Venezuela Coup update thread

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    I am going through a similar situation in the US, where all domestic norms have been abandoned to basically steal from me. When they start rambling nonsense, and inventing reasons to steal from you, you have to cut everything off and deal with other people.

    It is about greed and white supremacist ideology that does not acknowledge your right to own a natural resource that can be sold to them. I don't understand why countries engage in trade with the West no matter how lucrative it appears. I did a write up on how African countries traded slaves with Europeans who eventually showed up with their military to colonize.

    Many of these countries make the fatal mistake of setting up grand socialist programs from selling oil. What they should've done with the oil money is expand domestic manufacturing. Some of these oil rich countries will manufacture less than 10%.
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    Can you edit the thread to: Venezuela Coup Update thread
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