R.I.P. MF DOOM. He joined the ancestors on October 31st...


Rising Star
BGOL Investor


Rising Star
BGOL Investor

It’s a rip of a video yet stooooopid.

I guess we will see a lot of these emerge.

Update: Looks like Alchemist

I remember when Bronson said he wanted DOOM and Pitbull on the remix. When I heard this my mind was blown thinking about what we could have had with more DOOM and Alc. Jeezus Fucking Christ.

I like what Doom did with Muggs which resulted in with tracks with him with Gibbs and Mach Hommy. Don't get me started on what would more songs or a project would have been like with him and Mach would have been. Especially with that DOOM was cool with Westside as well with the Griselda crew linking back up.