69 Year Old Ms. Parker Still Teasing Niggas On Friday's


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Y'all tripping. DESTRUCTION and going R-A-W too. I'm emptying the tank in her off GP alone!!!


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I'm not mad at Miss Parker at all. She could damn show still get it and I would not have a problem telling me about it. I have love cougars forever

I talked to her cousin about eight years ago oh, I bought some products from his business at my job. Her uncle was one of the Tuskegee Airmen


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Man some of yall cats wild... That lady has PLENTY money to live a comfortable life at 69... Shit she still living off The Price Is Right checks. She is NOT disparate for cash.


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Pammy?! Nooooooooo..

She look like one of them vampires from dusk till dawn now.


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Nah.... I mean Ms. Parker doesn't look bad for 69 in the face or what I see of the titties(not knowing what she has going on bra-wise) but she moves like a old lady(rightfully) and I can't go there. I'm not a youngster myself, but I'm far from that stage.


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SHIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIT!!!! I would walk into Ms. Parker's bedroom on my Big Daddy Kane shit, "Here I am, R A W", because that's exactly how I would go up in her.

It ain't like she can get pregnant .
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With some soft lights, do the thing then ease out before sunup, you've had OK night.

These young cats making these wise cracks on these "seasoned chicks" don't know. That damn calendar has got some shit for their asses too.