Sanaa Lathan vs. Ayisha Diaz

Based On Looks

  • Sanaa

  • Ayisha

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It's crazy, because both women were denied induction into the BGOL "Hall of Fame".
Sad.... :smh:

My comparison:
Beauty- Tie.
Body- Ayisha.
Talent- Sanaa.
Sexiness- Ayisha.
Intelligence- Sanaa.
Girlfriend- Ayisha.
Wife- Sanaa.

Winner: Ayisha. (Personal bias)
(Only because I've seen her in person on a handful of occasions, and she's every bit as hot and desirable as she is in her pictures....) ;)
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November 17

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Ayisha, I still haven't seen a photo of her I didn't like. She has that "Don't you want me look," in almost all of her photographs (Sex appeal).


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Sanaa is natural so their are a lot points there... if that was Ayisha's natural body or not she still get the votes for the one night go but Sanaa gets the long run so I'm go with Sanaa...


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Two way way way different types of chicks. Sanaa was made to be a wife or girlfriend. Ayisha was made for a great Vegas weekend of fucking.

So just on look Ayisha.


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Sheeeeeit, my wife understands when I slip up and call her Sanaa during, you know, so this is an easy one.
So I ain’t the only one?
My wife understands that she walks in on me introducing Miss Lathan to the Zoly Trinity to quietly leave the room, and in the instance she’s noticed to go to the kitchen and warm up the stuffed peppers from last night.
Fugg dat.


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I chose Sanaa but frankly I wouldn't turn either one of them away. But Ayisha got a shitload of (unnecessary) work done to her body. My preference is always go for the more natural woman.


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ive never seen sanaa lose one of these things yet somehow she isnt a bgol hall of famer
i hate you crackas