Mayweather vs. Mosley-Who Wins?

Discussion in 'Sports' started by TJervey, Jan 19, 2010.

  1. TJervey

    TJervey BGOL Veteran Registered

    Real talk, this fight is intriguing on so many levels. A lot of people I've talked to feel like Shane is used goods and past his prime and Floyd will pick him apart. Call me crazy, but I disagree on such a level that I think this fight may be as difficult for Floyd as the Manny fight.

    1) Manny, even though he's active, has a definite rhythm which I think in the latter half of the fight Floyd may have figured out and began to pot shot Manny and move. Shane is a hyper, no rhythm type Dude who will be hard for Floyd to sit in the pocket and time.

    2) I think people will be surprised at how big Floyd looks compared to Shane come fight night. Shane is definitely a strong fighter, but even though he has fought as high as 154, he is a smallish Welterweight in terms of overall Dimensions. I think for anyone to expect Shane to come in and completely overpower Floyd is in for a surprise. I even see Floyd, once he gets comfortable, backing Shane up from time to time.

    3) I see Shane as one of the few 'Warrior Spirit' type fighters that Floyd has fought (Castillo was one as well, and he gave Floyd fits in the first fight). Floyd likes to pot shot and move, but Shane is a fighters fighter, and he will immediately respond to a big shot with one or two of his own, and his variety of power shots may give Floyd fits, especially if he can get his hard Jab going.

    4) Timing vs. Speed. While Floyd has impeccable timing, he is not as fast as a lot of people believe. It's just that his reflexes and timing are so many levels beyond most fighters, it give the illusion he has super speed. I believe in this fight Shane will have the speed and power advantages, but Floyd's timing and accuracy will also cause Shane a lot of trouble. Both fighters have the ability to hurt each other, Shane being more of the power puncher, Floyd with more of the Flash variety (both of which would result in a two point round).

    I see a tough fight, I see Floyd having to come out of his normal envelope and lead more to offset Shane's aggressive style. I see Shane forcing the issue, eating a lot of leather coming in, but with his Granite chin surviving big shots for the most part. I see Floyd being forced to fight, being marked up quite a bit and maybe even getting dropped. I see the fight morphing into a war where Floyd finally silences his critics by proving that if needed he can fight as opposed to box, and Shane proving he has a lot left in the tank.

    Floyd by very close split decision or a draw. I believe the judges will be more impressed with Floyd's accuracy and his versatility than Shane's aggression and power punching. I see a fight competitive enough that a rematch may initially trump a Manny/Floyd fight, especially if Manny struggles with Clottey.

  2. tp2001

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    I have a hard time deciding who will win this one...I like both fighters, and I see either one beating the other...I always thought that Shane is the only dude out there now that can beat Floyd, and is the much better matchup than Floyd/Pac because Pac is too erratic to get much off on Mayweather...That is how Marquez was able to give him some knuckle sandwiches...he was able to time Manny and either beat him to the punch or get him with a counter...

    I just want this fight to happen...once it is signed, I will try my hardest to see the fight live. I don't give a fuck if it is a nosebleed seat.
  3. Zeferino

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    I have a hard time picking a winner because I am highly doubtful of Mosley right now. Yes, I know he looked intense and beyond explosive against Margarito but I have a few questions about that. Was Mosley so explosive for emotional reasons having just gotten divorced from his wife? Buster Douglas also pulled off a spectacular win against Mike Tyson when emotionally charged by the death of his mother. Did the whole plaster wraps scandal right before the fight destroy Margarito mentally? From round one, Margarito did not seem right when he faced Mosley. Even when he walked into the ring, he had this look like "oh shit, I got busted". I don't think his mind was into it but that's not to say Mosley would not have destroyed him.

    If Mosley had another performance after that Margarito win and looked destructive once again against a high caliber opponent, then I would clearly pick him over Mayweather.

