Kwame apologizes

Discussion in 'Blackgirl Online' started by Killa KMS, Jan 20, 2008.

  1. Killa KMS

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    Poor guy. At least the boo's gave him some motivation. He will be really nervous coming into the next game, lets hope he has a good one.
  2. Chitown

    Chitown Support BGOL Registered

    Its a cold world out there :smh: :smh: even for cats that are damn near 7 feet tall :lol: :lol: :lol:
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  3. Electric Relaxation

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    That motherfucker is gaa-bage.
  4. the_monsterous_monster

    the_monsterous_monster Active Member Registered

    24.9m for 3 years isn't bad at all.
    Motherfuckers can boo me!
  5. babalou

    babalou Active Member Registered

    Last year of contract. Bye Kwame.
  6. kdogg3270

    kdogg3270 Well-Known Member BGOL Investor

    he has all the ability in the world..just cant put that shit together:smh:
  7. Pussy Krook

    Pussy Krook Active Member Registered

    Wow. How a nigga that big scared? :smh:
  8. tre2k4

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  9. TaylrMayd

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  10. ronmch20

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    I heard that!! :yes:
  11. LordSinister

    LordSinister Grand Galactic Inquisitor/Last King of Ockland Super Moderator

    Well, at least they are trying to get him motivated. If he ever gets his shit together, Lamar could play the 3 and the team could go either big or small.

    I just hope he realizes he's fucking set for life and just have fun playing.
  12. Makkonnen

    Makkonnen The Quizatz Haderach BGOL Investor

    man all i got to hear is kwame puttin in work with kareem. Keep Kwame. What's Ben Wallace gonna do? 10 and 10 is good. If Kwame wisens up we got a trophy coming. Mbenga was lookin decent last night too.
  13. TimRock

    TimRock Still Standing BGOL Investor

    Mbenga looked ok. I wanted to see him early on instead of garbage time. I was wondering the same thing, shouldnt Kwame be working out with Kareem as well.
  14. Spectrum

    Spectrum Well-Known Member BGOL Investor

    word :lol:
  15. LordSinister

    LordSinister Grand Galactic Inquisitor/Last King of Ockland Super Moderator

    he was, but he's a hard head. He has seen what Kareem has done with Drew, so maybe he will come around.
  16. revenge

    revenge Active Member Registered

    I rushed in here thinkin' that this fool was finally gonna apologize for puttin' us thru all those polka dots, but then... oh never mind.
  17. Makkonnen

    Makkonnen The Quizatz Haderach BGOL Investor

    I think Kwame finally felt like his teammates had his back so decided to try harder again with Kareem. Last night I saw Odom Kobe and Kwame talkin shit and laughin on the bench. I think Kobe got the message about being selfish and everyone else is feeling good.
    I owe Mitch K some apologies.
  18. D'Evils

    D'Evils Well-Known Member BGOL Investor

    his problem is that he has small hands and he doesn't play big on the offensive side of the court. At 7'0 he shouldn't be laying the ball up.

    Doug Collins on LA Lakers center Kwame Brown: “I think (Kwame Brown) has become a pretty solid defender and rebounder. He still struggles finishing around the basket because he has small hands and he wants to go too quickly, he doesn’t settle into a rhythm that he can play at. His offense has not gotten much better, but he is a much better defender and rebounder than he was early in his career.”
  19. krownbrown

    krownbrown Member Registered

    "I missed my first jump shot and they started booing from there, which was a little weird.

    They werent booing cuz you missed you first shot they were booing cuz they thought they payed to watch good professional athletes play ball, not 7 foot brick handed sensitive cry babys.
  20. Costanza

    Costanza Active Member Registered

    Seriously, does anyone in the league have worse hands than this guy? He makes Dikembe Mutumbo look like Jerry Rice.
  21. xfactor

    xfactor Well-Known Member BGOL Investor

    :lol: But I thought "Bitch Kupchak" was the worst GM in the league.

    It was funny when so many lakers' fans were calling for his head for not trading Odom and Bynum for Kidd or Odom and Bynum for Jermaine O'Neal and look at the other teams now.

    Kupchak did all the right things the past 3 years from drafting players to re-signing Phil Jackson, whose system has proven to be effective with the right mix of personnel.

    Hell, Kupchak's only mistake was failing to trade one of his wing guards over the summer, which I'm sure will implode as usual at the first sign of adversity...But I'm not going to say anything about that :rolleyes:
  22. thetipisthick

    thetipisthick Active Member Registered

  23. Makkonnen

    Makkonnen The Quizatz Haderach BGOL Investor

    I never said Bitch Kuponoodles was the worst. I know I called him Bitch Gutcheck or some shit like that. You arent a fan if you dont get pissed at mgmt when personnel are playing like shit at some time or another.
    He aint perfect now so chill with that all the right things stuff. Radmon, Cook, Smush, and another worthless player or 2 coulda been left out the equation. Im still hopin radmonivich will come on when his ankle gets better.

    ARDMORESTAR Active Member Registered

    why does anyone that makes 24 mill in 3 years need modivation.. i would think that the 24 mill would be enough.. that dude got 1 hellaofagent :lol: because he was just barly decent when he played for the wiz... my son play better than him and he plays on the dollar store basketball set in thw hallway..:lol::lol:
  25. planetrock

    planetrock Member Registered

    He was the main one that was crying about Jordan back then. Jordan pick him, and saw that the kid was soft. He complain constantly. Jordan was trying to make the kid hard. He wanted no part of trying to hustle. He' a big soft ass kid. He said in a interview (The Washington Post Magazine) that sometime he wish no one would throw him the ball because he was afaid to mess up, afaid of the challenge. He had his mother move in with him all those years he was with the Wizards.The kid should be like Garnett. He got the tools, he's just won't used them. He made Jordan look bad as a GM with the Wizards. He was the number 1 pick.
  26. Ill Paragraph

    Ill Paragraph Lord of the Perfect Black BGOL Investor

    I cosign everything but the spelling in this sentence.
  27. Costanza

    Costanza Active Member Registered


    How about pride? He was drafted #1 by Michael Jordan; he's gone from failure in Washington to watching Andrew Bynum skyrocket past him in LA to now being booed on his home floor. If he has any pride in himself as a basketball player, this would be motivation.

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