Was Slavery a System of Psychological Conditioning of WS?

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    Most people think of slavery as almost like a prison like system of oppression where your movements are restricted. It seems like it was actually a psychological conditioning of inferiority and dominance, mixed in with some terrorism (the ability of whites to kill you at anytime for any reason). Slaves had more freedom of movement to hunt and sell goods in town. They could visit their families on another plantation as need be.

    Does anybody have any history on the day to day living of slavery? Are we slaves today?
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    An 1850 publication provided slaveholders with guidance on how to produce the "ideal slave":
    1. Maintain strict discipline and unconditional submission.
    2. Create a sense of personal inferiority, so that slaves "know their place."
    3. Instill fear.
    4. Teach servants to take interest in their master's enterprise.
    5. Deprive access to education and recreation, to ensure that slaves remain uneducated, helpless, and dependent.
    It was not about standing over a group of people with a gun on a horse all day. It was a mental slavery of fear, inferiority, depriving knowledge.
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    Don't get twisted and/or go off on a tangent about what slavery in AmeriKKKa was about. It was a human meat grinder; a 200+ year prolonged version of what Hitler & the Nazis did to the Jews in Europe in less than 10 years.


    Narrative from the video above starts @ 1:20-

    "....A slave entered the world in a one room dirt floor shack, drafty in winter, reeking in summer. Slave cabins breed typhus, pneumonia, cholera, lockjaw, tuberculosis. A child who survived to be sent to the fields at 12 was likely to have rotten teeth, worms, dysentery, and malaria. Fewer than four slaves out of 100 lived to age sixty. Work began at sunrise and continued 14 hours, unless there was a full moon when the work continued longer...."
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    Whenever I come across someone attempting to rationalize slavery, I always wonder WHY ???

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    I am seeing all the elements of slavery today, except the physical abuse. They are definitely using surveillance associated with technology to their advantage.

    It also looks like they gave a higher status to other blacks and used them to keep us in slavery. Seeing somebody that looks like you supporting your captivity must have been horrible.

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