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James Gandolfini Passes Away


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Great Actor. You will be sorely missed, James. My Condolences to your family. REST IN PEACE.

"It's rough out here on these bgol streets."

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Kinda eerie but I'm thinking it's funny a Sopranos actor died in Italy, in the show Tony always talked about tracing his family's roots back to the "old country", which is Italy.

spooky, creepy, RIP James.
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Wow! So dude was hurting. Are these recent?

It should come out soon the COD and I guarantee it's weight related.

Just like Heavy D., health first y'all.

Especially in a stressful and demanding field like entertainment.
He always had knee issues. Said it developed when he played football in college, and he has surgery 6-7 years ago on it after he had a scooter accident. He's used the cane off and on ever since.


loved the sopranos ever since i was in middle school. Tony was ma fav character and christopher...i neva knew ther wer rumors about a sopranos movie..but he will be missed neva forgotten


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Nah he's dead. Members Only got him. That's why the screen went black. Bobby ad Tony were talking about wat happens when you die at the lake episode where him and Tony fought. Foreshadowing, Bobby said everything probably goes black.
One of the best endings in TV series history. When you examine the last season up close one could come to that conclusion. I have it on blueray and have watched the seasons 6a and 6b repeatedly not to mention other seasons on HBOGO. There never was going to be a movie unless it was going to be without Tony.
As Tony had said many times during the series...Theres only two endings for a guy like me in prison or death. Tony did mention a third way and that involved Christopher being his number 2 but we all know what happened to Christopher.

The Feds had already flipped Carlo if you remember the last episode so we already the specter prison then of course there's the guy in the members only jacket.

They need to release the entire season on BluRay and have more commentary. The thing about James weight is he actually would put on some weight to play Tony Soprano. Check out the 1st season vs the 2nd and 3rd.



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Just heard a great interview with Steve Schirripa on WFAN and he said that James and about 9 other members of the cast watched the series finale together and Gandolfini's initial reaction was...

"What was that?"
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