Mayans MC: Sons Of Anarchy Sequel


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Upon further research that example was not ony accurate but apt.

Go look it up... symbiosis


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Hold on...

The other Mexican drug Lord said Galindo mistress is on the payroll?

He talking about the mayor?


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I guess the theme of this season is mental health.

Its amazing that everyone on this show has mental issues and they are supposed to be a band of brothers yet no one notices the person next to them is not well. In two cases Easy Notices Steve condition and makes it worse, and instead of noticing that his fellow Mayans are fucked up, Simp asks Nails is she ok. :hmm:

Angel in a dark place.
Coco drug addict.
Easy in love with violence or thinks its a daily activity like breathing.
Adilita (old) was broken mentally now going off the rails
Adilita (new/bunny) Broken traumatized as a child.
Galindo cant get him mind off his dead mother long enough to stop another cartel from taking over.