Writer comedian Paul Mooney passes away at 79 of heart attack


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No question about Paul Mooney's talent as a writer and performer but I had a problem with his sometimes mean spirited, over the top, way too personal comedic bits directed at people.. I can recall him reducing Tracie Ellis Ross to tears over his five minute long embarrassing take down, or should I say put down, of her mother. Sometimes you can just go too far and Mooney late in his career often did. :hmm:


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I was fortunate to see him live when he was touring at the improv in Houston...

VERY funny in person, VERY grounded, VERY real with his comedy and insights... dude had them white folks in they feelings from the beginning... told them straight up "this ain't Chappelle Show" and proceeded to get in they ass so bad a few got up and walked out with him badgering them the entire time...

Legend is almost an understatement for this guy... and I'm glad I got to see him in person


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I "Choose to believe" that at the Prime table of the council comprising all of our ancestors, that Brother Paul Mooney, has had a seat set aside in reservation for his arrival!!! Rest in Praise, Power, and Peace!!!

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I knew it was imminent, I just never wanted it to be “today.”

He had been suffering from either early onset Alzheimer’s or Parkinson’s for a couple of years now.

Man, the ancestors just gained a LEGEND!

He connected all the great comedic dots.
yeah and prostate cancer