    However, it was not too long ago that Mosley struggled against a shot Ricardo Mayorga and on some cards was even LOSING THE FIGHT :eek: before getting the knockout in the last round. In fact, if Mosley had lost the last round, he would have been outboxed or outpointed by freaking Ricardo Mayorga. Mayorga also outpointed Forrest.

    Either Mayorga is a better boxer than people give him credit for or Mosley and Forrest are not as great technically as people think they are.

    Mayweather is supposed to be a better defender and a more polished attacker than Mayorga. Mosley was on the slide IMO before the Margarito fight. If Mosley fights Mayweather in April, he will have been inactive for 16 months or over a year.

    If the Margarito fight wasn't just a fluke where the stars aligned for Mosley, I pick Mosley to win. If in reality, we're talking about the Mosley that fought Mayorga, I pick Mayweather to win.
  4. Spectrum

    Spectrum Well-Known Member BGOL Investor

    As Ive stated several times so I wont be long-winded, the Margarito fight COULD have been deceptive because Margarito is a slower fighter with very little lateral Im still not sure if Mosley is in top form and still has his speed. I agree.. the Margarito fight could have been deceptive. If the speed is still there, he can give Floyd lots of problems (obvious problems so I wont relist them again).. I guess we will know immediately...because if the speed is done, it is going to be a long night for Mosley.... if it is there...Mosley is the guy Ive always said that could not only beat floyd, but could KO him
  5. Upgrade Dave

    Upgrade Dave BGOL Veteran Registered

    I agree with the sentiment so far that it's hard to judge Mosley based on the Margarito fight. Margo was a sitting duck for a mobile guy like Shane but Floyd Mayweather isn't anything like that.
    I also agree that Shane's aggression will probably push the pace of the fight, at least early. But he's dead if he's overly aggressive and ends up chasing Mayweather around.

    37 is old in sports in general and boxing in particular. Floyd's no spring chicken but Shane's been in more heated, grueling fights than Floyd and sooner or later that catches up. I'm curious on how the short notice cancellation of his fight with Berto is going to affect him. He trained through the winter for a January fight only to have it canceled a week and a half before and now has to rechannel that energy into a spring fight with a totally different type of fighter. Floyd stays in shape year round and was gearing up for a spring fight already.
  6. TJervey

    TJervey BGOL Veteran Registered

    He was actually interviewed and mentioned how difficult it is going to be to modify his training, and then pick it up without running the risk of over training. He mentioned he will probably take a month or so off, do some light road work, etc. and not let his weight go above 155-160 (he is smallish anyway). He would then begin picking up regular training camp early March. He kind of stays in shape between fights too, but I agree, the stop and start may be a little difficult for him at 37.
  7. V3000

    V3000 Active Member BGOL Investor

    I'd go with Mayweather. Shane is 38 years old, he hasn't fought in over a year, by time they fight it might be closer to a year and a half and he hasn't fought someone who was anything but a brawler in over two years and he didn't look good against Mayorga even, until the end.

    I'd take Mayweather to pick him apart and win a pretty solid decision 8-4, 9-3
  8. 3rd__Optic

    3rd__Optic Well-Known Member BGOL Investor

    Mayweather is gonna kill Shane Mosely. Shane will have problems with Mayweather period.
  9. bgbtylvr

    bgbtylvr Well-Known Member BGOL Investor

    Shane can beat Mayweather if he fight his own fight. If he gets into chasing mayweather, he's going to get pot shotted all night long and countered. If he gets in and gets out, keep floyd moving, he can win easily.
  10. nyghtcrawler

    nyghtcrawler Active Member BGOL Investor

    Excellent point. Floyd is fast, but he's not in the class of Hector Camacho, Howard Davis Jr or Meldrick Taylor in terms of hand speed. Shane Mosley is. I also think Pacquiao is in that class and his speed would have given Floyd trouble.

