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Yellowstone (2018): 1 Part Justified + 1 Part Sopranos + 1 Part Bonanza + 1 Part Cowboys versus Indians


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Wentworth is an Australian television drama programme. It was first broadcast on SoHo on 1 May 2013. The series serves as a contemporary reimagining of Prisoner, which ran on Network Ten from 1979 to 1986. Lara Radulovich and David Hannam developed Wentworth from Reg Watson's original concept. The series is set in the modern day and initially focuses on Bea Smith's (Danielle Cormack) early days in prison ...

For the first three seasons, Wentworth was filmed on purpose-built sets in the suburbs of Clayton, Victoria. Starting with the fourth season, production moved to Newport, Victoria. The show has received a mostly positive reception from critics, and the first episode became the most watched Australian drama series premiere in Foxtel history. The series was picked up by several countries, including New Zealand and the UK, where it is titled Wentworth Prison.

An eighth and ninth season have been commissioned. The eighth season premiered on 28 July 2020 and the ninth is set for 2021, with it serving as the final season to the series.

First I was ashamed to admit I was watching this but show is really good!


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So i just finished season 3...initially i felt sorry for Jamie, but after him meeting his father, the reason he was so conflicted because he's been trying all of his life NOT to be a dick...he just can't help himself though..its in his DNA

People talking about Beth..Rip has really calmed her down..she still extra, but i think her and Rip are good for each other..i'm sure she's going to survive the blast...

Prob the dumbest thing I've seen is these dudes coming coming at Kayce with automatic weapons..dont they know he's the Blonde Rambo...who would win in a fight between Kayce and Jack Bauer.. :lol:

Overall great show!


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Upcoming TV schedule -

Monday, November 1Judy JusticeIMDb TV
Monday, November 1DalgileshAcorn TV
Monday, November 1TempleSpectrum
Tuesday, November 2Ridley JonesNetflix
Thursday, November 4Gen: LockHBO Max
Thursday, November 4Head of the ClassHBO Max
Thursday, November 4Doctor BrainApple TV+
Friday, November 5Narcos: MexicoNetflix
Friday, November 5Animaniacs Hulu
Friday, November 5DickinsonApple TV+
Friday, November 5Big MouthNetflix
Friday, November 5Hello, Jack! The Kindness ShowApple TV+
Friday, November 5GlóriaNetflix
Saturday, November 6ArcaneNetflix
Sunday, November 7YellowstoneParamount Network
Sunday, November 7Condor (9:00 p.m.)EPIX
Sunday, November 7Dexter: New Blood (9:00 p.m.)Showtime
Sunday, November 7Squidbillies (12:00 a.m.)Adult Swim
Sunday, November 7Joe Pera Talks With You (12:30 a.m.)Adult Swim
Monday, November 8Copy That!YouTube
Tuesday, November 9Great Escapes with Morgan FreemanHistory Channel
Wednesday, November 10GentefiedNetflix
Wednesday, November 10AnimalNetflix
Thursday, November 11RagdollAMC+
Thursday, November 11The GameParamount+
Thursday, November 11The Challenge: All StarsParamount+
Friday, November 12The Shrink Next DoorApple TV+
Friday, November 12Olaf PresentsDisney+
Friday, November 12Snoopy In SpaceApple TV+
Friday, November 12The World According to Jeff GoldblumDisney+
Friday, November 12Always JaneAmazon Prime
Saturday, November 13Carol Baskin’s Cage FightDiscovery+
Saturday, November 13Blade Runner: Black Lotus (12:00 a.m.)Adult Swim
Sunday, November 14Mayor of KingstownParamount+
Sunday, November 14Vice (8:00 p.m.)Showtime
Sunday, November 14Yellowjackets (10:00 p.m.)Showtime
Sunday, November 14The Freak BrothersTubi
Sunday, November 14KamikazeHBO Max
Tuesday, November 16The Flash (8:00 p.m.)The CW
Tuesday, November 16 Riverdale (9:00 p.m.)The CW
Wednesday, November 17Hit MonkeyHulu
Wednesday, November 17Tiger King 2Netflix
Thursday, November 18AnnaAMC+
Thursday, November 18Star Trek: DiscoveryParamount+
Thursday, November 18The Sex Lives of College GirlsHBO Max
Thursday, November 18The Curse of Von DutchHulu
Thursday, November 18Dogs in SpaceNetflix
Friday, November 19The GreatHulu
Friday, November 19Cowboy BebopNetflix
Friday, November 19HellboundNetflix
Friday, November 19The Wheel of TimeAmazon Prime
Friday, November 19Harriet the SpyApple TV+
Sunday, November 21Power Book II: Ghost (8:00 p.m.)Starz
Tuesday, November 23Masters of the Universe: Revelations Part 2Netflix
Tuesday, November 23Reasonable Doubt: A Tale of Two KidnappingsNetflix
Wednesday, November 24HawkeyeDisney+
Wednesday, November 24HannaAmazon Prime
Wednesday, November 24Saved by the BellPeacock
Wednesday, November 24Dragons Rescue Riders: Heroes of the SkyPeacock
Wednesday, November 24True StoryNetflix
Thursday, November 25The Beatles: Get BackDisney+
Thursday, November 25Super CrooksNetflix
Thursday, November 25F is for FamilyNetflix
Friday, November 26How to With John Wilson (10:00 p.m.)HBO
Saturday, November 27Nash Bridges (9:00 p.m.)USA Network
Sunday, November 28The Waltons’ Homecoming (8:00 p.m.)The CW
Sunday, November 28The Hot Zone: AnthraxNat Geo
Sunday, November 28Harry Potter: Hogwarts Tournament of HousesCartoon Network
Wednesday, December 1Lost in Space Netflix
Thursday, December 2Queen of the UniverseParamount+
Thursday, December 2Annie Live! (8:00 p.m.)NBC
Friday, December 3Money Heist Netflix
Friday, December 3Jurassic World: Camp CretaceousNetflix
Friday, December 3Alex RiderIMDb TV
Friday, December 10The ExpanseAmazon Prime
Friday, December 10Crossing SwordsHulu
Friday, December 17The WitcherNetflix
Friday, December 17With LoveAmazon Prime
Sunday, December 191883Paramount+
Wednesday, December 22Emily in ParisNetflix
Thursday, December 23Dragons: The Nine RealmsHulu
Sunday, December 26Claws (9:00 p.m.)TNT
Wednesday, December 29The Book of Boba FettDisney+
Friday, December 31Cobra KaiNetflix
Sunday, January 9Call Me Kat (8:00 p.m.)Fox
Sunday, January 9 Pivoting (8:30 p.m.)Fox
Sunday, January 9All Creatures Great and SmallPBS
Thursday, January 13PeacemakerHBO Max
Friday, January 21ServantApple TV+
Friday, January 21OzarkNetflix
Sunday, January 23Billions (9:00 p.m.)Showtime
Sunday, February 20The Walking DeadAMC
Thursday, March 10The Orville: New HorizonsHulu


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Going to finish watching this movie tonight. Watched the first hour yesterday. It's from 2008 - co-stars Michael Fassbender and Kelly Reilly ("Beth Dutton" from Yellowstone). Plot - couple goes for lake getaway and things go to shit quickly.



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Glad you're checking it out. Enjoy the seasons, and you timed it perfectly as the newest season premieres in 1 week.

The storylines and characters will be fresh right as you lead in to the new episodes.

Thanks man
I remember seeing the screen cap on my menu and hearing about it in various places but wasn't interested cause I assumed it was a western period piece. It wasn't until I realized that Taylor Sheridan was the writer and director that I decided to watch. Dudes been one of my favorite screenwriters of the past few years. I fuck with every project that he's been a part of. Glad we finally dived in.

Wife and I are alll in....just about to finish the 2nd season...... RIP is easily my favorite character so far....and I appreciate seeing the growth of Jimmy. Good to See Beth exhibit some humanity and coming to Kaycees wifes rescue...Seeing that racist CAC bitch in the store get stripped down, and humiliated was beautiful.


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That old lady from episode 3 when she sitting there in that airport lobby…

“I’m neither late nor early, I’m the constant that YOU need to adjust to…”

oh man I’m using that one
Should come in handy at job interviews.


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If it was on HBO it would be much more popular.
It became popular cuz it debuted the first 3 seasons on the cable Paramount Network which a large majority of folks have.

They debuted season 4 on their new streaming service to boost up the popularity of the service.


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I was looking up the show and the actor who plays Travis, the cowboy who does horse shows is the creator and has written, directed a number of episodes. His name is Travis Sheridan and he actually is a real life cowboy when you see him on that horse.

He has a long resume of credits on notable TV shows and movies like “Sons of Anarchy”, “Star Trek Enterprise” and those Sicario drug movies.

He is behind the Yellowstone prequel “1883” and the future spin-off series with that Texas Ranch they sent Jimmy too.

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