9 Books Every Black Man Needs to Read


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“The Two Babylons”? Thei most important book on religious practices and spirituality in the past 200 years
It maybe its been a while I forgot what I suggested

But chea

The two babylons

Is a must for those that want to get an idea on the origins of Catholic church..


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Great thread...don't know how I missed it

I have a lot of the aforementioned books in my library - "The isis papers" , "why should white guys have all the fun", "new jim crow", "wretched of the earth" books by chancellor williams, Na'im akbar, J.A Rogers, John henrik clarke, Ivan van sertima etc. but definitely gonna peep some other titles recommended in here, especially that David Goggins book...he's been popping up in my space for a while now

other ones i'd recommend

Not specifically black focused...but beneficial to switch our mindset and forge a path outside of what's expected/taught in our school systems

to understand sistas and shit they have to endure