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    Just like everything else on this platform, it starts off small, perhaps almost unnoticeable until they dig deeper and make a LARGER IMPACT. Fast Food Critics & Competitive Eaters alike have been contacting me over the last few months and now it is just time to address the madness from a platform once beloved by us all. I remember once asking during a YouTube Event as to why we do not have a FOOD category on this platform? The response was, "Because that is not what brings the biggest audience" - I can sit here and showcase MANY a Food Related Channels that do bring a large audience but that is neither here nor there. My channel has been hit YEARS ago and that is also when I started going outside of this platform to continue my passion. Working with TV Networks, Radio and Hosting Events most definitely helped to make this Food Life a bit more interesting but my plan was to keep on pumping out Food Reviews here for the SOLID Foodie Fam that truly stuck around to see what I was up to next. MANY CREATORS have felt the changes of YouTube and MANY MORE will come to feel these changes. 2018 will DESTROY even more content creators but all the same, until true competition comes about; YouTube will not budge as to how they deal with us and so it is what it is, regardless HOW we feel about it. Talk until you turn blue, when you are looked at as only another number........ your voice falls upon deaf ears. The ONLY time YouTube made changes was to satisfy the MAJOR COMPANIES that were pulling out AND THAT IS WHERE THE DEMISE OF THE CREATORS TRULY BEGAN. COMMENT AS TO HOW YOU WOULD LIKE TO SEE MY VIDEOS IN THE FUTURE...2018 WILL BRING ABOUT MANY CHANGES.

    SHORT FORM / FAST FOOD REVIEWS ARE NOW ON MY NEW CHANNEL: DAYM DROPS TV: - SUBSCRIBE TODAY. http://bit.ly/DaymDropsTV You all have been amazing with my original "We're being shut down" video, which can be found here:Since that video, a few things have changed but what is MOST IMPORTANT is that from MANY RESPONSES and thank each and every last one of you that had reached out to me directly, I see things different and am clear on what THIS CHANNEL needs to become. So I will STILL have my long format Food Reviews here but each week, I will address YouTube directly with one of your issues that is being ignored. i want for you to send me your situation to: teamdaym@yahoo.com and if I can help you, I will but ultimately, we will talk about it right here and bring light to a situation that many are probably going through in hopes we can get the ear of YouTube and see some changes!
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    YouTube holds all the cards! This is my Burger King Food Review that I dropped earlier today but none of you were even notified about: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Vmart...

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    No....This is NOT me saying that I am leaving.....They have tossed my channel into the YT Cemetery but I will still toss out content from time to time. At least 30 of y'all will be able to watch it...The rest can watch all of my videos over here: http://www.daymdrops.tv

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    Good luck to Daym.
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    Dis nigga stay talking bout how YouTube jerkin him.create your own website dude.
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    I just saw this nigga in a Burger King commercial.

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