Bezos Side Piece

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    He was married and banging this on the side. It reminds me of Cosby's wife, where they have to suffer through the infidelity and are powerless to stop it.

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    The National Inquirer dug deep into this fool. Exposed him for what I knew all along a fraud. Bezos and his wife setup a 2 billion non profit for the homeless. He claims they was planning a divorce.

    The wife is complicit in covering his misdeeds to protect their empire similar to Camille Cosby.
  3. jagu

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    For $150B, I'm sure she hoped he would cheat and get caught.
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  5. Helico-pterFunk

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  6. gene cisco

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    With all that money, Bezo about to start his own Dubai. He ain't about to be tied down by a sidepiece after 25 years of marriage. It's like he's getting out the bing.

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    These men mentally abuse their women with their infidelity.
  8. yaBoi

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    damn what he do to you.. cancel your amazon prime membership ?
  9. dasmybikepunk

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    Fail...that pussy bout as regular as a jar of Hellman's, no way it's worth 50 billion +:smh:o_O:smh:
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  11. stickyfingerz

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    You sound like a jilted bitch.... ijs
  12. Mrfreddygoodbud

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    you WAHLIN right now... these women ESPECIALLY beckys that come from a certain

    tax bracket... they are fuckin trained on how to suck shit up, when dealin with power...
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    that side chick came up... even if she signs a pre-nup he gonna hit her off with nothing less than five milly…

    and that's five milly more than what that bitch had before she started pickin her teeth with his
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  14. darius_janus

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  15. Helico-pterFunk

    Helico-pterFunk Well-Known Member BGOL Legendánchez

    Lauren Wendy Sánchez (born December 19, 1969) is an Emmy Award winning American news anchor, entertainment reporter, media personality, actress, producer, pilot and entrepreneur. Sanchez is a frequent guest host on The View, former co-host on KTTV Fox-11's Good Day LA, the station's Ten o'clock News, as well as anchor and special correspondent on Extra. Sánchez has also been a regular contributor on shows including Larry King Live, The Joy Behar Show and Showbiz Tonight.

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    LOL, The women know they will have to be with a weak beta male if they leave like you, so they take the abuse of their man who is unfaithful.
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  17. stickyfingerz

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    leave like me???? how do I leave???:dunno: why would a woman leave like me? this shit makes no sense.

    you are a jilted bitch:lol: ya man you poured ya heart out too & most likely ran behind for years had a better lookin bitch with a wetter & tighter pussy than the one you have, has left an unremoveable scar on your heart. :lol::roflmao::roflmao2: sucks to be you!
    get some counseling.

    I've never known shit about being a bete male. Im sure ya father or uncle could better explain their beta or beta alpha status to you. .:dunno:
    Carry on.
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    Hopefully this chick will realize she is just transitional pussy
  19. playahaitian

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    I thought it was the same chick, the wife and mistress look alike
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  20. Mr. Met

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    Look at them scars.

    The richest man on the planet sent a basic middle aged build-a-bitch dick pics?:smh:

    Lauren Sanchez 'boasted to friends about her affair with Jeff Bezos’

  21. yaBoi

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    i thought the same thing
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  22. saundman

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    Looks like she must swallows
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    Bezos game corny af
  24. Winslow Wong

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    These rich women are living a life that 99.999999999% of the world will never live and the Judeo-Christian concept of fidelity/infidelity means little to them - they all realize that its part of deal being married to a powerful man.

    The abuse is not the men but the puritanicall public and media that wags their finger and says oh he is married and he is out with another woman, what a bad guy. Its really sad on how we want to get into other people's business and bedroom. As long as he isnt forcing employees to suck his dick to keep their job, i dgaf.
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  25. mangobob79

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    the sidepiece has a whole story u guys really need to check out ! NO JOKE !! she's a conniving serial social climber who used to date black celebs for a comeup
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  26. mangobob79

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    whats the point of all that money if u cant get top from the secretary or random gold diggin whores? :roflmao: thsi feminazi shit is gettin crazy , a man starves himself and kills himself to build his empire just to marry some chick and now he will lose all that if he gets top from the maid?
  27. BitchI'llKillYa

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    Trump did this.

    Best believe
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  28. p5ych3

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    he's a nerd and this is probably the first latin chick gave him play. he should have played the field some more.
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  29. spider705

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    When I fuck her I'm poking holes in the condom

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  30. Ballatician

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    If I’m correct, ex-wife held him down and her parents invested in the company in the beginning when no one would.
  31. 2 ONE 3

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    Yea she was fucking with D. Fisher in the early 00's

    Got mad when he wouldn't marry her
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  32. gdatruth

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    dont think any side piece is worth 10 plus figures
  33. M3MD

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    $5 mil? That man is worth $130 billion and they're main home is in a 'common law' state and you think $5 mil is the line in the sand?

    Oh boy

  34. 55th View

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    Hell yeah. This nigga must have confused billion w/ million. He bout to come up off some real dough. Plus, i think they were together for a minute, so this bitch was in it for the long haul. She aint leaving w/ shit in the millions, bruh.
  35. A to Dah K

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    He said the side piece
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