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The Guardians of the Galaxy Will Be in ‘Avengers: Infinity War,’ Vin Diesel Confirms


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AUGUST 19, 2016 | 03:25PM PT

What Groot lacks in vocabulary, Vin Diesel made up for by spilling some Marvel news.

In a Facebook live video that aired on the actor’s personal page on Friday, Diesel confirmed that the Guardians of the Galaxy will appear in the upcoming Avengers movie “Infinity War.”

“Now, the Guardians will be included in ‘Avengers: Infinity War’ and that’s incredibly exciting,” he said addressing the live audience, “You were told before everybody.”

The real purpose of the video was not for Diesel to break news about the Marvel Cinematic Universe, but to show off an award he received from Facebook for having over 100 million fans. Diesel spends most of the almost 30-minute-long video telling his audience how much he appreciates their support for his career, including joining the “Guardians” franchise.

“That whole concept started from you all saying, ‘When are you going to be in a Marvel movie?'” he said.

The actor didn’t share any more details regarding what role the band of misfit heroes will play in the film. But before they appear in “Infinity War,” their own sequel “Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2” will hit theaters May 5, 2017.

In addition to Diesel, the core cast of Guardians includes Chris Pratt, Zoe Saldana, Bradley Cooper and Dave Bautista.

“Avengers: Infinity War” is scheduled for release on May 4, 2018.



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Avengers: Infinity War Directors Tease New Characters And New Beginning For MCU

The cast of characters operating within the Marvel cinematic universe has grown considerably since Iron Man kicked the whole thing off in 2008, and directors Joe and Anthony Russo have had the privilege and responsibility of introducing a few of the major players. In 2014, the Russos reintroduced Bucky Barnes to the universe as a soviet assassin in Captain America: The Winter Soldier and just this year the Russos introduced in Captain America: Civil War both Black Panther and Spider-Man, ahead of each of those characters’ own solo films.

The directors are hinting that they’ll continue that trend when they direct Avengers: Infinity War, which will release in 2018. The directors say that the film will both be the climax to the Marvel cinematic universe so far, and begin a new era for the film universe, and a new beginning means introducing new characters.

"I can't get into too much detail about who we're introducing, but these two movies are intended to be the culmination of everything that has happened in the MCU since the very first Iron Man movie," Anthony Russo tells IGN. "In being a culmination, these movies are in some ways going to be an end to certain things, and in some ways, they're going to be the beginning of certain things."

While they wouldn’t offer any further story details about which characters they were referring to and what story threads would be wrapping up in Avengers: Infinity War, they did explain that process of choosing characters is a mix of picking characters they like and characters that serve the narrative.

"It's a little bit of both, because you always have to make sure that your choices feel organic to the storytelling, and really, you have to sort of structure them in the way that they need to be there," Anthony Russo said. "You have to have them, or they shouldn't be in the movie. It's a little bit of a dance between the two, where you have big eyes, and you want everybody included in the movie, but you have to go through the process of... what's the best story that you can tell."



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Infinity War Will Be Full Of Both Beginnings And Endings For Big Marvel Characters

When the Avengers movies for Phase Three of the Marvel Cinematic Universe were announced back in October 2014, Marvel Studios President Kevin Feige referred to the features as the capstone of the journey that we've seen unfold since Jon Favreau's Iron Man in 2008. Because of this, many have wondered exactly what kind of consequences the films will have on the larger continuity -- both in terms of continuing/ending arcs for heroes and villains we know, and introducing whole new ones that will be expanded in the future. According to the directors, audiences should be ready for the epic blockbusters to do both.

I had the pleasure of talking on the phone last week with directors Joe and Anthony Russo, and in addition to talking about their work on Captain America: Civil War, the conversation veered towards the future and their development of both The Avengers: Infinity War and the untitled Avengers 4. Recognizing that we've heard various reports about the blockbusters bringing back every living character in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, I was curious how much focus the films will have on bringing in new characters. Anthony Russo explained that he couldn't talk about it in much detail, but that both endings and beginnings will be a part of what the blockbusters are about. Said the filmmaker,

That is definitely a part of the process in these movies as well, the introduction of some new characters. These movies are intended to be the culmination of everything that has preceded them in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, and that's what we're going for in terms of scope of story-telling and in terms of sensitivity to character arcs and movements and climaxes. So very much these movies will in some ways be an ending to a long journey for many characters and they will also be a beginning for other characters. So, you know, without going into too much more detail than that, that's pretty much the essence of these films for us.

