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LOL, Bruh that WR needs to just quit football right now, LOL
There's a reason why he went undrafted, dude can't even beat a press
Thats the WR Grant Cohn kept saying looked bad, b/c he kept slipping/falling (Austin Watkins)

Deommodore Lenoir is just a dawg, LOL
Out there looking like a young Jalen Ramsey
Everything was within 5 yards, so perfectly legal
The only concerns I have...
If he continues that downfield, he's going to get a lot of holding and PI calls
What if he misses the jam & the WR blows by him
Does Lenoir have enough recovery speed to catch up

And on a side note: Ambry Thomas was out there looking almost like Deon Sanders
Right up on ninjas hip pocket all day long
Dude ran something crazy like a 4.33 40, at his proday
So he can keep up with damn near anyone in the league
Between these two locking shit down, Trey Lance had to keep checking it down to the RB's, LOL

Just put Lenoir on the slower possession WR's like Kendrick Bourne
And put Ambry on the fast/quick WR's like Brandon Aiyuk

:cool: :cool: :cool:
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Trey will get coached up and they will tweak those overstriding mechanics. If thats his weakness and decision making is his strength thats the element we need.

Yeah, Trey might need to sit on the bench for 1 year though
He still needs to work on his mechanics/accuracy
And also he needs time to learn that playbook

1. When we drafted Kaepernick, it got Alex Smith to step up
2. When the Chiefs drafted Mahomes, it got Alex to step up again
3. When the Packers drafted Jordan Love, it got Aaron Rogers to step up

Jimmy G needs to step da fuck up and ball out this year too :hmm:
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Its not a 9ers offseason, until someone gets put on IR
Every cot damn year man, like clockwork
Somebody will tear an ACL or Achilles !!!

We probably should bring in safety Tre Boston
Oh and did y'all hear about Jeff Wilson too?
This team is cursed man I swear

:sick::sick::sick::sick::sick::sick: :sick:
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My 49ers Brothers,

How's everyone is doing??..It's time!!..It's Football Season once again!!...I hope this season will be very good to us and we will get back on track!!..

Also, I heard that Trey Lance didn't sign his Rookie Contract yet??..What's going on with that?..He needs to be in camp right now!!

Let's go 49ers!!


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Won't be any growing pains.
Kyle literally dials up the offense so that the qb can go in there and succeed every damn down
like kyle for real draws the best plays out there for the qb its crazy

so yes
can't wait until preseason

jimmy is still jimmy
he's still heistant he's still a liability he's still trying to figure things out he's still trying to not throw behind people he still doesn't have an arm


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49ers Coast 2 Coast: Instant Reaction to Day 4 of Training Camp
**** Sounds like good Jimmy and bad Jimmy made an appearance today ****

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