Jerry Springer has died at age 79


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BGOL Cinema request:
Anyway we can re-up a few of these "too hot for tv uncensored" vids ???



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What’s interesting about Jerry Springer is before he became famous for his TV show, he was the former Mayor of Cincinnati, Ohio.

Jerry possibly could have ran as POTUS back in 2016 and led a successful campaign.

He was a Progressive Democrat. And could have easily beaten Hillary for the Democratic nomination and go head to head against Trump and possibly beat him in 2016.

MAGA Minions were big fans of the “Jerry Springer” show. More than Trumps “The Apprentice”.

Things today could be totally different if things went that way.

Something to think about…..

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Got rich exploiting degenerate culture
When his show originally aired it was really good. It was a serious show dealing with serious issues, along a similar line as the old Phil Donahue show. The problem was nobody watched. Once he decided to go "down market" then came the huge ratings. Can't blame him for giving the public what it really wanted.


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Throw a chair across the room, in memory of Jerry
Steve Wilkos probably did upon finding out(there,got that joke out the way..)

I knew niggas who would schedule their classes around Jerry’s show :lol:

Jerry in the morning and Jenny Jones a few hours later.
My city's local stations would air those shows back to back..Sally in the morning,followed by Jerry in the afternoon then Oprah immediately afterwards

Turn to another channel then you'd see Montel Williams,then Maury then Ricki Lake and Jenny Jones followed by The People's Court and local news :lol:

R.I.P.. YouTube should put out all the episodes from the 1st season(back when it was serious)onwards


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jerry jerry jerry jerry. was some of the best fun on tv. the fights , the women. thanks for the entertainment ......r.i.p.