Fake News & Alternative Facts Are Just Big Ass Lies

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    SNL’s “shirtless Putin” just hilariously mocked
    Trump’s pathetic inauguration crowds

    Saturday Night Live just brought back its “shirtless Putin” character to roundly mock President Trump for his tiny inauguration turnout. Whereas President Obama in 2008 and 2012 turned out more than 1 million people, early estimates for Trump’s inauguration hover around 200,000.
    In the clip, “Putin” congratulates Trump for his large inauguration turnout, before revealing that he’s mistaken it for today’s Women’s March, which was attended by far more people than Trump’s embarrassing fiasco.

    Then, “Putin” pokes fun at Trump for going to the CIA today and telling them that 1 million people attended his inauguration, a bald-faced lie.

    “If you’re going to lie, don’t make it so obvious,” he suggests.

    In closing, “Putin” makes a crack about how he helped Trump win the election, saying, “America, it’s going to be a long four years from many of you. Just remember, we’re in this together.”
    See the clip below:
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    The inauguration takes place in the city, a stronghold for Democrats. It would not require much effort to get a million people to see a Democrat. The Republican voting base is in rural areas and would require much more travel and navigating an uncomfortable/unfamiliar city for them.

    If President Obama inauguration took place in Utah, how many people would be there to watch?

    Not only that ISIS has been launching attacks timed to his events. Who would want to risk their lives?
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    Aziz Ansari praises Women's March, urges President Trump to denounce 'casual white supremacy' on 'Saturday Night Live'
    Sunday, January 22, 2017, 1:00 AM
    Alec Baldwin absent from post-inauguration SNL

    Aziz Ansari delivered a lengthy monologue on "Saturday Night Live," where he noted that "change comes from large groups of angry people.”
    “Islam is peace. The perpetrators of these attacks, they don’t represent Islam. They represent war and violence,” Ansari said, paraphrasing Bush’s Sept. 17, 2001, speech.

    “16 years ago, I was certain this dude was a dildo,” Ansari added of Bush. “Now, I’m sitting there like, ‘he guided us with his eloquence.’ ”

    Ansari, 33, assured that “change comes from large groups of angry people.”

    Celebrities take part in the Women's March around the country

    “If day one is any indication, you are part of the largest group of angry people I have ever seen,” Ansari added, referring to more than a million demonstrators thatpacked Washington D.C. for the Women’s Marchon Saturday.

    NYC Women's March sets more than 400G protesters upon Trump Tower

    The populous demonstration outnumbered Trump’s swearing-in ceremony on Friday, which White House spokesman Sean Spicerfalsely claimedhad “the largest audience to ever witness an inauguration.”

    SNL used the disparity in numbers to pounce on Trump’s ego in the cold open.

    Half a million people show up for D.C. Women's March

    "Many of you are scared, marching in the streets. You worry that your country is in the hands of this unpredictable man, but don't worry, it's not," Bennett said, as a shirtless Putin.


    Comparison shots of the National Mall show the crowds who
    attended the inauguration ceremonies for President Donald
    Trump on Friday versus President Barack Obama in 2009.

    The show’s interpretation of the Russian leader nearly congratulated the President on record-breaking crowds at his inauguration, only to realize he confused the Women’s March for the sparsely populated mall.

    “If you’re going to lie, don’t make it so obvious,” SNL’s Putin said. “Say that you are friends with Lebron James, not that you are Lebron James.”

    He introduced Kate McKinnon as a “Russian woman” forced to sing Putin’s praises.

    Kate McKinnon portrays Kellyanne Conway, as Roxie Hart from the "Chicago" musical.
    McKinnon, who depicted Trump’s Democratic rival Hillary Clinton during the campaign cycle, returned as Trump's bulldog aide Kellyanne Conway in a dazzling musical number.

    The sketch show likened the former campaign manager to Roxie Hart, the woman suspected of killing her lover for fame in the Broadway musical “Chicago.”

    “Who says that lying’s not an art,” McKinnon crooned, twisting the lyrics to reflect Conway's newly-found fame. “And when they Google just a “K,” my name will come up before Kanye.”
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    White House Pushes ‘Alternative Facts.’

    Apparently Size Matters to Trump

    © Andrew Harnik/Associated Press Kellyanne Conway, counselor to President Trump, before speaking live on
    TV outside the White House on Sunday.

