Joe Biden is now POTUS


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Democrats are much more effective stewards of the economy and it’s amazing Republicans are ever allowed to run on “fiscal-anything” but yeah—I foresee mild Keynesian measures which will stabilize and make the economy healthy again over the next 8 years juuuusssstt long enough to dig ourselves out of this pit the GOP has drove the economy into only to usher in another psycho populist fascist who will seize on ppl’s disaffection with the status quo. It’s the circle of life in this bitch.

The only remedy Dems have is to enact bold plans that demonstrably improve average lives in a huge way (while cutting corporate welfare etc) — I’m not optimistic about this incoming admin doing that but who knows, maybe even Corporate Dems are sick of the bullshit lol.
His first plan isn’t bold.


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Couldn't the metadata in those videos help the feds find those that recorded them?

Saw a full Parler video drop post and thought the Feds could use the metadata to hunt them down.
It looks like they are starting to do that. From paragraph 20 of another criminal complaint against an insurrectionist:

During a subsequent search of PRIOLA’s Apple iPhone on or about January 12,
2021, agents were unable to recover data for photos, videos, chats, or messages from
approximately January 4 through January 7, 2021. Agents also were unable to recover device
location data for January 6, 2021, from 5:40AM to 4:17PM. At the same time, agents were able to
recover device location data for January 6, 2021, at 4:23PM. This data indicated that the device
was utilizing a WiFi system located at GPS coordinates (38.892002, -77.006646). According to
Google Maps, these coordinates correspond to a location just northeast of the U.S. Capitol



Dinner is now being served.
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This is why Trump must be convicted!

Pensions and Perks for Former Presidents

Presidential libraries are built with private donations, taxpayers foot much of the bill to keep them running.

The Former Presidents Act of 1958 provides several benefits and perks that are available to presidents after they leave office. The biggest personal benefit that former presidents are entitled to is an annual pension equal to the pay for a Cabinet Secretary, which is $$221,400 in 2021. Widows of former Presidents are eligible for a $20,000 yearly pension. In addition former Presidents and their spouses can opt to receive lifetime Secret Service protection.
Below is an overview of the of the additional benefits for former presidents (a more detailed analysis is available in NTUF's November 2020 issue brief, Congress Should Roll Back Perks to Ex-Presidents Costing Taxpayers $4 Million Annually):
  • Office Space and Staffing Allowances: Starting six months after a President leaves office, the General Services Administration (GSA) provides funding to establish, furnish, and staff an official office anywhere in the U.S.
  • Travel Expenses: Chief Executives and up to two staff members are reimbursed for up to $1 million in costs annually. Spouses of former Presidents also are eligible for up to $500,000 per year for security and official travel.
  • Health Benefits: Provided that they had been enrolled in the Federal Employees Health Benefits program for at least five years, former Presidents are eligible for health annuities, similar to all federal employees. (Jimmy Carter is ineligible because he only served a single term and did not hold another federal position.)
  • Funerals: Presidents are guaranteed a ceremony with full honors and the option to be buried at Arlington National Cemetery.
  • Secret Service Protection: Presidents are eligible for lifetime protection. The related costs are classified.
Presidents who are removed from office through the impeachment process are no longer eligible for the pension and benefits provided in the Former Presidents Act. Lifetime Secret Service protections is provided under a separate law so this benefit would not be impacted by removal from office.

Donald Trump Signs of Presidential Library Plans Spotted at White House

President Trump's double impeachment isn't altering some big plans he's already making ... to build and fill his Presidential Library.

As Trump prepares to move out of The White House, several boxes and items were hauled out Thursday ... including a few storage containers marked "Presidential Library Gifts."

The bins are clear, but it's still hard to make out most of what's inside them ... although it looks like a mini baseball bat made the cut.

Presidents rack up gifts from all around the country and world during their time in The White House, and Trump's Republican Presidential predecessor ... George W. Bush houses approximately 43,000 such gifts at his Presidential Library and Museum in Dallas, TX.

Based on the labels on the storage bins ... it appears Trump has a similar idea in mind.

However, even though every POTUS since Hoover has had a Presidential Library, it's no easy project ... and the tale of the Barack Obama Presidential Center is a perfect example. There have been major funding and planning challenges because all the money comes from private sources, and construction was suspended in the Fall. They're hoping to restart sometime this year.

Considering Trump's been impeached twice and has suffered major blows to his business lately, he might face similar challenges. But, we know he's all about having his name on buildings ... so ya gotta think he's gonna try.

As we reported ... along with moving boxes, a bust of Abraham Lincoln was taken out of The White House Thursday, which raised some eyebrows. The White House Historical Association says everything is being handled appropriately, though.

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I clowned on the day of the insurrection attempt because it looked like he wasn't fighting back and just retreating. Just goes to show how sometimes you need all of the facts to see the full picture.
LOL... you were the member I was thinking about..

Yeah sometimes you have to see all of the facts..

Man they would have lynched my man..


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Far-right website 8kun again loses internet service protection following Capitol attack

A far-right website that was among the platforms used to organize the deadly violence at the US Capitol has again been forced to find new internet service protection after a shell company owned by two Russians and registered in Scotland cut ties with the platform’s internet host.

The website 8kun, which was previously known as 8chan, has long been one of the preferred platforms of the far right and followers of the baseless conspiracy theory QAnon. It was used by rioters ahead of the 6 January attack to mobilize other “patriots” to “help storm the Capitol”, with some on the message board debating which politicians to kill once they got inside.

