Elon Musk reaches deal to buy Twitter for $44B - First looks at X TV, which could be a competitor to YouTube


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Onlyfan girls pissed

"Elon Musk is doing a disservice for not letting NSFW creators join the monetization of this app when we literally keep people on this app. Just saying"


Hey Julian!

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:dunno: Bluesky, Reddit,Pornhub
I don’t even know what the first is and I’m sure by the nature of Reddit and Pornhub they won’t be see even a quarter of the traffic that they get on Twitter. These dummies forget that Twitter is the main space for them to advertise theit OF’s. It’s literally an ad for their own content. That hoe is brain dead.

gene cisco

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If these 2 rich bitches do the shit, why in theeeee fuck would they get fat-face Dana involved? Shit, I'd rather them do this fight as the first as they launch a competitor to the UFC.

Give a fuck about the politics of any of these grifters. Just entertain me. Shit, they been doing it with their platforms and all the partisans they got in their feelings. :lol: