Mayor Corey Booker of Newark next Obama??

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  1. LEs Stroud

    LEs Stroud Banned

    I caught him on Bill Mayer. He's pretty intelligent but I think he would need to be more polished to run for prez in 8 years

    Hes a democrat. His answers are long winded and comes off a little confrontational. It also sounds like hes campaigning every time he answers a question'

    I've been watching his career. He's very educated and has similar pedegree to Obama. I think he just needs a little polishing.
  2. LEs Stroud

    LEs Stroud Banned

    bump. how do you feel about this kat?
  3. Upgrade Dave

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    His immediate future on a national stage, unfairly, depends on the success or failure of President Obama. If Obama has a successful term, Booker will be looked at as a serious contender. If not, they'll use Obama against him.
  4. qweretyuiopas

    qweretyuiopas Member Registered

    He is a smart dude and I agree with everything you said

    I saw him on Bill Maher too. I also see Maher will have michael eric dyson on next week. I dont like that dude, the way he acts and talks is annoying like he knows everything about everything and what he says is gospel

    wish he was our mayor over here in detroit
    lol i still cant believe dave bing running
    I remember meetin him at the palace years ago
  5. owl

    owl ... BGOL Investor

    So, they are positioning him for the run in eight?
  6. QueEx

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    You asked two different questions: (a) the thread title asked whether Booker is the next Obama; (b) in the body of your post you ask what we think of Mr. Booker.

    As to the FIRST QUESTION, I have problems seeing anyone as the next, anyone. That is, Barack Obama is unique in his own right and there will never be another. On the other side of that token, Corey Booker or any other African American who comes along and runs, whether or not he gets elected, will be his own "Unique" and unduplicable, unless cloned, self."

    I think thats important because while we (most of us) are proud of Mr. Obama, we don't have to be defined by him. He doesn't embody all there is to be as an African American. Each one of us has potential different from the other and some of us, have the potential to meet or exceed the potential of Mr. Obama. There are certainly some things about Barack Obama worth emulating; but there are other things that African Americans can do to set other traits worth emulating.

    As to your SECOND QUESTION: I'm impressed with Booker and I'm impressed by Michael Nutter, Autur Davis AND, over the next 4 - 8 years, a whole lot more of us that are bound to enter the politico/socio scene. I don't know if any of them are ready for the top job, today; but, the top job isn't open. In 4 -8 years, who knows.

  7. Mo-Better

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    Corey Booker is being pushed but he's no Obama. First on his agenda is to get Newark on a positive. He's yet to do anything substantial that I know of and the crime rate in Newark proves his administration has failed in that regard.

    It took Booker 2 elections to defeat an unpopular Sharpe James so how can he even be considered the next Obama? On his 2nd run for mayor James elected not to run so Booker pretty much ran unopposed except by a late entry into the race by Ronald Rice who had no funds to mount a serious threat.

    I'm yet to be impressed with Booker. How one looks and speaks on TV has nothing to do with their ability to get the job done.
  8. Ruff Ryder

    Ruff Ryder Robotix Registered

    I saw the brother on Bill Maher also, he talked a good game.
  9. LEs Stroud

    LEs Stroud Banned

    Thats what I mean. A lot of what hes saying seems like game because of all the big long words. Not that people dont know the meaning, but why say shit like false arguements, tyranny of the or, and dicotomy...when he got on this shit I was turned off. Reminded me of Dyson

    I didnt know that. Wow, but I know Newark still aint shit and I wouldnt be caught dead most people are literally

    We make comparisons like this all the time. You really took it toooo literally with the cloning retort. Wow
  10. personal95

    personal95 New Member Registered

    hes prejudice against darkskinned blacks. somebody pull up that quote bout dude saying he felt superior to most blacks because of his light eyes and complexion. this dude is nowhere near obama level.
  11. LEs Stroud

    LEs Stroud Banned

    R U serious? Then why would he want to be the Mayor of Newark. Nothing but blacks there. I'd have to see proof of that. but I'm guessing is wife is probably white.
  12. geist

    geist Support BGOL Registered

    Nah, he'll probably run for the governor of NJ before president. He wouldn't be any competition for Obama, not even as a sucessor in 2016.

    He's not that bad of a mayor, he tends to put his foot in his mouth with alot of black people though. He won't run for president for one simple reason, he's in his late thirties, unmarried and no kids. You do the math. That alone would kill him in a national election. All in all, I'd give him a C+/B- as a mayor though.

    The other posters are right about him not accomplishing much. He's accomplished a couple of small miracles, like dropping crime 30% and revamping some city parks. But he hasn't brought too many businesses to Newark, not even big box chain stores. And Newark is an area that has a ready made consumer base. So there's some things he's failed to do, but at the same time he's still lacking in the accomplishment department. For him to run for something like president, he'd have to pull off something major.
  13. personal95

    personal95 New Member Registered

    im sure if u google it youll find something. i cant pull anything right now. either way i also believe he only became mayor of newark to help his political career. take one look at dude and see hes a sleaze. if he runs for prez he will get exposed anyway and yes his girl is white. i could tell u some things on this cat and its not what it seems.

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    That's right bring it on.

    BRAVO! You know what to do, folks.

    Read more at Business Insider:

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