    WASHINGTON — Kellyanne Conway, counselor to President Trump, said on NBC’s “Meet the Press” on Sunday that the White House had put forth “alternative facts” to ones reported by the news media about the size of Mr. Trump’s inauguration crowd.

    She made this assertion a day after Mr. Trump and Sean Spicer, the White House press secretary, had accused the news media of reporting falsehoods about the inauguration and Mr. Trump’s relationship with the intelligence agencies.

    In leveling this attack, the president and Mr. Spicer made a series of false statements.

    Here are the facts.

    1. In a speech at the C.I.A. on Saturday, Mr. Trump said the news media had constructed a feud between him and the intelligence community. “They sort of made it sound like I had a ‘feud’ with the intelligence community,” he said. “It is exactly the opposite, and they understand that, too.”

    In fact, Mr. Trump repeatedly criticized the intelligence agencies during his transition to office and has questioned their conclusion that Russia meddled in the election to aid his candidacy. He called their assessment “ridiculous” and suggested that it had been politically motivated.

    After the disclosure of a dossier with unsubstantiated claims about him, Mr. Trump alleged that the intelligence agencies had allowed a leak of the material. “Are we living in Nazi Germany?” he asked in a post on Twitter.
    2. Mr. Trump said of his inauguration crowd,“It looked honestly like a million and a half people, whatever it was, it was, but it went all the way back to the Washington Monument.”

    Aerial photographs clearly show that the crowd did not stretch to the Washington Monument. An analysis by The New York Times, comparing photographs from Friday to ones taken of Barack Obama’s 2009 inauguration, showed that Mr. Trump’s crowd was significantly smaller and less than the 1.5 million people he claimed.
    3. Mr. Trump said that though he had been “hit by a couple of drops” of rain as he began his address on Inauguration Day, the sky soon cleared. “And the truth is, it stopped immediately, and then became sunny,” he said. “And I walked off, and it poured after I left. It poured.”

    The truth is that it began to rain lightly almost exactly as Mr. Trump began to speak and continued to do so throughout his remarks, which lasted about 18 minutes, and after he finished.

    4. “This was the largest audience to ever witness an inauguration — period — both in person and around the globe,” Mr. Spicer said.

    There is no evidence to support this claim. Not only was Mr. Trump’s inauguration crowd far smaller than Mr. Obama’s in 2009, but he also drew fewer television viewers in the United States (30.6 million) than Mr. Obama did in 2009 (38 million) and Ronald Reagan did in 1981 (42 million), Nielsen reported.
    5. Mr. Spicer said that Washington’s Metro system had greater ridership on Friday than it did for Mr. Obama’s 2013 inauguration. “We know that 420,000 people used the D.C. Metro public transit yesterday, which actually compares to 317,000 that used it for President Obama’s last inaugural,” Mr. Spicer said.

    Neither number is correct, according to the transit system, which reported 570,557 entries into the rail system on Friday, compared with 782,000 on Inauguration Day in 2013.
    6. Mr. Spicer said that “this was the first time in our nation’s history that floor coverings have been used to protect the grass on the Mall. That had the effect of highlighting any areas where people were not standing, while in years past the grass eliminated this visual.”

    In fact, similar coverings were used during the 2013 inauguration to protect the grass. The coverings did not hamper analyses of the crowd size.
    7. Mr. Spicer said that it was “the first time that fencing and magnetometers went as far back on the Mall, preventing hundreds of thousands of people from being able to access the Mall as quickly as they had in inaugurations past.”

    The Secret Service said security measures were largely unchanged this year. There were also few reports of long lines or delays.​

    SOURCE: http://www.msn.com/en-us/news/politics/white-house-pushes-‘alternative-facts’-here-are-the-real-ones/ar-AAm7yEL?li=BBmkt5R&ocid=spartanntp

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    White racists always making up their own terms for shit and people make them legitimate instead of calling them out on that fuck shit, example:

    Racist, KKK, Nazi, ass White Power Muthafuckas = Alternative Right (Alt-Right)

    Lies = Alternative Facts (Alt-Facts)

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    Precisely. Alternative Facts = Lies or, a Kellyanne!
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    Turning Alternative Facts (BIG ASS LIES) into Official Policy:

    Donald Trump’s indefensible claims of rampant
    voter fraud are now White House policy

    Technically, the proper way to describe claims of widespread voter fraud in
    the 2016 election is to state that there’s no evidence that it happened. Shortly
    after the election, we tallied up reports of in-person voter fraud that occurred
    last year and found a grand total of
    four examples. There is no evidence that
    there was fraud at any significant scale at all.

