Wesley Pipes...Need I say more?

Discussion in 'Blackgirl Online' started by flava4u, Sep 9, 2007.

  1. flava4u

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  3. Co-Sign.
  4. RoadRage

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    You sound like you are really really into Male porn stars!
    Buddy, I think you may have log on to the wrong forum!
    :smh: :smh: :smh:
  5. u0me1

    u0me1 Truth, Even When I Lie.

    Damn, I was hopin' to read that he had died!
    WTF wrong wit you? :angry:

    :hmm: [​IMG]
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  6. gameboy

    gameboy Well-Known Member BGOL Investor

    what's really gay is that you had to identify wesley pipes by his dick or his voice,,, because i didn't notice a pic or vid of wesley pipes on either of those links,,, not that i was looking for him either,,, but you were, so i could be wrong,,, :confused:
  7. Brother Blues

    Brother Blues Deceased - Nov. 4, 2015 BGOL Legend

    :smh: Perhaps he's a former cellmate of Pipes....
  8. lightbright

    lightbright Well-Known Member BGOL Investor

    Funny thing is no, you don't need to say more....that fukkin ninja can talk enuff for everyone in the industry.... :hmm:
  9. flava4u

    flava4u Member BGOL Investor

    I think I do need to say more :hmm: :hmm: ... notice I said listen to the different clips, it is a given your goning watch (human nature). The issue was to listen to what I would consider (also by many on this board) Wesley sh*t talking in movies. This was a classic example of that. Why is it for the least thing that happens on this board, someone want to call you gay? :confused: :smh: :confused: :smh: He sneezed... are you gay? :smh: :confused: :smh: What the f*ck is that? I don't think we come to this borad to find out who is gay, so cut that the sh*t short, later for that.
  10. Ming Fei Hong

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  11. Makkonnen

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  12. Brother Blues

    Brother Blues Deceased - Nov. 4, 2015 BGOL Legend

    Naw,don't wish death on Pipes...he's safely tucked away in a cell these days.
    So all porn HOs are safe as is our screens from his annoying ass...

    Just think,he probably in the joint spitting new lines,gathering material...just wait until he gets out...he'll have the number one rap CD,the top selling porn movie and a new line of clothes all at the same time.

    Yeah,Wesley will be king...or maybe not.
  13. shanebp1978

    shanebp1978 Moderator Super Moderator

    This thread is much like this picture:



  14. stickmanX

    stickmanX Well-Known Member BGOL Investor

    yes you need to say more like maybe why the fuck you think we wanna hear or see anything remotely related to this nigga

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