First in this situation, it's hard not to consider and think about all of the confirmed brand new characters being introduced into the Marvel Cinematic Universe in Phase Three. Simply limiting ourselves to the heroes getting their own solo movies, Tom Holland's Spider-Man, Chadwick Boseman's Black Panther, and Brie Larson's Captain Marvel should all have extremely important roles to play in Marvel's Phase Four and beyond -- and therefore will probably be stepping up in a big way in The Avengers: Infinity War and Avengers 4.

With that side of the coin considered, the second big question is in regards to which characters will be "ending" their "long journeys" in the pair of blockbusters. Robert Downey Jr.'s Iron Man, Chris Hemsworth's Thor, and Chris Evans' Captain America will have all completed their own trilogies by the time The Avengers: Infinity War is released -- does that mean that all three of them could be getting close to the finish line? It's equally possibly that some or none of them see their arcs completed, and instead it will other major characters like Black Widow, Hawkeye or The Hulk. There are too many possibilities to really narrow it down at this point.

Hit the comments below to tell us what you think Anthony Russo means about beginnings and endings, and maybe even your predictions for how things are going to go. And while you all wait for The Avengers: Infinity War and The Avengers 4, be sure to check out Joe and Anthony Russo's most recent work in the Marvel Cinematic Universe when Captain America: Civil War arrives on Blu-ray and DVD September 13th.


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‘Avengers: Infinity War’ Will Show New Superheroes; 4 Marvel Characters That Might Be Introduced

“Captain America: Civil War” was packed to the brim with superheroes, but it seems like “Avengers: Infinity War” will have an even larger roster. Directors Joe and Anthony Russo said they’ll not only bring together existing Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) characters, but they’d also introduce some characters.

“I can’t get into too much detail about who we’re introducing, but these two movies are intended to be the culmination of everything that has happened in the MCU since the very first ‘Iron Man’ movie,” Anthony Russo told IGN. “In being a culmination, these movies are in some ways going to be an end to certain things, and in some ways, they're going to be the beginning of certain things.”

Of course, no exact names were revealed, but Anthony also explained that they weren’t introducing people for the sake of making the cast list longer. Any new characters will be essential to the story. “You have to have them, or they shouldn't be in the movie,” the director added.

So who could be introduced in “Avengers: Infinity War”? Well, there are a few possibilities.

Captain Marvel — This seems like the most obvious (and widely rumored) choice. After all, Brie Larson was just announced as Captain Marvel, nearly three years ahead of the movie’s release date. With her headlining film scheduled to come out between the third and fourth Avengers, it seems like a great time to introduce her in a way similar to how “Civil War” introduced Spider-Man (Tom Holland) and Black Panther (Chadwick Boseman).

Squirrel Girl — There aren’t any official plans to introduce this quirky character to the MCU, but there’s clearly interest in the character. A couple of actresses are even campaigning for the part. Anna Kendrick has thrown her hat into the ring and scored an endorsement from the Russo brothers. “Stranger Things” actress Shannon Purser is also very interested in playing the character.

An Inhuman — Marvel Studios President Kevin Feige maintains that “Inhumans” is expected to be added back to the Marvel slate eventually. With that in mind, the movie could easily introduce someone like Black Bolt or Medusa — if “Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.” doesn’t already have dibs on them.

Wasp — Okay, we’ve met the woman behind the Wasp, Hope van Dyne (Evangeline Lilly), but no one has seen her in action as the superhero yet. Considering “Ant-Man and the Wasp” is scheduled to come out just a couple months after “Infinity War,” it’s entirely possible that Ant-Man (Paul Rudd) could bring her into the fold.

Whoever ends up joining “Avengers: Infinity War” will join an all-star cast. Vin Diesel, who voices Groot, confirmed on his Facebook page that the Guardians of the Galaxy will team up with the Avengers in the 2018 flick, and the Russo brothers have also teased that it’ll be their most ambitious MCU film yet.
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