    Saying this, that there’s no evidence, is a hedge. We say it just in case
    somehow there emerges evidence that, indeed, hundreds of people registered
    to vote illegally and went to cast ballots. If we say it didn’t happen and then
    some evidence emerges, we are stuck. So we say “there’s no evidence” instead
    of “it didn’t happen.”

    That’s on the scale of hundreds of votes. On the scale of millions of alleged
    fraudulent votes, though? It didn’t happen. There’s not only no evidence that
    it did, it defies logic and it defies statistical analysis to insist that millions of
    votes were cast illegally in the 2016 election.

    SOURCE: https://www.washingtonpost.com/news/politics/wp/2017/01/24/donald-trumps-indefensible-claims-of-rampant-voter-fraud-are-now-white-house-policy/?utm_term=.ee99ee626ee7

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    Trump is President now. If he believes there was "widespread voter fraud" -- he has a
    duty to investigate. He now owns the Justice Department. Where are the subpoenas ???
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    I can't see the quoted pic/gif, can anyone else ???

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    into unsupported claims of voter fraud

    SEE ARTICLE @ Washington Post

    :lol: :lol: :lol::lol:


    Disclaimer: the cartoons expressed the message I was attempting to convey, Hillary's face/likeness thereupon notwithstanding.
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    Alternative Facts Are Just Big Ass Lies

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    Gregg Phillips: The man claiming 3m illegal votes

    Donald Trump and his aides say that between three and five million people voted illegally in the 2016 election. One man has emerged as the originator of that claim: Gregg Phillips.

    On Friday morning, President Trump's first tweet of the day read, "Look forward to seeing final results of VoteStand. Gregg Phillips and crew say at least 3,000,000 votes were illegal. We must do better!"

    Since taking office, the president and his staff, most notably press secretary Sean Spicer, have repeated claims of mass voter fraud and on Wednesday, Trump promised a "major investigation" in response.

    So where did this figure of three million illegal votes come from and who is Gregg Phillips?

    The man

    Phillips is a staunch conservative who began his work in government by campaigning for Mississippi Governor Kirk Fordice in the mid-1990s.

    He subsequently became head the Mississippi Department of Human Services, but resigned a year later over conflict-of-interest claims levelled against him. He next became the deputy commissioner for Texas' Health and Human Services, before leaving public life to found his own companies.

    Long-time Clarion-Ledger investigative reporter Jerry Mitchell says he is still known in political circles in Mississippi.

    "When I found out he was the one who [tweeted] this I was like, 'You're kidding me,'" says Mitchell. "Gregg has always been great at spinning things."

    Phillips did not return a request for comment from BBC News.

    The Associated Press reports that Phillips was listed on the voter rolls in Alabama, Texas and Mississippi, according to voting records and election officials in those states.

    But records show he voted only in Alabama in November.


    The claim

    Phillips is a board member of True the Vote, a conservative nonprofit that tracks voter fraud, and the owner of a technology company called AutoGov.

    One of his products, called VoteStand, is intended to help users "quickly report suspected election illegalities as they happen". The app lets people take photos of irregularities they see at polling places, and sends the report back to VoteStand.

    On 11 November, 2016, just days after the election, Phillips wrote on Twitter, "Completed analysis of database of 180 million voter registrations. Number of non-citizen votes exceeds 3 million. Consulting legal team."

    On 13 November, he clarified further: "We have verified more than three million votes cast by non-citizens."

    The claims were retweeted and liked thousands of times. They became the basis of an article on the conspiracy theory news site InfoWars.

    Later, Trump himself began tweeting that he would have won the popular vote, were it not for millions of illegal votes.

    When reporters first approached Phillips asking if he had influenced the president-elect's thinking, Phillips demurred.

    "When did a tweet become news?" he told the Austin American-Statesman.
    The proof

    Phillips says the figure is based on 189 million voting records he and "a group of volunteer election integrity researchers" have collected from voter files around the country.

    He further explained his methodology to CNN anchor Christopher Cuomo on Friday.

    "We've augmented that database with everything from geo-coding to all sort of identifying information we've developed, algorithms that allow us to to first verify identity," he told Cuomo.

    "We can verify residency, we can verify citizenship, felon status, and all of the other factors that go into making a legal, registered vote."

    But Phillips has repeatedly refused to show his work. He says he will reveal his raw data, his algorithm and his methodology to the public, and to the US Department of Justice.