    Mosley has the style and tools to beat Floyd, and Shane is so much better with Nazim training him and plotting strategy (as opposed to Jack Mosley, who as not a good strategist imo), it should be a good fight.
  11. merce77

    merce77 BGOL Veteran Registered

    Floyd should pull out a decision. After all Shane is 38 and I don't care how much people say it doesn't matter, it does. I see Shane giving him a hard fight, I don't see Floyd engaging Shane at all, he doesn't have the power to hurt Shane, he knows it and he will move and throw and land when he has openings. Shane though is a very smart fighter and with Richardson in his corner it could be a very tough fight for Floyd. Especially if Shane decides to get really physical with Floyd like he did wrestling MArgarito around and puting his head in homies chest. I don't thinkFloyd is as bg and strong as you do as evidenced by the fact that h has constantly been fighting smaller guys and has done everything to avoid fighting a real welter. If the stars are aligned properly we might see Floyds zero in the L column go away that night.
    If these gys were fighting at lightweight ten years ago then yea, I would pick Shane hands down. But with his lack of activity at 38 years old, I see Floyd winning a split decision. Then again a burned out Oscar got a split decision against Floyd and Shane has WAY more left in his tank than ODH had when he fought Floyd.
  12. Upgrade Dave

    Upgrade Dave BGOL Veteran Registered

    I definitely see Floyd outpointing Shane and I'm with you on Shane being the stronger guy. Shane seemed stronger than Margarito and he's a big welter.
    Oscar was gifted that split, he did nothing from about midway through the fight but he's Oscar and it was Vegas and I don't think he was burnt out at that point but he was absolutely on the downside.

    Glad to have you back in a boxing thread.
  13. Jordan Diddy Buk

    Jordan Diddy Buk BGOL Veteran Registered

    I think it is hard for anyone to beat pbf as long he goes in the ring and choses not to fight but just win rounds. It is tough. My thought on pbf is simple. if he engages a top fighter he will losse. but if he does what he does best, then he will always get a decision. It is that simple. Shane can't beat a fighter that won't fight back. No fighter can. I want this fight to happen. But I will wait for the down load.
  14. Alaskanredman

    Alaskanredman Active Member Registered

    :lol: I have yet to see PBF go in the ring and not throw any punches. It is both fighters' job to go in there and box. I get it... you like slugfest, but if a fighter can't keep up with another fighter's strategy... that's on them. They lost the fight because they aren't skilled enough to hang.

    If you pay any attention to Floyd's fights you will see he land's a lot of clean punches, he lands more than his opponent's and he barely gets touched. If he didn't engage he would not be able to out punch his opponent's. Your problem is Floyd won't let his opponent get shot's off on him....:lol: Why would any boxer just allow other boxers to hit them if they can avoid it? Why should boxers learn defense or how to slip punches?:lol:

    You must love Gatti.... shit... Gatti v Ward was probably like heaven for you... :lol:
  15. Spectrum

    Spectrum Well-Known Member BGOL Investor

  16. Spectrum

    Spectrum Well-Known Member BGOL Investor

    It is not possible to beat a boxer like Floyd easily. Mosley can win..but toss the word easy out of your vocab.
  17. Spectrum

    Spectrum Well-Known Member BGOL Investor

    This is the key. Floyd cant hurt Shane...he just simply does not have the power to hurt Shane at all..but we know Shane has the power to KO Floyd If he can get off clean power shots. We will know in the first 2 rounds if Shane has a chance. If Shane has lost the speed, he will lost by UD.
  18. Jordan Diddy Buk

    Jordan Diddy Buk BGOL Veteran Registered

    dude come on. don'tbe a groupie.
  19. Jordan Diddy Buk

    Jordan Diddy Buk BGOL Veteran Registered

    lol, dudes crack me up with I love watching pbf. so that means I understand boxing more than you. It is kind of cool how in the sports thread lame attack don't usually happen. I get it. You love watching pbf. Please just keep me out of the validation on why you do. And why you love boxing more.

