Beyond the Pole - New Stripper TV Show

Discussion in 'Blackgirl Online' started by slam, Jan 4, 2019.

  1. slam

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    “Beyond the Pole” showcases some of Atlanta’s most famous strippers. Although the series is about strippers the message is more important. What’s your life “Beyond the Pole”?
    And what better person than ex-stripper and now self-made millionaire Coach Stormy Wellington (a.k.a. Pitbull in a skirt), to guide the girls to financial freedom.

    check da trap if u wanna watch it....:yes:


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  2. big enos burrnet

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    look here a few years a go a close female cousin was a supervisor of a call center in doraville ...and she told me of all these hoe's and dudes she has
    to fire on a weekly she told me when i come down to visit make it my business to come up to her job for lunch and keep in mind she was the
    supervisor on the afternoon shift...and when i got down there all i saw was ex strippers and thirsty dudes chasing them and cuz was like you see this
    shit,all these strippers and getting out of the game dont have no clue on how to conduct then self's in an actual working environment,she go's on to
    say that the building was wired with cameras and on the regular she will catch them showing there tits and pussy to there male co-workers and they love
    to keep up shit all day long...and let me tell you they was all strapped and hood as fuck...
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  3. 55th View

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    Nigga, they lost me the minute I saw Yung Joc and Lyfe Jennings in advisory roles.


    Oh I'mma watch, but it definitely aint gon be to learn shit! I got 1 job...
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  4. Helico-pterFunk

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    How much nudity is included? Thanks in advance.


    A concerned potential viewer.
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  5. slam

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    reviews....? 2 eps out...


  6. pookie

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    Shits trash, they did a pole dancing class, all of them had clothes with their asses all out but them they tied shirts around their waist so you couldn’t see it. I’ve been following that Ms. Dime chick on Instagram for years and started watching it because of her and she wasn’t even in the first episode. I’ll keep watching because they have stripclub scenes coming up but the show isn’t that good
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