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Webster's Dictionary 1828

AMER'ICAN, adjective Pertaining to America.
AMER'ICAN, noun A native of America; originally applied to the aboriginals, or copper-colored races, found here by the Europeans; but now applied to the descendants of Europeans born in America.
The name American must always exalt the pride of patriotism. - Washington

Everything you see when you walk outside your door was stolen from the copper colour people and given a colonist name as inventor.. These colonist didnt come to these america's and start inventing and coming up with world changing inventions and inventing all these sports we watch..

The first clue... When this colony or colonist allowed these white people to pay $5 to assume our identities..

Question Everything and Believe Nothing!!

Weve been lied to, mislead, miseducated, to keep our people from ever uniting and snapping outta this illusion!!!