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You........when ya wife is making 6 figures......


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Is the few replies that you're going to get worth you looking and sounding so IGNORANT?
Life is about perspective. Where is the vantage point of your opinion?

If y'all know sistas making $100k, are you even interested in knowing the wages of your racial counterparts? Or does not matter since y'all got yalls?

The median income for black women working full-time is just under 40k/yr, for black men it's 43k/yr.
I think responses should use this quote as a basis for a sincere dialogue.

If blacks in NYC make up 22 percent of the workforce yet only 7 percent in certain well-paying industries, how can the NYC-based posters claim...
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How peon cats operate...:lol:
That part. I don't bow. My woman wouldn't do that if I made 6 figures nor would I expect her to. It's 50/50 yin/yang regardless of who's the earner

If I make 6 figures, she's still expecting me to take out the trash and cut the grass. I'm still expecting her to do a lot of the cooking

I may be in the minority but I didnt find this funny...but I did find her lack of hygiene...expected
Over 100,000 Movies ❤ 420,00 Scenes with Previews ❤ Try it for $2.99