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TV Upfronts 2017..... New TV Show Trailer Thread... (ON GOING)


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I bet that's stunt casting, and Michelle Yeoh's character gets merked in the pilot..then for the rest of the series SMG is 1st officer to Jason Isaacs's captain character
yeah i geuss. but still im seeing her in everything now. came a long way since ''heroic trio'' lol


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It amazes me at the shit that get green lit. Bunch of coonery, remakes and half baked Black folk.

That Mayor shit is garbage, he going to rap his way into office and did you notice he does not have a father just a mom? more propaganda.

That Crossing is nothing more than the 400 and the Event in one show but it probably the most interesting out of all the shows. That X-Men Gifted seems good but i have a rule, no Black folk I don't watch.


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Did i see dude who played Clay Davis at one point in the trailer..? would be funny if,once everything starts happening he says"Shhiiiitttt.." at some point :lol:

They said CBS dumped this because it wasn't up to their standards. Looks like Netflix snatched it up though
It's airing on Netflix in Canada and overseas.. in the U.S its on CBS All Access (i guess you mean the network CBS dumped it)
Over 100,000 Movies ❤ 420,00 Scenes with Previews ❤ Try it for $2.99