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Complex Magazine 24 best Kung Fu movies of all time


Push it to the limit!!

Mastah Gooch approvah ovv
tis trread.

It wuz verrwee ricest foor da men aht Complex tuu ricecallee appropreeate.

Mastah Gooch does not approvah dah Complex. I will pu pu platah n dere carrwee out Doordash foor no repeckt on name ov Mastah Bruce.


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Cheapest I've seen this set


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I swear they make these lists to piss people off
Any kung fu list that doesn’t have a Shaw bros movie in the top 3 can’t be credible

24 kung fu panda
23 the big boss
22 the one armed swordsman
21 master of the flying guillotine
20 tai chi master
19 wheels on meals
18 five deadly venoms
17 once upon a time in china
16 the shaolin temple
15 the grandmaster
14 fist of fury
13 fist of legend
12 the prodigal son
11 the way of the dragon
10 police story
9 warriors two
8 shaolin soccer
7 the legend of the drunken master
6 iron monkey
5 the 36th chamber of shaolin
4 enter the dragon
3 kung fu hustle
2 ip man
1 kill bill 1&2
Trash list


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I totally disagree with that list

Wdca channel 20 jn wash DC Kung Fu theater was awesome

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So Ima have to get one and two collections
If you’re getting started, then I would suggest it. They both contain Shaw Brother classics and over 24 movies combined. All remastered on in hi definition.

However, these sets will not last for too long. They are limited edition copies.
Over 100,000 Movies ❤ 420,00 Scenes with Previews ❤ Try it for $2.99