1. wwetv100

    The Rise and Fall Of Tupac Amaru Shakur Center For The Arts! Happy 51st Birthday

    Happy 51st Birthday To Tupac Shakur : Watch The Story Behind 2Pac Center In ATL EXCLUSIVE https://worldwideentertainmenttv.com/tupac-shakur-the-story-behind-2pac-center-in-atl/
  2. wwetv100

    Rare Unedited California Love Video Shoot Footage

  3. wwetv100

    Tupac MTV Jams Rehearsal - Rarely Seen

  4. wwetv100

    Last Man To Interview 2Pac on TV Speaks!!!

  5. wwetv100

    2Pac in Studio with Ice T & Ice Cube 1993

  6. wwetv100

    New 2Pac Biopic In Works - Rise & Fall Of Makaveli The Don

    It was also announced this week by close friend of Tupac’s family, Kristen Parcus, that the cousin of 2Pac (William Lesane) will be releasing a biopic entitled “The Rise and Fall Of Makaveli”. The project has been in the works for some time and WWETV Atlanta Host Ms. Goldi interviewed Tupac’s...
  7. wwetv100

    Was 2Pac Bigger Than Snoop In His Prime??

  8. M

    Security guard talks about Biggie visiting 2Pac after he got shot

    one of the security guards hired by Afeni after Pac got shot stated Biggie visited Pac at pac's Harlem home .
  9. The Untouchable GDFOLKS

    [I Always Figured] So Snoop didn't really liked 2pac back then???

    For some reason I always felt that Snoop didn't like Pac. I personally believed he was jealous of Pac since he was taking all the shine away from him when he was basically the flagship artist of Death row at the time. Ironically I can understand his stance after hearing him explain the problem...
  10. The Untouchable GDFOLKS

    Damn we getting old - JUICE came out 27 years ago!!!

    One of my favorite movies from back then. Everybody did the damn thing in that movie and in my opinion the Bishop character is what catapulted Pac's career! Happy Birthday JUICE...Pure classic!
  11. Soul On Ice

    After royalty settlements we are going to get TWO new 2Pac Albums

    http://www.935kday.com/2018/10/03/two-tupac-albums-are-reportedly-in-the-works/ Two Tupac Albums Are Reportedly In The Works mportugal Posted on October 3, 2018 at 5:34 am Photo by Christopher Polk/Getty Images for Coachella Tupac’s music is timeless, and now it looks like his catalog will...
  12. yeahman727

    1996 was the greatest year in Hip Hop

    By me just saying this alone will provoke research. I did it already. No disrespect to 88, but 96 was just as ground breaking as 88. MENUSearch advertisement LIST Nov 14 2016 WRITTEN BY CIS VAN BEERS Top 40 Hip Hop Albums 1996 L 2864 F Also read: Top 100 Hip Hop Albums Of The 1980s & Top...
  13. The Untouchable GDFOLKS

    [Hip-Hop History] Unreleased 2pac Interview with the cast of Juice - 1992

    Young niggas on top of the world and having fun! RIP PAC
  14. The Untouchable GDFOLKS

    So Monie Love admitted to sleeping with Pac but not "Sleeping" with Pac?

    I have wanted to fuck Monie Love since I was 4 years old and I still want to...sorty is one of t he most beautifulist (Word to Kieth Murray) women I have every see and I need her pussy bad man! Anyway, she says back in the day she was with Pac 24/7 while they were on tour and even shared hotel...
  15. The Untouchable GDFOLKS

    The BGOL Hip-Hop Museum - Vintage/Rare Videos & Photos from the 70s, 80s and 90s - Real Hip-Hop

    Welcome to the BGOL Hip-Hop Museum. This will be an ongoing thread for old ass pics and videos showcasing the culture of the world, Hip-Hop. Feel free to add anything that you feel is rare or vintage to keep this thread jumping. When posting something please include a little background...
  16. playahaitian

    Music Class: Jay Z feat. Sauce Money - Dead or Alive pt. 1 (Unreleased) 1996

  17. M

    Jimmy Henchmen "Unjust Justice The Jimmy Rosemond Tapes.........

    UPDATE 02-22-2017 Part 4. It's short though... UPDATE: SEPTEMBER 18,2016 PART 3 Filmed after he was sent to prison and telling his side of the story Documentary series jimmy henchman.. parts 1 and 2 they removed it