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Idris Elba Puts James Bond Rumors To Rest After Netflix's Luther: The Fallen Sun Features Fun Spy References
By Erik Swann
published about 20 hours ago
Idris Elba won't have his drink shaken or stirred.

Idris Elba has consistently landed high-profile role for the last couple of decades, making his mark with movies like Prometheus, Pacific Rim and The Suicide Squad. Despite his extensive body of work, he still gets bombarded with questions about James Bond. The British actor has long been linked to the iconic role and, now that Daniel Craig’s 007 tenure has ended, the public only seems more curious as to whether he’ll ever don the famous tuxedo. Recent developments would suggest that Elba’s Bond chances are dead at this point. Now, he’s apparently put the rumors to rest while promoting his latest flick – Luther: The Fallen Son – which features a slew of fun spy references.

Considering the hype that’s surrounded the idea of the 50-year-old star playing James Bond, it feels like just about everyone (even King Richard’s director) wouldn’t mind seeing Idris Elba play the secret agent. Everyone, except the actor himself, however. At this point, Elba essentially deflects when quizzed on the matter, as he’s gotten somewhat annoyed over hearing them. That doesn’t mean he holds any ill will towards the franchise or its creative team, though. In fact, based on sentiments he recently shared, they’re all quite chummy:
I love the Bond franchise, I’m very close to the producers. We were all kind of laughing about the rumors because they are just that.
Interestingly, franchise producer Michael G. Wilson previously discussed the star’s complicated feelings about taking over the role. Wilson could understand the A-lister being hesitant to step into the character’s shoes, as it would require a multi-year commitment on his part. As for whether or not he ever officially met with the powers that be about taking the part, Idris Elba told The Guardian that he was “nowhere” close to getting it. And when asked again about whether there were talks he only laughed and shook his head. He also said:

I can’t speak for them, but from my perspective, there’s never been any sort of truth to any of it. It’s a compliment and it’s an honor, but it’s not a truth.
So all of this still leaves one very big question: Who in the world is actually going to end up playing James Bond? At this point, it feels like just about every major British leading man is in the mix, from Aaron Taylor-Johnson to Regé-Jean Page. Both are flattered that their names are being mentioned in the discussion, though neither of them seem to have gotten a call just yet. Kingsman star Taron Edgerton also responded to the rumors, claiming that he’s not in the running and that the producers have never inquired about enlisting his services.

Though Michael G. Wilson and Barbara Broccoli haven’t formally announced Daniel Craig’s replacement just yet, as they’re looking to take their time. As they continue to plot out the franchise’s future, Idris Elba will likely continue with business as usual. His James Bond odds may be slim to none at this point, but I’d wager that the chances of him getting another question about the role at some point are still very high.

See the star play the (slightly) spy-adjacent role of John Luther in Luther: The Fallen Son, which will be available for Netflix subscription holders starting March 10. Be sure to look over CinemaBlend’s schedule of 2023 new movie releases for information on this year’s other major titles.



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Review: Ever gritty, 'Luther' offers satisfying return to the screen on Netflix
George M. Thomas
Akron Beacon Journal

Idris Elba as John Luther in "Luther: The Fallen Sun."
Idris Elba's British detective last hit the screen in 2019.
The new "Luther: The Fallen Sun" hits Netflix March 10.
Andy Serkis joins the "Luther" rogues gallery.
There’s a theory as to why Idris Elba’s British copper DCI John Luther is welcomed back on the scene with open arms. He never, ever overstays his welcome – unfortunately.

I came across the character after sampling Elba’s work as Stringer Bell in arguably the greatest HBO series of them all, “The Wire.” His work on that show was so nuanced, yet dangerous, it was difficult to not become a fan and seek out his work.

Luther proved to be everything Bell was with more of a personal moral compass and the willingness to chuck rules and regulations for what’s right or wrong. The problem: In the character’s five seasons on the BBC, none of which lasted longer than six episodes, those installments didn’t come in rapid succession. The character last appeared on screens in 2019.

Now Elba is back in the role in the Netflix film “Luther: The Fallen Sun,” where he does what he does best − overcome adversity to get the criminal making life miserable for some in metropolitan London.

Idris Elba as John Luther in "Luther: The Fallen Sun."
Only this time, Luther is that bad guy, according to his former colleagues, after being framed – sort of – for all of the sketchy things he’s done in the name of what was morally right, but legally dubious. As he says when one character asks about his guilt: “I did what I had to do.”


