reason. How can your labor union have power when they're easily replaced ?

    Also , as far as allying with any of those "people of color", there needs to be some representation and ground rules that we both know we're sticking to. So far, we're all just supposed to be cool out of some common hatred for white people. That ain't enough.

    Illegals from CENTRAL AMERICA have a geographical advantage over folks from.rbe Caribbean and Africa when it comes to sneaking in. They don't have to come through the front door. They often do, but there's a significant amount that dont.

    As long as we have a welfare state, there should be locks on the doors. African Americans should be particularly sensitive to that, because we should be benefitting from that, since we couldn't before. Not stuck on it, but utilizing it however possible.

    Fuck Tariq, fuck Trump, but on this issue, I can see some agreement.
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  20. exiledking

    exiledking Well-Known Member BGOL Investor

    That's not really true.

    When America was formed all those Spanish colonies already existed and were never stable. America itself was a colony. Eventually when it became a world power, all it did was outdo the other colonies. And helped them become free from the Spanish. America isn't innocent but all that crying about how it destabilized the others isn't true. They were never stable in the first place. People tend to overplay that.
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  21. gene cisco

    gene cisco Thulsa-master of noids. Super Moderator

    Have to stop you right there. You can't always base policy on :eek: "But racist white people said this or that!"Fuck them. Not even on the radar on this topic.

    And to be clear, I'm not against immigration. That's stupid. But fuck an illegal immigrant. I'm not for a war against illegal immigration. But if one gets caught, deport them. Game is the game. No sanctuary cities. No driving privileges. On the other hand, No Wall. No random stops of gualas to check IDs. Just middle-ground, sensible immigration.

    Back to this :eek: "but white people" shit. Because it's a far too common argument. White people aren't affected by this shit, but the black community is. Look at the numbers. The black community used to be the most powerful minority community in this country. That's no longer true. Hispanics have surpassed black people in both political and economic power. Asians will soon pass the black community in economic power. Black community is losing.

    These cacs AND ASIANS use H-1B to bypass black college grads, but it's only white people bitching about H-1B. It's like black people see whites complaining and take up the opposite position without fucking thinking. Just like with illegal immigration.

    Seriously, the black community has to stop letting white hippie liberals dictate policy for the community. The black community has no fucking business supporting H-1B or illegal immigration. PERIOD. Black community has been played by these white liberals for decades.

    Want to see how much political power we've lost? Check the news. This country still has a prison industrial complex preying on black people. Still has a police issue. But our news is dominated by what's happening to non-citizens. People who have no fucking right to be here. :smh: White hippies want sanctuary cities for them when black citizens can't find sanctuary. They give them driving privileges AFTER illegals have broken the law just by being here, yet black CITIZENS got suspended licenses for not paying high ass fees for minor violations after being targeted in our own communities. How is that fair????!??!?! Shit is a fucking joke.
  22. Raymond

    Raymond BGOL Veteran Registered

    People tend to underplay that. To this day, right now, the United States is directly or indirectly responsible for destabilizing damn near every country in Latin America. First through propaganda (their most effective play). Second through business practices. Third, if nothing else works, then is just outright force. This is today. Right now.
  23. Slowhands

    Slowhands Well-Known Member BGOL Investor

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  24. havelcok

    havelcok Well-Known Member BGOL Investor

    America is involved in neo imperialism to this very day
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  25. gtg305h

    gtg305h BGOL Veteran Registered

    Tariq steals all his talking points from Claud Anderson and comes across progressively smart to niggas who don't read. Now he's hijacked Yvette Carnell's American D.O.S. talking point so he can eventually put it on a tshirt and profit off it...clown shit, he stay hustlin black folk for dough, but his fans will call anyone who calls him out a broke hater...:dunno:
  26. woodchuck

    woodchuck A crowd pleasing man. BGOL Investor

    Tariq's a fucking idiot. Most of the people that have done damage to this country, or allowed damage to be done to this country and to US, are FROM THIS country. Some of y'all are acting like white people. You hear "immigration" and immediately put a Mexican face on it.
  27. easy_b

    easy_b Well-Known Member BGOL Investor

    I used to hate immigration in the 90s even with my own people but now the more races come into this country the better. CACs just have to deal with it
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  28. ugk

    ugk Well-Known Member BGOL Investor

    I'm usually pro immigration, but motherfuck all immigration from South America, I'm sick of those motherfuckers coming here expecting ME to speak Spanish and assimilate to their language and culture.

    And those tend to be THE MOST illiberal group that immigrate to the USA.. nah I'm good
  29. sharkbait28

    sharkbait28 Run For The Berder

    Lol anti-immigration sentiment, especially in the American context, is stupid af :lol:
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  30. Mixd

    Mixd Habitual Line Stepper BGOL Investor

    So I have to ask, to all who don't think they are immigrants to America.

    How long exactly do your ancestors have to of been here to say you're not an immigrant to the good Ole US of A?

    Every white, black and whatever color are immigrants.

    Many of the first settlers in America were European immigrants from Germany. Do your homework.

    They have you as so called African Americans caping for them to kick out immigrants?

    How dumb many of you sound.
  31. BigDaddyBuk

    BigDaddyBuk Well-Known Member BGOL Investor

    Tariq Naseed is a con man, a dishonest snake oil salesman, a glossy lipped Morris Day wannabe mink sliding across the stage talking about its time.

    Fuck him and anybody stupid enough to take anything this half a fag says seriously.
  32. exiledking

    exiledking Well-Known Member BGOL Investor

    That doesn't cHange anything I said.
  33. exiledking

    exiledking Well-Known Member BGOL Investor

    There's not a nation on the planet that wasn't made up of "settlers" and immigrants, including the "native Americans". BTW they so did not live in a large unified state called America either. The one that we live in currently, WE helped to build, just as Black Jamaicans built Jamaica, and the other islands as well. Those countries now belong to those people, as a result of circumstance.

    Your teenage understanding of history makes you sound dumb. Time doesn't go backwards.
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  34. exiledking

    exiledking Well-Known Member BGOL Investor

    Bravo. Agreed
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  35. zuluking

    zuluking Well-Known Member BGOL Investor

    damn , i see peoples points but america is on an decline. Your investing less in your education of your children ,colloapsing decaying infrastructure, corrupt political system,etc you need immgrants to maintain your falsehood of power, fact is your not producing enough talented people, and these jobs many american think its below them to do . you got a focused china thats investing heavy abroad , and in its people. If america doesnt want imgrants , it needs to overhaul a lot inside its house and it will take decades

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