69 Year Old Ms. Parker Still Teasing Niggas On Friday's

Black A. Camus

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Damn.... She still trying to eat off that tiny ass role from that movie from over 20 years ago:smh: MOVE ON!!!!!!
You know that small movie role was one of the greatest moments in her life. You know shes already made arrangements to have "aka Ms. Parker " engraved on her headstone. Let her have it.

And what proof do we have that shes selling pussy. All I see is an older woman who is prideful of her beauty being coquettish--like most woman are.


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I’d knock dust off that pusssyyy!!!!
Ain't no dust on that pussy...believe that...LOL

I don't think that Pussy has dust. Plenty of Dust Busters like me willing to provide service ...
Just what I said.

Right on, write on!!

If she's doing that shit at 70, I can only imagine how a 2hr conversation would be like?? I would rather watch hosta's bloom!!
And that's your problem....who said anything about talking....how much talking did she do in the movie??? Exactly!!!