Official 2019 NFL Season Thread.


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Skins looking good on the road vs. Eagles, very surprising. Skins defense is impressive so far.


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1. Browns looking sloppy/rusty as hell
2. Panthers looking sloppy/rusty as hell
3. Rams looking sloppy/rusty as hell
4. Falcons looking sloppy/rusty as hell



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I guess this is the official thread, LOL
Dudes are scared to make a NFL thread because the militants will complain

Is it really militant to not support a league that openly shows disdain for black lives? If you want to watch it watch it but it's not some militant action to pass on it.

Tha Great Muta

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Those cac draft analyst talked all that shit about Lamar coming out and he's ballin out I don't give a fuck if the other team is Miami......Went 32nd overall and CAC Josh Allen, Baker boy, Rosen on the bench......Lamar better then all those Cacs
And he just threw ANOTHER!!!! Fuck all them haters!!!!!!!!


ADOS are Russian assholes!!!
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What the hell is going on with the Falcons & Eagles ???
ATL dudes where ya'll at ??? Dont hide ninjas !!! :eek:
I am at ATL guy but I do not like the Falcons are used to like the dolphins but fuck it I don’t like nobody


ADOS are Russian assholes!!!
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If some dudes on BGOL are still not watching football, then that's your prerogative
But why keep coming in this thread to shit on everyone else ???
I’m not watching live football I’m just getting scores from a website


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Just copped NFL Sunday ticket for $99. College student discount. NFL Sunday ticket app on my Samsung TV. Standard price $300.



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Flores getting his face kicked in is phenomenal. :yes:

He exposed himself as a bitch playing JayZ music after Kenny Stills said something about that RocNation/NFL deal; then instead of manning up and owning it, lied and said it was to “challenge” Stills; now Stills out of that shitshow of a franchise and Flores getting curb stomped on opening day. :lol: