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Trump’s Bizarre Forward-Leaning Stance Could Be an Early Symptom of Frontotemporal Dementia
First the disclaimers. One, the person who controls the Twitter account cited below is not a neurologist. He is not a doctor. He is an extremely well-educated economic-finance type who has had to do extensive research on PSP or Progressive Supranuclear Palsy, which is often associated with frontal lobe dementia. He went through it with a parent, each stage, talking to doctors and researching the topic. He lived it rather than studied it.

Next, I cannot independently confirm that this drawing is from an 1888 french doctor. It “looks like” one – but I cannot confirm it. I cannot see why Tom would “make it up,” he doesn’t appear to be that type. But I cannot independently confirm the drawing.

Having given those two caveats, look at this picture and ask yourself if one person doesn’t “jump” to mind. In fact, it almost seems weird that the picture was drawn before Trump was born.