The Official BGOL Guide to Decrypting Digital Currency!


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COLIN ALERT!!!:colin::colin::colin:

Fam, in the spirit of walking and not talking, of taking initiative, of capitalizing on trends before they become trends, I find it absolutely necessary for this community to understand everything it needs to know about digital and crypto currency, especially with multiple threads being dedicated to this phenomenon!

Look at it like the inception of the internet: fear, uncertainty, doubt, and plenty of naysayers, when it was just AOL, Compuserve, and Prodigy, but by about 1995 there was plenty of money and plenty of opportunity, BGOL actually being one of them.:D

There has never been a time in history where “we” were not able to get into something groundbreaking before those with money, those with power, and those with privilege i.e. WHITES, hoarded it all for themselves!:hmm:

There are well over 140 digital currencies out on the market RIGHT NOW, but “experts” only have these 10 have these ten on the radar as having a true competitive advantage, whether it be price, security, or the ability to scale. With the volatility of this phenomenon, this list is liable to change from sun up to sun down and week in to week out, but you can’t get a “W” if you don’t play the game!:yes:

I am listing the official site, the official wiki, and the latest news to start. Exchanges, breaking news, and supporting video tutorials, will be added next so that our learning curve can be shortened.

Good, bad, ugly, and indifferent, this is going to be the financial talk of 2014 and we need to be at the center of it!

This thread NEEDS to be a community effort from hardware experts, to software experts, marketing experts, financial experts, and sales experts around this soon to be mainstream phenomenon.

We will break down awareness, marketing, downloading, purchasing, trading, and mining digital currency!

So without further ado, I introduce to you The Official BGOL Guide to Decrypting Digital Currency!

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Bitcoin Official Website

Bitcoin Wiki

Reddit (Type "bitcoin reddit" into your browser)

BONUS: If you run a financial and/or technical blog you need to become an affiliate of this company as soon as you possibly can: Success Council!

THEN, as soon as you become an affiliate of this program, start pushing this product to your audience ASAP: Bitcoin Starter Kit!

Bottom line: right now, it has NO competition!

Position it properly and get your money!


Litecoin Official Website

Litecoin Wiki



Namecoin Official Website (Type "namecoin" into your browser)

Namecoin Wiki



Peercoin Official Website (Type "peercoin" into your browser)

Peercoin Wiki



Primecoin Official Website (Type "primecoin" into your browser")

Primecoin Wiki



Feathercoin Official Website (Type "feathercoin" into your browser)

Feathercoin Wiki



Novacoin Official Website (Type "" into your browser)

Novacoin Wiki

Reddit (Type "novacoin reddit" into your browser)


Infinitecoin Official Website

Infinitecoin Wiki TBD

Reddit (Type "infinitecoin reddit" into your browser)


Megacoin Official Website (Type "megacoin" into your browser)

Megacoin Wiki TBD

Reddit (Type "megacoin reddit" into your browser)


Quark coin Official Website (Type "quark coin" into your browser)

Quark coin Wiki



Worldcoin Official Website (Type in "worldcoin" into your browser)

Worldcoin Wiki TBD


Click on the links, read the information, digest it, follow the instructions to download/backup the respective wallets, and begin to intelligently speculate!

EDIT: Fam, Chico Fontane brought it to my attention that several of the links will not hotlink from the board.

To remedy this, I have typed in the search term that will render the official link for that particular listing. Thank you for your patience!
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we need to post info on how to build your machines, what cards, what hardware, sale prices etc.


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This thread is going to look something more akin to an experiment than a well written guide, as I had pictured in my head.

I probably should have posted the "digital currency bible", CoinDesk: The Voice of Digital Currency, first!

Secondly, there are websites dedicated to showing you the ebb and flow of each currency's valuation. This list will be updated as more and more players enter into this game.


Fam, I must apologize. This website is the SH!T!

It charts, cryptocurrencies, exchange rates among cryptocurrencies, mining profitability, mining difficulty, and mining calculators.

Folks, bookmark this sh!t ASAP! You can look at all your investment movements in one centralized location, once you start dropping coin!

I hope these guys stay around for a long, long time.

Crypto-Currency Market Capitalizations is a website that lists the top moving/performing currencies via a simplified chart.

Cryptocurrency Directory is a comprehensive list of every single currency and it's symbol. half the battle. Executing is the other half. This will give you the knowledge to execute this digital currency game.

Read up and prosper!
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Alright, you found out what "coin" is in the digital world. You found out how many there are, you found out how they work, you found out what it can do for you, and you found out what it could do for the world.

Now, if you have been paying any attention, you need a wallet to store these currencies. This is the single solitary device that you can download to a usb, an external drive, or if you wish, your computer, and even a mobile device, that will allow you to keep your coin safe from the world.

I am going to drop a handful of trusted sites that offer wallets, tell what they are, and the safest way to use them.

In my opinion, this is the first step that puts you in the game.

Bitcoin Wallet This is the first client wallet I downloaded.

Electrum Wallet I trust this wallet with my far.

Blockchain Wallet




Coin Punk

BONUS: Just in case you run into wallet problems/issues, this service "claims" to be able to help you recover lost bitcoin: Wallet Recovery Services.

I do not use the service. I cannot attest to it's claims, but it's information that I am sure more and more people will need as wallet downloads grow.
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China Restricts Banks’ Use of Bitcoin
Yeah, so what!:rolleyes:

Every great investment goes up and goes down. Your job is to make money, EITHER WAY!

The bitcoin crash of 2013: Don't you feel silly now?
This journalist right here can't even hid his bias.:smh:

He acting like the real money makers or long terms speculators thought the sh!t could only go up.:hmm:

I posted it out of journalistic fairness, because hey, he may be right!:dunno:

that shit droping like a rock, $600ish now is, but that's the "speculation" game.