    Gatti top fights greater than PBF fights. That's my opinion. If it isn't your cool. It is a reason dude has won more ring magazine fight of the year fights than PBF. You say stuff about not getting him and skill. But there are people that also enjoy seeing people overcome getting hit and showing heart.

    Gatti vs ward was heaven just like oscar and shane, hagler vs hearns, holyfield and bowe. Those fights appeal to me. You do you dude.

    I like all kinds of boxing matches. Not just slugfest. But those fights appeal to a fan. It is cool that PBF is so intent on not getting hit. I feel he should be more aggressive offensively. Also when you factor in he usually has an advantage over the fight in some form. he needs to come with it.
  20. Spectrum

    Spectrum Well-Known Member BGOL Investor

    That is the same shit Ive already said to you. If you cant appreciate a PBF or BHop, you arent really a fan of boxing. I dont need to see a KO or two offensive minded brawlers go at to enjoy a fight. Ive seen fights with BHop or PBF that casual fans thought were boring and I thought they were works of art. You cant run the entire fight and still win... I dont even see how you can come to the conclusion that Floyd runs in his fight. DLH ran the final 3 rounds of his fight with Tito...THAT is running. Floyd is a counterpuncher that doesnt have the power to trade blows with larger fighters so he beats them with great defense and technique. He also had BRITTLE hands that brake easily so he is not out there trying to KO cats... he is out there mentally outboxing inferior boxers.

    I dont have ANY problem with the style of Floyd. I have a problem with his resume at WW.

    That is why I would love to see him fight Williams...because he would be forced to fight a completely different style of fight to win... I dont think even Mosley can change Floyd or even Pacman..
  21. Jordan Diddy Buk

    Jordan Diddy Buk BGOL Veteran Registered

    don't tell me who I need to appreciate to be a fan. It doesn't work that way with a grown ass man. If you have not gotten the memo hopkins is one of my favorite fighters. But that has not a damn thing to do with anything.

    I have my opinion on PBF. It isn't my job to convince you of that fact. In fact I thought this thread was about Shane fight PBF. I rather talk about that than why I like or dislike a fighter. Trying to convince fans of something bores they hell out of me. I hope this fight gets signed. On a side note PBF said any fighter getting into the ring with him will have to do testing like he asked of Manny. It is interesting to see if it happens with Shane. I think it could, but the fact it has not been signed yet has me a little worried.
  22. Jordan Diddy Buk

    Jordan Diddy Buk BGOL Veteran Registered

    Oscar was stupid against Tito.
  23. Spectrum

    Spectrum Well-Known Member BGOL Investor

    You can like what you like. I really dont give a shit. However, it is very clear you more into the category of a casual fan with your rants about Floyd running in fights. The ONLY people I have ever heard make that argument are the casual boxing fans that dont know anything about the sweet science. So, regardless of your knowledge of boxing, that is where you choose to sit in terms of the argument about boxing style. That is just the reality of the situation.

    A complaint about his resume at WW is legimate. Complaints about running are borderline ridiculous.

    You cant convince me. Nor am I trying to convince you. At the end of the day, it really doesnt matter what you think. Im just pointing out there you clearly fall into the category of a casual fan on this issue. That is all. But a few of you cats seem to have a real thing for PBF so that is not surprising.

    Well, he obviously has to stick with that now or it would make his case against Pacman really week.

    If Floyd doesnt fight Mosley (as there is no legitimate reason for this fight not to happen at this point and I KNOW Mosley wants it and would budge damn near on anything to get this payday), I am not even fucking with Floyd anymore if this fight doesnt get made and he ends up fighting Campbell or someone... to me that would be a clear sign he cares more about remaining undefeated that beating good WWs
  24. Spectrum

    Spectrum Well-Known Member BGOL Investor

    That is an entirely different argument. I also think he was still robbed...but he deserved it as he was the recipient of robberies in the past.