    However, he says that the results may still contain errors, which is the reason for the delay. He says he may not release the information for "months".

    The doubts

    David Becker, executive director of the Center for Election Innovation and Research, says while he can't comment specifically on any of Phillips' claims, he does see a few red flags.

    While the kinds of voter rolls that Phillips says he has are public, Becker says there is no way they would be ready as soon as two days after the election, when Phillips originally tweeted his 3m figure.

    "Having done this and worked with other people who've done this, it would be very early to do a comprehensive study of all the voters who voted in November," says Becker. "The first reports are likely to come out in the spring."

    Becker concedes that there are major problems keeping voter registration rolls accurate - millions of deceased people, for example, remain registered, and millions others are registered in more than one state. But that does not mean that anyone actually voted improperly using the name of a dead person, or voted twice. (Several members of Trump's inner circle, including members of his family, are registered in two places, which is not illegal).

    Even without Phillips yet disclosing how he arrived at his figures, Jennifer Clark, counsel at the Brennan Center's Democracy Program, says that a finding of several million illegal votes will go against all other credible research so far.

    "This idea that there could be millions of fraudulent votes and truly nobody noticed, or there was some kind of vast conspiracy with election officials around the country, which is what it would take - it's not believable," she says.

    "It's laughable".

    SOURCE: http://www.bbc.com/news/world-us-canada-38774428


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    LOL! More Alternative Facts courtesy of Trumps master propagandist . . .


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    Truth makes a difference!!!!

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    Sweden mocks President Trump's remark about imaginary incident
    Sunday, February 19, 2017, 9:43 AM
    President Trump's remarkabout a major incident that never occurred.

    Trump, speaking Saturday in Florida, referred to the Scandinavian country while alluding to various terror attacks in Europe.

    "You look what's happening last night in Sweden, Sweden! Who would believe this — Sweden! They took in large numbers, they're having problems like they never thought possible," he said.

    Trump’s statement came after Fox News aired an interview with documentary filmmaker Ami Horowitz about a crime surge in the country, but the "last night" remark confused residents.

    Trump suggests Sweden troubled by refugees after Fox News report

    Donald Trump referred to Sweden while alluding to various terror attacks in Europe.
    The newspaperAftonbladettook the time to list everything that happened that night — in English — for Trump.

    Those incidents include a man setting himself on fire, singer Owe Thörnqvist having technical problems during a rehearsal, a man dying after a workplace accident, a road closure due to strong winds and snow, and a police chase through Stockholm.

    Former Swedish Prime Minister Carl Bildt criticized Trump on Twitter.

    "Sweden? Terror attack? What has he been smoking? Questions abound," Bildt wrote.

    Trump returns to campaign form with rally-style speech in Florida

    Many social media users wondered whether the Muppet character Swedish Chef was involved in the incident — perhaps a kitchen disaster?

    View image on Twitter
    [​IMG]Neil Macdougall@DougallChops

    BREAKING NEWS. Swedish police have released picture of the man sought for the terror attack#lastnightinsweden#swedenincident#TrumpRally

    5:52 AM - 19 Feb 2017
    Others poked fun at Sweden's greatest creations, including the pop music group ABBA and furniture store IKEA.

    President Trump is a religious fanatic who will destroy usMatthew McConaughey says country needs to ‘embrace’ TrumpPresident Trump exhibits classic signs of mental illness: shrinksPresident Trump, Melania perform 'painful' first inaugural danceBoy, 12, charged with capital murder in slaying of Ark. womanTrump has bad day in office as he scraps his schedule
    View image on Twitter
    [​IMG]Tony Posnanski@tonyposnanski

    Authorities found four people safe in the Sweden Incident who have been missing since the 70s.#SwedenIncident

    7:59 AM - 19 Feb 2017
    View image on Twitter
    [​IMG]Liora Yukla@LiogaYukla

    Uncovered: the plans for the terrorist attack in#Swedenlast night. RT because the fake news MSM wont report it!#swedenincident

    3:59 AM - 19 Feb 2017
    Trump's statement was also drawing scrutiny in the United States.

    Chelsea Clinton made sure to reference another imaginary incident devised by the Trump team.

    "What happened in Sweden Friday night? Did they catch theBowling Green Massacreperpetrators?" she wrote on Twitter.

    With News Wire Services

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    Adam Zyglis Copyright 2018 Cagle Cartoons
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