Trump's Worst White Supremacist KKK Federal Judicial Nomination

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    Trump’s Terrible Choice for Judge

    Trump's Worst White Supremacist KKK Federal Judicial Nomination

    Thomas Alvin Farr, a protégé of virulent racist Jesse Helms


    By Dr.WILLIAM BARBER II |DEC. 26,2017 |

    GOLDSBORO, N.C. — Among President Trump’s worrisome nominees to the judiciary, perhaps none is as alarming as Thomas Alvin Farr, a protégé of Jesse Helms, the former North Carolina senator, and a product of the modern white supremacist machine that Mr. Helms pioneered.

    Mr. Farr, nominated to serve on the United States District Court for the Eastern District of North Carolina, began his career as counsel for Mr. Helms’s Senate campaigns, where he participated in racist tactics to intimidate African-American voters. This alone is reason to reject his nomination, as is his apparent lying on the topic to the Senate Judiciary Committee. But Mr. Farr’s connections to Mr. Helms’s white supremacist causes and political network go much deeper.

    Having lived in North Carolina since childhood, I know Mr. Helms’s racist legacy and I hold no doubts that Mr. Farr perpetuates it. An unabashed segregationist, Mr. Helms was affiliated with the Council of Conservative Citizens, an outgrowth of the White Citizens’ Councils that promoted white supremacy. Mr. Helms, who served in the Senate for 30 years, used his honorable seat to support the apartheid regime in South Africa while opposing desegregation, civil rights legislation and the creation of the Martin Luther King’s Birthday holiday in this country. Mr. Helms also belittled Carol Moseley Braun, the only black senator at the time, by singing “Dixie” to her in the Senate elevator.

    Mr. Farr’s former law partner, Thomas Ellis, was Mr. Helms’s top deputy for decades. He also served as a director of the Nazi-inspired, pro-eugenics Pioneer Fund and used funding from that organization to create and bankroll a network of interlocking organizations to support Mr. Helms and other political candidates who espoused the notion of a superior white race and opposed civil rights.

    Together, Mr. Helms, Mr. Ellis, and their protégé Mr. Farr unleashed a huge propaganda machine that incited hostility toward African-Americans.

    Mr. Farr served as a lead counsel to Mr. Helms’s 1990 Senate campaign, which ran the now-infamous “White Hands” TV television ad, designed to inflame white voter anxiety over Mr. Helms’s black opponent, Harvey Gantt. It showed a pair of white hands balling up a rejection letter while a voice said: “You needed that job and you were the best qualified. But they had to give it to a minority because of a racial quota.” The same campaign also sent more than 100,000 intimidating postcards to North Carolinians, most of whom were blacks eligible to vote, wrongly suggesting they were ineligible and warning that they could be prosecuted for fraud if they tried to cast ballots.

    Mr. Farr represented the Helms campaign in 1984, when it circulated photos of his opponent, Gov. Jim Hunt, with African-American leaders in an attempt to foster white resentment. The racist nature of that campaign was so pronounced that a federal court cited it as an example of how bigotry in elections continued to flourish in North Carolina politics.

    A straight line runs from the racial polarization inflamed for decades by Mr. Helms and his political machine to the re-emergence of violent white supremacists in the past year in places like Charlottesville, Va.

    When Mr. Farr graduated from law school, Mr. Helms and Mr. Ellis brought him into their fold. Mr. Farr joined the small law firm of Maupin, Taylor & Ellis, where all of the named partners were openly hostile to civil rights. Mr. Farr followed those lawyers to other firms and maintained a close collaboration with Mr. Ellis for at least 34 years. Mr. Farr disclosed on his Senate Judiciary Committee questionnaire that he spoke “in honor of” Mr. Ellis as recently as 2007. And over decades of association with Mr. Helms and Mr. Ellis, he never publicly denounced or even faintly criticized their notorious racism and belief in white superiority.

    To the contrary, Mr. Farr worked closely with Mr. Ellis to represent Mr. Helms’s agenda in court. Significantly, he represented several of the Helms entities that received large donations from the Pioneer Fund, including the Coalition for Freedom.

    Most recently, Mr. Farr has carried on Mr. Helms’s legacy by helping North Carolina’s Republican-led Legislature create and defend in court discriminatory voting restrictions and electoral districts, which were eventually struck down by numerous federal courts that found them to be motivated by intentional racism. In fact, the United States Court of Appeals for the Fourth Circuit found that the state’s 2013 voter suppression law was aimed at blacks with “almost surgical precision.”

    African-Americans seeking to have their rights protected under federal law have much to fear if Mr. Farr takes the bench. This is particularly the case in the Eastern District of North Carolina, which covers an area where about half of the state’s African-American residents live and is often referred to as its Black Belt. The Eastern District has not had a black judge in its 145-year history. President Barack Obama’s attempts to desegregate this federal bench were obstructed by Senator Richard Burr, Republican of North Carolina, who blocked the vote on two highly qualified female African-American nominees and who now supports Mr. Farr’s nomination to the Eastern District.

    Senators from both sides of the aisle must condemn the experience Mr. Farr brings with him. Having practiced white supremacy for decades, Mr. Farr is not likely to withdraw. Every senator who condemned the racism on display in Charlottesville must vote to prevent it from having power in the federal judiciary.


