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Official Boxing Thread


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Kovalev hasn't fought in almost 3 years, he should've gotten stopped by Yarde, took a dive against Canelo, finally off his PED ban and decides to go up to Cruiserweight for the first time?

That ain't a good sign. I think he's signing up for a check. What do you think he been doing for the past 30 months to get him ready for cruiserweight. You think he gained all them pounds by staying in the gym or getting pissy drunk on vodka?

This fight is a recipe for disaster in my opinion. The odds say its a 50-50 fight and rightfully so but I'm thinking it ain't going the distance. I'm taking the natural younger cruiserweight :yes:
Plus he got knocked out his last fight. I hope he get that ass early. I got Pulev too.


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Man let that hate go and ride for your fellow Texan, your fellow coutryman? :lol:

Man them Argentinians racist as fuck. The fact that Canelo hopped on Brians nuts immediately after the last fight makes me want Charlo to knock him out even more. Especially after that asswhoopin from last weekend and Shakur whopped his brother in camp, them essé starving for a moral victory :lol:
Charlo isn’t a fellow of mine. I’m from Houston and nobody likes him here. He’s fighting for the undisputed title in California and nobody in town is even talking about it. I hope he crashes and burns hard tonight. :dunno:


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Jermall has a following here. He fights here regularly and draws good crowds. He’s not that likable either, but he’s more tolerable. Jermell is just mean to everyone. Always angry. That turns fans off. The media here doesn’t even even fuck with them.
Houston a big city too...they could get their version of Errol Spence's Dallas crowds but I guess their personalities ain't it
Over 100,000 Movies ❤ 420,00 Scenes with Previews ❤ Try it for $2.99