When bitcoin, or digital currency, is a sure thing all the "real" money would have been made!

You gotta stomach the swings or get in the business of offering information on it, for a price!

Simple as that.

Look at like the California Gold Rush. The companies that offered shovels, pans, and dungarees made the most money.:yes:

Free class on Udemy about Bitcoin. Almost 9 hours with of content.

"Bitcoin or How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Crypto
The definitive guide to understand what the bitcoin is and why we should care about them."
Dino Velvet, thanks for blessing the board with this post, fam!:yes:
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with what was said above I think we need a step by step guide and faq that can get a laymen started with this.

I am not a laymen perse but I am attempting to set up my own mining machine and I don't want to go in the wrong direction.

Skinnie Talls

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I set up a wallet with Coinbase this afternoon. Not sure what to do now :confused: I may need some help, or a vid, or a link. Thanx in advance.


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Alright, you know about digital currency, you know about digital wallets, now you need a list of exchanges to convert your country's currency into the digital currency of your choice.

This is how you get in the game to make the money. Since this industry is young, this list will transform and grow periodically.



The vast majority of all my transactions have been with this exchange. They are quick, professional with the customer service, anonymous, and state side. You can deal with them through the mail, old school, or you can set up an account and wire money in and out with them.

They f*cked up my money one time. I told them how much bread I was moving in and out of their system, and they took care of me, no problem.:yes:

It's your choice, but these guys are super fast.






First place I bought and sold my first bitcoin. Never had any problems with them, but they started to want to verify accounts with personal information and I just could not see flying directly in the face of anonymity and my money.

Depending on how anonymous you want to be, they are the largest exchange currently and they may be for you!

Crypto Change



Nanaimo Gold

Canadian Virtual Exchange

World Bitcoin Exchange


Bitcoin Central








Local Bitcoins


this is what I want to see. each one teach one and lets build wealth in our community.
This is for you, my friend: Briefly Profitable AltCoin Mining.

I set up a wallet with Coinbase this afternoon. Not sure what to do now :confused: I may need some help, or a vid, or a link. Thanx in advance.
Go through the list I posted above, pick out an exchange, set up an account, transfer money into it, and learn how to make more.

Who's fucking with Cryptsy?

If any of ya'll are savvy at trading stocks then you can come up off this crypto currency shit. This allows you to exchange different types of crypto currency.
You beat me to it.:) I have it listed, along with other exchanges, that can help you grow your money.
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Alright, this mining thing is becoming ever so clear to me know, that I hit up an old college classmate who used to build computers from complete scratch!

First off, to get a complete mining machine going, according to my research, you lookin' at over $5 stacks, and if you know how to build it from scratch, about half that.

Plus, you lookin' at addin' $4 A DAY to your electricity bill.

Now, if you have that amount of cheese to burn wit' no guarantee, you probably don't even need to be speculating in this market.:lol:

So, if you can do it to get yo' block of 50, then get it in!

Now for the rest of us, "pooling" or "cloud mining" will allow us to invest in the process/profits without investing in the hardware.

for the cats who dont like to read
JamesATL, this is for you: Beginners Guide to Mining Bitcoins. It breaks the pooling game all the way down, where to sign up, how it works, and what remuneration to expect.

I could only find two services currently who are trusted and meeting this need of pooling and cloud mining.



we need to post info on how to build your machines, what cards, what hardware, sale prices etc.
Look above, this sh!t can get pricy, but if one knows what they are doing, I am pretty sure it is worth the risk.

I know the link you posted for the video card on newegg has sold all the way out.:eek::smh:
Anybody wanna setup a mining pool?
I believe this is something we should do. People are already on it. We can join the existing ones, or mimic one for our community so that we can control the investment for what our community needs and wants.

with what was said above I think we need a step by step guide and faq that can get a laymen started with this.

I am not a laymen perse but I am attempting to set up my own mining machine and I don't want to go in the wrong direction.
Check my answer to JamesATL, before you completely commit to investing in hardware.:yes:

I set up a wallet with Coinbase this afternoon. Not sure what to do now :confused: I may need some help, or a vid, or a link. Thanx in advance.
Man, set up your bank account to transfer dollars into the wallet, exchange them for BTC, and walla, you in the game.

Now, learn how to mine or dollar cost average and build it!


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Crypto's are a novel Idea and great way to go for the future. Just be careful in the exchanges you deal with.

Here is some info of the not so good things that could happen dealing with BTC.

One of the better places other than Mt. Gox to see the top CC's and prices.

There are also currency mining hash calculators out there so you can see if it is worth it to mine or not.


and BTC

You can then determine how much weight you can pull in you mining pool for your share in the profits.

For the miners I recommend mining and cashing out immediately. No need to wait on the price to change it's too volatile. Plus you may need it to pay that electric bill anyway.

The mining rigs are really pricey if you want to mine in Gig/Tera H/s. But I assume the return is better if you are spending $6K on a box that can mine in T-H/s.
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made 2 bit coins so far.

too bad they not worth $1100 each anymore.

now only about $700ea
I see you playa.:yes:

I am assuming that as long as the cost of electricity it entails per month of mining the block of 50 is less than the value of the btc, it's a pure come up.

If I am understanding the game right, they may end up just being pure profit every month you can cash out OR throw into a younger currency and do the straight flip.

Like I said, I am very aware this whole thing could tank, but just the thrill of getting in on something early as a Black American, just feels GOOD!:lol:

Keep us posted man.

My ass needs to run to Micro Center, to tell you the truth!


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I don't know how good the book is, but there is one free today on amazon.

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