Ayisha visits Virginia State... Laddamerci....


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Soo...Mike Vick cant take pic with a fansno more ?

Or better yet, a model cant take a pic with their fans no more ?

Some of y'all are just strait IGNANT !!...smh

Just enjoy the pics and STOP bitching.. lol
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Wasup Perfect Shots? This is Dzine. If yall are still in town y'all should come to my new spot. What yall been up too?


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Regardless - This picture made me feel some kind of way that it wasn't my hands.



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Geez dude...:smh:
After what; 8 years, you're STILL trying to pimp this poor girl out...? :smh:
Let it go already...:hmm:
Yeah he's getting more annoying than that cat who post one pics all over the place