Myles Garrett about to get kicked out the league



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That's the funniest shit right there. Even if he really were naive enough to believe that shit, surely his lawyers would be like :hmm: ... :lol: 'Come on Myles."

Just don't know if these cats are stubborn or getting terrible advice from overpaid professionals.
Also, if that did happen, his lawyers would have sent this to the NFL before the sentencing or they are the worst lawyers in history


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Finally someone admits what this thread is all about. I'm going ride with black people, but not when they're wrong. This is what has the Black community defending pedophilia, murder, drugging chicks and kinds of fuckery.

And tons of whataboutism.

Dudes in here know, if Lamar Jackson grabbed a lineman's helmet, and then that lineman took Lamar Jackson's helmet off and hit him in the head with it, they would not be in here saying, it wasn't so bad, and Lamar deserved it. They would want that lineman suspended indefinitely.

Which points out that people know what Garrett did was wrong, but they're going to defend wrong doing because the wrong was done by a black man.

I don't like it when white people do it (which is all the time) and I don't like it when we do it. I need to have my intellectual honesty intact.
Wow... you just realized that niggas are full of shit? Anyone who takes the opinions of niggas, especially on this site needs to have tjeir heads
BIG MEDIA is refusing to address the 800 pound gorilla in the room. Of course they got Black former players to get on camera and say "It don't matter what the white boy said, the black guy is wrong for his reaction". Why can't the narrative be that you can't go around saying and doing whatever you want because you could get your ass kicked? That's the reality of life and the law of the jungle. Privilege can not protect you everywhere so act accordingly or you just might get your head taken off.

(None of these millionaires affect my daily life, I admit I'm just talking shit so don't get panties in a bunch).
Jesus... you’re an idiot.