Woman giving birth under water

Discussion in 'Sistas Online' started by MASTERBAKER, Jun 27, 2009.


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  2. onyxfemme

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    Cool vid!

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  4. OnSlaught

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    Very ethereal vid...

    I want my future wife to give birth to my child/children in water. It's a natural transition. That was cool that the dolphin was there to bless the child...;):cool:
  5. UrBoSS

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    Is this the best way to give birth?? Apparently it's more comfortable for the woman bc the water is soothing. A lot of hospitals offer jacuzzi births now...
  6. melonpecan

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    Uh...I'll pass...

    ...when I first saw this on TLC a few years back it turned me off from having children...it did not look that pretty...
  7. UrBoSS

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    I personally don't child birth is that pretty, period. I understand it's a "beautiful" thing to have children but when you see it all happening...:puke:

    Am I just young or am I right????
  8. melonpecan

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    Mostly, from the position of the mother you don't see the nastiness. But yea it's there. And pushing the placenta out makes you feel the nastiness though you can't see it, (cause your legs in the air).

    It's a beautiful thing, but though it's nasty the mother doesn't really get nasty after the fact. I mean you get clean, junk gets pushed out- long as you don't need stitches you good to go in a couple of days...
  9. UrBoSS

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    Yea of course...I'm scared to death of giving birth. Is it mandatory that they cut that part between ur cooch n ass or is that only if necessary?? Just thinking about that gives me chills. As much as I want to experience natural birth, I'd opt for a C section
  10. Brother Blues

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    My wife,who is a mid-wife has done many water births....none with dolphins.
  11. melonpecan

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    They only cut that if there are problems with the baby coming out like if they turned the wrong way. Sometimes there might be tearing of the cooch but if you're lucky and got an epidural you won't feel it when they stitch you up- that much. Feels like a pin prick. The epidural works wonders btw...

    Did it natural too, (or about as natural as you can get. What ever drug they gave me 'to take the edge off' didn't do shit), and the actual pushing wasn't bad, it was the contractions. Just imagine taking a really big shit...

    You really have nothing to fear. :D
  12. P.L.

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  13. UrBoSS

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    I thought they had to do that. If I don't feel shit I'm good, with my luck drugs wont work lol. I never had a weak stomach for blood n stuff like that but when I seen childbirth :eek::puke:

    :lol: this ive heard
  14. ShortyCumStain

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    When I was a jit it used to get me on hard to watch women givin' birth on A Baby Story. :D
  15. TBone

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    nice bush she got there
  16. sean69

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    Finally mustered up the courage to come in this thread.
    Watched the vid for approximately 3 femtoseconds ...


    WTF kinda sick ass prego-ponic aquatically disgusting shit is this?

  17. DeSiRe

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    what the hell was flipper doing there:confused::lol:
  18. swiftandsilent

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  19. melonpecan

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    MOST normal people don't do this.

    And before you say something I am normal. :hmm:

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