    However, the point was about the definition of running. THAT was a very clear definition of running.

    Floyd has never done anything like that.
  25. Alaskanredman

    Alaskanredman Active Member Registered

    I think Floyd is a skilled boxer. What I love to see is someone study the craft, put the work in and display their skill in the ring. If one fighter is more skilled... they will find a way to win.

    I don't care about what you enjoy about the sport... but if you know boxing there isn't much you say about PBF's skills. He might not fight the way you would like but he has the skills to beat a lot fighters. Floyd's advantage is and has always been his skill. Even now all people want Floyd to prove himself at welter, but the only nigga that we can collective say will give Floyd a lot of problems... is Paul Williams. And in reality Paul Williams has the frame of a Middleweight.

    I figured you liked Gatti and I know a lot of motherfuckers who like Gatti, but Gatti can only put on a good fight against sub par fighters. Gatti and Ward is a great Slugfest, but Gatti got embarrassed by Floyd. Gatti isn't in the same category of Oscar, Mosley, Hearns and etc. cause these fighters can do more than just brawl and when they brawl it is a very skillful combination of angles, footwork, slipped/blocked punches and power punches.

    Gatti just takes it on the chin and hopes his power and a wild punch saves him. You can watch Bumfights and see an exciting brawl:lol:, but you put a Gatti in there with a Hagler. It wouldn't even be a slugfest... Hagler would break that nigga in the first round.
  26. Alaskanredman

    Alaskanredman Active Member Registered

    c/s... GBP has already come out saying that drug test will be apart of the deal. I don't know what could cause this to fall apart besides the purse split, but at this point that should be a small issue.
  27. tp2001

    tp2001 Active Member Registered

    Dude Baldomir folded Gatti in their fight, son...:lol:

    So much for the Gatti-Ward-Augustus-Duddy type fighters out there who are there looking for the KOs and have no care for much defense...Tito is/was the same way...Sure he was a very good fighter, but he was as flat footed as they come and did not use head movement at times...That's how he got dusted by Hopkins and Wright, and if Sweet Pea was in his prime, he would have made Tito look like an absolute fool...

    There will always be those that like the excitement of the toe-to-toe fights like Williams-Martinez, but you also have to appreciate the gems that one fighter does like BHop-Pavlik or Mayweather-Marquez. JMM had great fights against Pac, Diaz, and Casamayor, but against a defensive strategist like Floyd, he was forced to go away from his usual fight plan. And that's how he got just about shut down...

    I think that Mayweather is one of the most talented boxers that the sport has ever seen. If he does fight Mosley and wins, then that would cement his legacy as one of the best ever...
  28. Jordan Diddy Buk

    Jordan Diddy Buk BGOL Veteran Registered

    A few years ago GBP wouldn't let Shane do additional testing against Zab. But I guess since both fighters are kind of with GBP it might not be an issue. But who knows. Shane has not had to do anything different drug test wise for any other test. All I know is the fight is not signed yet. Shane wants the fight and PBF needs the fight. It should be a no brainer, but we will soon see.
  29. Alaskanredman

    Alaskanredman Active Member Registered

    C/S Oscar got robbed but that nigga got too many cheap W's, and its a lesson so that no one should pulls that running shit.

    Some of these nigga talk like all Floyds does is bank the first seven rounds and run like De La. It's not even like Floyd is constantly back pedaling.
  30. Jordan Diddy Buk

    Jordan Diddy Buk BGOL Veteran Registered

    I don't know what pbf can do to change people's mind on his career. As a fan of the sport I would love to see pbf and shane fight. but to me the impact of it is as weak as the lennox tyson or this upcoming hopkins vs rjj. at this point it is just names fighting. these guys should have fought a long time ago. it will be interesting to see them in the ring. but shane right now is not the shane before he went up to 154. I guess we are playing the waiting game now.
  31. Zeferino

    Zeferino Active Member BGOL Investor

    I think I kind of agree with you. I have absolutely no problem with Floyd stylewise. I think I just don't agree with his temperament in the ring. In other words, regardless of styles, I think he had what it took to step it up against De La Hoya and Marquez and stop them. Especially Marquez.

