Barack Obama Slams Call-Out Culture, Says 'That's Not Activism'


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Barack Obama doesn't want to hear about your outrage -- not if it's just on Twitter -- because he believes a society that's judgmental to the max is one that doesn't make it better.

The former President called out the current "woke" culture -- especially on social media -- while speaking Tuesday at the Obama Foundation Summit in Chicago. Obama's big point ... everything is not black and white in this world, and people make mistakes.

He told the audience ... "The world is messy. There are ambiguities. People who do really good stuff have flaws," and said the idea that everyone should be pure and perfect all the time needs to go away.

Barack added a hypothetical example of getting on Twitter and calling someone out for doing or saying something wrong, and then sitting back and feeling satisfied about it.

44 says that's not activism and it's not enough to bring change, or as he puts it ... "If all you’re doing is casting stones, you’re probably not going to get that far."



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I remember when Barack Obama tried to cut a deal with Republicans to cut social security. Of course he'd say that.

I remember when Barack Obama had the biggest grassroots organization in American history and intentionally sabotaged it, ceding activist space to what would become the tea party. He's in a position to lecture on activism?

Best president in the last 50 years, easily. But he squandered much opportunity and belongs more to the past than the present.


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Of course he is. The latter actually did work to progress the lives of millions of so-called blacks and actually delivered on the hope the change he preached. The former only catered to the white elites, immigrants and LGBT.

BO is different than Bill Cosby. They chide your inane behavior, then comes the crab assing. You can't even take lip service from folks you once admired.

Stop crying and heed the message.


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He's right,

Fire hoses, German Shepherd, police baton, pepper spray, and other weapons vs carpal tunnel syndrome and nerd neck.
Obama is right.

But fuck all that marching shit. Those days are done. A bunch of people gathering around singing We Shall Overcome won't upend anything. Time to mobilize via economics, politics and outwardly embrace of the second amendment. Watch the shit pop off then....