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    They must; and WE MUST do everything that we can to ensure that they do.

    . . . and send a message for future nominations like this ones that we know are sure to come.
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    January 04, 2018

    Time for a reset on judicial nominations




    The American people need to have faith in the basic fairness of our courts, which should not be stacked with those who have made a point of actively working against the rights of others. There is undoubtedly no shortage of conservative lawyers and judges who would serve with distinction if confirmed to a seat on the federal judiciary. This administration need not reach for the most extreme among them, thereby ensuring that millions of citizens will question whether they will have meaningful access to justice.

    One-third of Trump’s nominees have a record of open hostility to the rights of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) Americans. John Bush, now confirmed, once used the term “faggot” in a public speech. Damien Schiff referred to distinguished Supreme Court Justice Anthony Kennedy as a “judicial prostitute” in part because of Kennedy’s legacy of recognizing the equal dignity of LGBT people in his opinions.

    Thomas Alvin Farr, nominated to serve as a United States District Judge of the United States District Court for the Eastern District of North Carolina, who actively participated in the intimidation of African-American voters and then lied about to the Senate Judiciary Committee.

    When a president selects extremists for the judiciary who demonstrate contempt for whole segments of the population, he not only demonstrates his own contempt for those same groups of citizens but also undermines the essential impartiality of our courts.

    Consider Jeff Mateer, Trump’s nominee for a seat on a federal district court in Texas. Mateer famously said that transgender children are evidence of “how Satan’s plan is working and the destruction that’s going on.” He gave several speeches at a conference organized by a “pastor” who says LGBT people are worthy of death, and he thinks it’s fine to subject children to bogus and harmful “conversion therapy” to change their sexual orientation or gender identity.

    By contrast, in a recent opinion halting Trump’s transgender military ban, this is how a sitting judge described the transgender community:

    ”The Court is aware of no argument or evidence suggesting that being transgender in any way limits one’s ability to contribute to society. The exemplary military service of Plaintiffs in this case certainly suggests that it does not. … Many have years of experience in the military. Some have decades. They have been deployed on active duty in Iraq and Afghanistan. They have and continue to serve with distinction.”​

    With some exceptions, the majority of the president’s judicial nominees who had not yet been confirmed by the end of 2017 were returned to the White House, standard procedure at the close of a congressional session.

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    I still find it hard to believe that there are black people that continue to support trump...
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    And just a few months later, we get to see how the worst can get WORSER.

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    Sen. Tim Scott announces opposition to judicial nominee Thomas Farr, effectively dooming confirmation


    Sen. Tim Scott (R-S.C.), right, shown at the Capitol with Sen. Cory Booker (D-N.J.), just sank President Donald Trump’s judicial nominee Thomas Farr. In a shocking defeat for President Donald Trump, Sen. Tim Scott (R-S.C.) announced Thursday that he can’t support his controversial judicial nominee racist Thomas Farr.

    November 29, 2018

    Sen. Tim Scott (R-SC), the Black Republican in the Senate, has declared his opposition to the nomination of Thomas Farr to be a district court judge in North Carolina. Along with Sen. Jeff Flake (R-AZ), that means there are enough No votes to end this nomination.
    direct history of voter suppression and of ties to white supremacists made his nomination pretty much one of the worst of Trump's picks. That his nomination advanced was little more than one more massive "fuck you" from Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell and Judiciary Chairman Chuck Grassley to former President Barack Obama. This is the long-standing vacancy in the federal judiciary, a seat to which Obama had nominated two black women during his time in office, nominations which were blocked by Republicans.

    The NAACP and the Congressional Black Caucus (CBC) object to Farr over, among other things, his 2016 defense of a North Carolina voter ID law that the Fourth Circuit Court concluded “targeted African Americans with almost surgical precision.”

    Farr also helped North Carolina Republicans make the case for partisan gerrymandered congressional districts, and the Supreme Court has since ruled some of these maps unconstitutional. And he backed the state when it argued that workers shouldn’t be able to bring employment discrimination claims based on race or sex.

    “It is no exaggeration to say that had the White House deliberately sought to identify an attorney in North Carolina with a more hostile record on African-American voting rights and workers’ rights than Thomas Farr, it could hardly have done so,” the CBC wrote in a letter to Senate Judiciary leaders last month.

    “Why this person? Why in a state in the Eastern District that is diverse, in a state that has a sad history, like so many of our states, with a history of voter suppression?” Sen. Cory Booker (D-NJ) asked during a press briefing on Tuesday. Sen. Kamala Harris (D-CA) also argued that a Farr confirmation would upset the judicial check on state legislatures, which are often sued if they try to implement discriminatory voting rights practices. Harris noted that Farr could very well oversee an upcoming court case in his district on this exact topic.

    On top of his own negative track record on race, Farr has been nominated for a judicial seat that has a long and tenuous history. The seat has been empty for roughly 12 years, and Democrats say it’s due to Republican efforts to block two African-American women whom President Barack Obama had nominated to fill it.

    Flake is opposing the nominee on the merits as well as in fulfillment of his commitment to not vote for any Trump nominee until his legislation protecting the special counsel is given a floor vote.

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    Waiting now for comment from the Twitter-In-Chief . . .


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