Only it catches up with him as we’re drawn into “The Fallen Sun.” A serial killer sets him up to get him out of the way and continues a killing spree that Luther had been investigating prior to being locked up. Now, he’s a former copper in prison with a target on his back, with a lunatic – portrayed with great glee and skill by Andy Serkis (“The Batman,” “The Lord of the Rings” films) – taunting him about his plight.

Of course, Luther escapes and despite the arrogance of Odette Raine (Cynthia Erivo), the new head of the department where he once plied his trade, works to track down the malevolent killer.

Andy Serkis as David Robey in "Luther: The Fallen Sun." 2023
The appeal of the film, which had a short stint in theaters, but will debut on Netflix March 10, is less in the actual crimes committed than watching Elba work as the main character. Luther as written by Neil Cross and portrayed by Elba has always possessed a sort of tortured soul persona that’s made the character intriguing and compelling all while capitalizing on Elba’s undeniable charisma and charm.

Director Jamie Payne, known for his work in British television, gives it a small screen feel that’s soon forgotten because of other circumstances. Ultimately, it’s a solid thriller that holds the potential for more such adventures.

Hopefully, one arrives faster than four years.

George M. Thomas dabbles in movies and television for the Beacon Journal. Reach him at Follow him on Twitter @ByGeorgeThomas

Cynthia Erivo as Odette Raine and Dermot Crowley as Martin Schenk in "Luther: The Fallen Sun."
Movie: “Luther: The Fallen Sun”

Cast: Idris Elba, Andy Serkis, Cynthia Erivo, Dermot Crowley

Directed by: Jamie Payne

Running time: 2 hours, 9 minutes

Rated: R for disturbing/violent content, language and some sexual material

Grade: B


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How Luther: The Fallen Sun sets up future John Luther films

John Luther doesn’t get his badge back, but his future is looking brighter at the end of Luther: The Fallen Sun.
By Alamin YohannesMarch 10, 2023 at 01:00 PM EST

WARNING: This post contains spoilers from Luther: The Fallen Sun.

Started from the bottom, now he's free!

John Luther (Idris Elba) has a rough journey during Luther: The Fallen Sun. The film begins with him in prison, but after a jailbreak, navigating around the authorities, and taking down David Robey (Andy Serkis), the disgraced police officer has found a new lease on life. John is certain he'd wind up back in jail, but in the closing moments his friend and mentor Martin Schenk (Dermot Crowley) informs him that someone from the government wants to speak with him and he walks towards a car to meet with a mysterious figure. We don't know exactly where he goes next, but someone is certainly interested in his abilities.

Elba sees this chapter of John's story as one about tenacity. "He's been slapped on the wrist for going outside the law, but even then he won't give up. That's what this is about," Elba explains.

Starting at rock bottom in prison without his badge, John still manages to take down David Robey and comes out the other side with his confidence in himself returning. Without his badge John Luther is able to defeat the bad guy and along the way he confronts himself. "Finally, after a long journey, he finally understands who he is, what he wants, and why," Luther creator Neil Cross tells EW.
While there is more humbleness to John after his ordeal according to Elba, this new attitude won't mean he'll be staying on the right side of the law. "If it might save some lives, he's gonna do that again," he says about his characters less than lawful tactics. John is now very aware of what the repercussions of his actions could be.

Calling Fallen Sun an "achievement," Elba admits that nothing goes on forever but is excited about the endless opportunities ahead for wherever John goes next. "One of the great things about moving to this format is that Luther is unrestricted by the specifics of the [detective] genre. As long as it's psychologically true to the character and his history, there are any number of stories that we can tell," Cross explains.
One certainty about John Luther's future is that it'll be told through movies and not returning to its television roots. "We're moving Luther into bigger stories, spaces, and worlds, into more operatic backgrounds," Cross says. "Whatever we do there's always going to be a sense of forward movement and doing things we haven't done before."

Idris Elba as John Luther in 'Luther: The Fallen Sun.'

Now that Luther has been reintroduced to a new potential audience, incorporating more of the character's past is a possibility moving forward. "We were very careful to make sure the story was constructed to welcome anybody who wanted to watch," Cross says about the future. "There are characters that will return to the world of Luther if we move forward," he teases.
Those potential returns would need to be compelling to the story being told and not quick cameos, according to Cross, who says he is looking forward to more joining John and Martin in future adventures. When asked specifically about Alice Morgan (Ruth Wilson) who is believed to be dead, Cross says there's still hope for a return. "We never saw them setting first to her coffin and even if we had, I would still doubt she was in it," he says.
Don't be surprised if DCI Odette Raine (Cynthia Eviro) joins John Luther wherever he ends up next. Cross says that Eviro's new character came alive on the page, then through her performance, so Odette is someone that he'd love to continue to bring to viewers. As for Eviro, she's up to play Odette again: "I'd do it in a heartbeat. I'd love to go back again."
While we do not know where the franchise goes next, Elba still has questions about John's past and what drives him. He is compelled to fix the wrongs in the world and the actor wants to find the way, which has yet to be explored. "I would love to understand what his childhood was like," Elba says. "I always feel like there's this massive secret about John and no one knows."
Luther: The Fallen Sun is streaming now on Netflix.


