NBA Season is Returning This Year!!!!!!!


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Yup. Your right. But I'm still not giving up that much for 1 guy.

But to me you really aint' giving up nothing but it depends on how you feel about Herro...I just haven't seen enough to even think All Star is in his future let alone MVP.

I said in the offseason Heat need to sell high on him while people hyped about him because I think in a few years he's going to be forgotten.


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Them Miami Heat youngins, you'd think they the Michigan Fab 5 the way they speak on them cats.

And Philly... y'all had a chance to unload Simmons and get somebody that'll get you a triple double and actually shoot the fuckin ball in the process.

I will be watching both of those teams like crazy, especially when the 2nd season starts. They have to make a move to get better. If not they will not beat Brooklyn.
And one of them ain't that young. Duncan Robinson is nine months younger than Bradley Beal