    Also, you can only rate someone on their past achievements for so long and it's going on a very very long time since Mayweather has fought someone fresh, his own size, and undefeated. Even if he doesn't fight someone undefeated, he hasn't faced anyone fresh and his own size for a very very very long time. I think Floyd might be spoiling his own skills by doing this but it's hard to tell because of the type of competition he's been having.

    I am not convinced that Floyd has remained sharp technically and I won't be surprised if he seems easily timed and counterpunched when or if he fights Mosley or even Berto.

    I really don't mind watching so called boring fighters just as long as they're in there with credible competition. That's why I had no problem with watching Whitaker. Whitaker ducked no one and you could never pull out a list of top guys
    in his division that he did not fight like you can for Mayweather.
  32. Jordan Diddy Buk

    Jordan Diddy Buk BGOL Veteran Registered

    I like Gatti's fights. Boxing is entertainment. But boxing matches are only as good as the matchup are. Gatti had some great match ups. Of course Gatti was going to lose to PBF. They are light years apart skill wise. Gatti doesn't rank in my top 100. But he has had some of the best matches I have watched. PBF is who he is. A skilled fighter, but lacks the something that makes fans smile when they talk about him. he doesn't have a signature fight. honestly his best match is laughable compare to any other fighter who you consider top 10.
  33. Spectrum

    Spectrum Well-Known Member BGOL Investor

    I dont think he had any chance of knocking out DLH in that fight. DLH was not the shot fighter that fought Pacman....he was looking good in that fight until he stopped popping the jab.

    He has fought fighters his size. I dont even think that is the problem. The bullshit politics always involved with boxing. Arun has stood in between fights with Cotto and Margarito that Floyd made great offers on... and then because Mosley played Floyd and didnt want to fight him years Floyd have given him a piece of his own medicine...

    The problem is that he just hasnt had enough fights with great fighters to REALLY judge just how great dude is. Technically, we know he has legendary skills.. but we just doesnt have the resume of fighters like Leonard, Sweat Pea, etc....

    Floyd has a SUPER light resume.. being undefeated is nice.. but in the end, real boxing fans dont give a fuck if you can get more credibility by losing and coming back and dominating that opponent... but how many great fighters in their prime has he actually beaten...that is the issue...

    I know he doesnt give a shit... but history is not going to judge him very well IF he doesnt tighten up that resume..
  34. Spectrum

    Spectrum Well-Known Member BGOL Investor

    Exactly. Sweat Pea may have actually been better than Floyd defensively... maybe not technically, but he was definitely more elusive. He was definitely more offensively minded but just had ZERO power... That would be one of my dream fights... Sweat Pea vs Floyd..

    But in terms of their resumes.. Sweat Pea >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> all over Floyd..

    At this point in his career, Floyd shouldnt be fighting a Campbell.. he should be fighting prize-fights but against boxers like Shane...that have the skill set and experience to challenge him IF he gives a shit about legacy...
  35. Zeferino

    Zeferino Active Member BGOL Investor

    You see, the part about the legendary skills is where I'm not convinced. If he is able to remain untouchable against the top guys in his division, then fine. But until he does that, his legendary skills are just legend IMO.

    Also, Floyd has faced guys his own size. But I said fighters his own size that were fresh and at least sometimes undefeated. The guy that comes closest to that competition was Zab Judah and even he was just coming off of a fight where he lost to a bum and almost got knocked out too. Even that Zab fight was like three years ago and before that the last fresh guy he fought that was his own size was Castillo back in 2002:eek:

    Floyd's true current level of talent and ability is really unknown. Let him prove his so called defensive "wizardry" against complete fighters with a decent offensive game. There are plenty out there.

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