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Season One
Six Episodes

I binged watched this series back in 2020 during the shutdown/medical leave.

Folks had recommended it when Season 5 unexpectedly dropped back in 2019.

Being the new film came out, I had basically forgotten what the series was about, so I’m in the process of rewatching it before watching the new film.

And it was a good decision.

The first episode, first 5 minutes does all the character development of Luther that you need. Everything else after it just basically continues what we see in those 5 minutes.

Luther and his immediate supervisor are introduced in episode one and they are the two primary characters in season one.

Luther’s wife is introduced. Actress Indira Varma plays his wife and Ol’ Gurl was at her prime in this season. The last I saw her was in “Kenobi” where she is still holding up.

Alice is introduced and I can see why folks are amped to see her return. That crazy broad, when she and Luther are interacting, it’s like “Batman and Joker”. The actress playing her has that role locked down.

The first season, each episode has different cases that Luther solves. Each one stands out on its own with unique cases. Episodes 3 and 4 stood out the best for me.

What really surprised me was the amount of deaths that took place thru-out the season, normally crime drama series, the only death you see is whatever case the detective is working on. A number of surprise deaths take place that were completely unexpected. These deaths add to Luther’s character development in the season.

Seasons 2 - 5 are shorter seasons, so I’m hoping to get the series completed before months end.

Netflix removed the series from its service for some odd reason. It’s currently on PlutoTV and Hulu.

I first checked PlutoTV, but all that came up was a Spanish Dubbed version.

I watched on Hulu.

And Disney thinks they are slick. They knew that the movie was debuting. And they knew folks like me was gonna go back and rewatch the series since a lot of folks haven’t seen season one since it debuted back in 2010.

Disney has stuffed the episodes with commercials. They have seven 90 second commercial breaks. Hulu normally for a one hour series has about three 60 second commercial breaks.

Update later with next review.


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Season Two
Four Episodes

Finished this season this evening.

The season starts from the jump with Alice, in a mental institution, being interrogated by Inspector Crowley on her relationship with Luther. At the same time it goes back and forth showing Luther in his apartment. It ends showing Luther fully clothed and taking his father’s revolver doing a one time Russian Roulette of pulling the trigger one time with the gun at his temple. This scene pretty much shows his state of mind for season 2 after what he dealt with in the prior season.

First two episodes deals with Luther going against a serial killer which takes a toll on him cuz of him getting an emotional attachment to a potential victim and having colleague Detective Ripley getting abducted by the killer.

Alice manages to escape the mental institution with the help she got from Luther. She kicks it into full gear getting into his head. She kisses and whispers something into Luther’s ear that takes him into deep thought for a few seconds.

Episodes 3 and 4 brings in a different serial killer. This mofo is a complete lunatic. He has one scene going off like that cat in the classic, cult film “Rampage” in an office. Pretty good twist with the killer.

Detective Gray, who started having doubts about Luther and his ways of policing, continues on her warpath to try to bust Luther.

Gonna knock out season 3 tomorrow.

Also, Hulu is removing Luther from its service after March 31st, 2023.


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Season 3
4 Episodes

I binged this season this morning.

The season starts out with Luther and Ripley exiting a warehouse like “Batman & Robin” bringing out a suspect and with London police outside armed up for a big gunfight.

It follows up with a good scene of a white chick walking home alone to her apartment. The scene builds up with tension and suspense to start the first case with a Fetish Killer. The way the killer is introduced in this scene is classic.

Luther is still affected by the lost of his ex-wife and his emotional attachment to the girl he protected last season.

Detective Gray shows up to meet Ripley, she has been reassigned to Internal Affairs after her bit trying to bring Luther down last season. We are introduced to a sub-plot with Gray leading a secret probe against Luther on all the killings/missing people we have seen since the series premiere.

David O’Hara debuts. This cat never disappoints in his roles and does a good job this season.

The first two episodes deals with one serial killer. Episode 3 and 4 deal with a different killer. One thing I have noticed about the brilliance of this series that I didn’t catch the first time was how in-depth the series goes in portraying the killers. All these nutjobs rank up there with Batman’s Rogue Gallery of villains.

Alice returns in the season finale aiding Luther and continuing getting into his head. In the finale she displays how quick thinking and ingenious she is under stress and pressure.

Gonna try knock out season 4 later this afternoon being there is only 2 episodes for the season.


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Season 4
Two Episodes

Only two episodes for this season.

Season starts two after the last with Luther on leave of absence and living in a small cottage on the shore away from London.

Luther discovers that Alice is dead, but suspects she actually isn’t and that something else is going on. This brings him off of his leave of absence. While investigating he is pulled back into the Force to handle a serial killer case with a new partner played by Rose Leslie who co-started in “Game of Thrones” as Ygritte.

While working the case, Luther gets some background information on Alice from Megan, who is whacked out of her mind herself.

I got 4 seasons knocked out. Should have season 5 knocked out while on the road this week.

Hopefully get to the movie by month’s end or in April.


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Netflix movie seemed different and more like a movie instead of the series. Still was familiar though.

I think the difference in terms of feel is that the movie didn't really have enough time to introduce and establish the secondary characters.


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Season 5
Four Episodes

I finished the last season this evening.

Good season and great series overall.

Luther in this season is running two cases, one is with a serial killer. The other is more personal dealing with Cornelius from events in season 3.

Alice returns and continues getting into Luther’s head.

Actress Wunmi Mosaku debuts this season as a Detective partnered with Luther. She is brought in as a small comic relief which is based around her lack of experience as a detective. The comedy is not LOL and it doesn’t take away from the seriousness of the show. And don’t get yourself excited cuz she is completely covered up and not any of that Thick Ass body of hers. Those big natural boobs are wrapped up also.



We do get to see what puts Luther in prison from which the movie supposedly picks up from.

That’s it. I’m on the road and plan on watching the movie when I get home on the Big Screen TV.


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Luther: The Fallen Sun


I finished the 5 seasons last month and finally got to watching this film last night before going to bed.

I will say getting caught up on the series definitely made this movie more enjoyable and allowed me to fully understand what Luther was doing in the film.

I was caught off guard with the opening scene before I realized it was a flashback scene introducing the movie’s villain David Robey (played well by actor Andy Serkis.). Right after that opening scene, the film picked up immediately after the events that ended in the season 5 finale.

The prison escape scene was done well, even though it was totally unbelievable, but entertaining to see.

A good scene showing the progress of Luther in his behavior, was with him at the tattoo shop. In the early part of the series, by the time of season 3 he definitely would have Fucked that dudes eye up. Seeing him pause like that showed he has acknowledged his past mistakes dealing with criminals.

DCI Odette Raine character was a good add. When she finally confronted Luther on his methods and he explained to her why he did what he did. At first she took it as BS, but she came to the realization later when she had to stab Luther on what he actually meant. Which gave her a different perspective and respect toward Luther.

Overall, it was a good entertaining movie.

The last scene obviously lets us know why Idris Elba has no interest in doing “James Bond”. It was clear in that last scene that there are plans on making the character Luther into a “James Bond” style crime fighter working covert ops with the London Metropolitan Police. And possibly in the future with MI6.

DCI Raine and retired DSI Schenck look to carry on with their characters assisting Luther on the low.

We will wait and see.


A serial killer terrorizes London while disgraced detective John Luther sits behind bars. Haunted by his failure to capture the cyber psychopath who now taunts him, Luther decides to break out of prison to finish the job by any means necessary.




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What happened to Lucious Alice? Haven’t watched Luther since…season 3? What the recent Netflix movie and it was aight…


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You understand how dope an idea this is?

I need to stop floating ideas like that on this forum.

Not sure if it was this forum or another, but I believe it has been proven that Hollywood folks lurk on here. I recall over 10 years ago somebody floated an idea for a movie/tv series and it showed up in a couple of years.


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I need to stop floating ideas like that on this forum.

Not sure if it was this forum or another, but I believe it has been proven that Hollywood folks lurk on here. I recall over 10 years ago somebody floated an idea for a movie/tv series and it showed up in a couple of years.



More than once


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I finally got around to seeing the movie and I enjoy it. I'm surprised people didn't like it.
I need to stop floating ideas like that on this forum.

Not sure if it was this forum or another, but I believe it has been proven that Hollywood folks lurk on here. I recall over 10 years ago somebody floated an idea for a movie/tv series and it showed up in a couple of years.

I could have sworn I watched this a long time ago.

Just finished it.

Far from perfect but I really enjoyed it.

And now that I read reviews?

This is the Bond movie we wanted from Idris

And I LOVE that ending