In the aftermath of the riot, users continued to post content fomenting violence, including maps of government buildings to target and combat techniques for a proposed civil war.

Revealed: walkie-talkie app Zello hosted far-right groups who stormed Capitol
Read more

It wasn’t the first time the platform was linked to acts of violence. Its predecessor site 8chan was linked to a series of white nationalist terrorist attacks, including the massacres in Christchurch, New Zealand and El Paso, Texas.

8kun has faced significant hurdles to remain online since at least 2019, when the El Paso attack occurred. All websites on the internet are kept online by a network of services including web hosts and domain name registrars. 8kun has had a loyal internet provider in Washington state-based VanwaTech, whose CEO has repeatedly defended its connections to the hate site in the name of freedom of speech.

But the site also cannot function without platform protection services that prevent DDoS attacks, or distributed denial of service attacks, and few providers have been willing to work with it.

Following its removal from Cloudflare, 8kun, throughVanwaTech, worked with Oregon-based CNServers LLC for DDoS protection. That company, too, cut ties with 8kun when it was alerted to the site’s violent history.

Since October 2020, 8kun received DDoS protection from DDoS-Guard, a company that provides protection to a number of controversial websites, including neo-Nazi site the Daily Stormer. 8kun’s ties to DDoS-Guard were first reported by the security researcher and journalist Brian Krebs.

This week, DDoS became the latest company to cut ties with 8kun’s hosting company VanwaTech, following inquiries from the Guardian.

8kun is now being hosted by the US-based firm FiberHub, which is based in Las Vegas, Nevada, according to analysis from independent web researcher Ron Guilmette viewed by the Guardian.

FiberHub does not provide infrastructure directly to 8chan but does support VanwaTech as a client, the co-founder and chief technology officer Rob Tyree confirmed to the Guardian by email.

“We have received no reports that content hosted by VanwaTech supported by our infrastructure is in violation of our terms of service or acceptable use policy, which includes a requirement to abide by all US federal and state laws and regulations,” Tyree said. “Should we receive any such reports, we would follow our internal policies and observe any legal requirements to resolve those matters as swiftly as possible.”

DDoS-Guard, the company that provided services to VanwaTech until earlier this week, was registered under a limited partnership, a financial structure in Scotland that allows non-residents to create companies with little scrutiny, on 24 November 2017 by Aleksei Likhachev and Evgeniy Marchenko – two Russian businessmen who remain owners of the company today. The partnership under which DDoS-Guard is registered is called Cognitive Cloud, and is listed at an address in Edinburgh’s Forth Street.

Speaking from the southern Russian city of Rostov-on-Don earlier this week, Marchenko told the Guardian that 8kun was not a direct client of DDoS-Guard, but that his company provided services to VanwaTech.

He described DDoS-Guard as a global information security service. It hosted “thousands of websites”, he said, adding that it merely provided VanwaTech with “transit protection services” to stop it from falling victim to DDoS or other “brute force” attacks.

“It looks like they host some dubious sites like Qanon/8chan/8kun. I still don’t understand what are they about and have no information about their content or activity,” he added.

“We are not related to any politic issues and don’t want to be associated in
any sense with customer hosting such toxic sites like QAnon/8chan,” Machenko said after the company severed ties with VanwaTech.

Asked why he used a company based in Scotland, Marchenko said: “Why not? The UK is very comfortable for business. I visited London one time, 14 years ago.” He said: “We don’t support any illegal activity. We know nothing about what happened in Washington or support one side or another. This company [VanwaTech] is just one of our many customers.”

DDoS-Guard’s other clients include the Russian ministry of defence, as well as media organisations in Moscow. The firm’s webpage links to an official ministry history, which sets out recent steps the Kremlin has taken to ban the use of smartphones by Russian soldiers, after a series of leaks.

“It’s OK to earn money from the Russian government or from any other government. It’s just business,” Marchenko said.

DDoS-Guard’s Edinburgh office is at 18 Forth Street, a terrace of small Georgian townhouses in the eastern part of Edinburgh’s new town, There was no evidence of any office belonging to Cognitive Cloud at that address or any of the five other neighbouring townhouses. An employee at a neighbouring business said in his 7 years working there he had never met anyone from Cognitive Cloud but had frequently fielded requests to take mail and parcels for the firm. A manager at Edinburgh Office said Cognitive Cloud was not a tenant at the address but referred the Guardian to another company of a different name based in London, to which she said mail addressed to Cognitive Cloud is meant to be forwarded.

The Scottish number listed on the site for DDoS-guard is disconnected. A tech support representative contacted through the Russian phone number on the site said the majority of its clients are based in Russia and declined to answer any other questions.

Marchenko said its Edinburgh office was an “EU subdivision” staffed by a “representative”.

VanwaTech did not respond to request for comment.



Controversy Creates Cash
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Was just coming here to post this. Should have known yall already had it.

Sheldon Adelson + the NRA in the same week. Where are these candidates gonna raise their money from?
NRA is really doing this to try and run away from New York..

They are basically going to try and pull the reorganization and transformation bullshit

Sadly this isn't a Chapter 7

but Under a Chapter 11... Their Financials will be exposed and I'm sure the US attorney's office is going to be all in that shit..