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Marvel woke up today and said......let me remind y'all who the fuck we are!!


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She Hulk looks like the show that has the most "other shit" going on....Im already hyped for it

by other shit...I mean more than the main character and/or their villain

Wong being there tells us it aint gonna be just "Ally McBeal in the MCU"
Abomination...we aint seen him in over a decade
You know Valentina probably gonna show up on some Thunderbolts shit
The Wrecking Crew...I doubt thats their final form
Daredevil w/ new costume
Possible Jessica Jones appearance
Regular Hulk
Titania, w/ possible links to Dr. Doom (just found out this week that she gets her powers from Doom
We'll probably get an explanation for what theyre gonna do with Red Hulk (William Hurt died)

probably left some shit out too
The MCU could have the General die and then create a son, name him Thaddeus E. "Thunderbolt" Ross Jr. And have him try to carry own his Legacy with a "Thunderbolts" team....

And later have him go through the Hulk process...

Expands the Hulk family and gives the MCU a young actor for Red Hulk....

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Imagine Marvel made billions with their D List Characters.

DC has Batman, Superman, Flash, Wonder Woman and their shit sucks.

Batman and Superman were more popular than Iron Man. Smh
Both companies have A-D listers. It seemed DC was trying to develop their D-listers with the Suicide Squad movies with mixed success.


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You should hear what he said about She-Hulk emasculating Hulk. :roflmao:
I couldn't make it past 60 seconds

I thought it was a skit

I had to kick dudes like him out the shop back in the day, never going home standing by the counter talking 4 color nonsense for hours.

Smelling like ass old spice and cheetos.

Dry mouth b*tch ass basement dwelling infected pus filled wart of man.

Bro that sack o sh*t is like the living embodiment of everything I hate in a fanboy.

Whenever I read some trash post on here? That's what I see and hear.

I reported anyone who even commented on that sh*t vid too.


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Most popular/recognizable comic book characters... Spiderman is number 1, then 2, 3 and 4 are Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman. Wolverine rounds out the top 5.

The fact that DC can't make this shit work is honestly aggravating. They basically have the ingredients to make a gourmet meal and they keep serving us Hamburger Helper.
Over 100,000 Movies ❤ 420,00 Scenes with Previews ❤ Try it for $2.99