Trump decries immigrants from 'shithole countries' coming to US (Africa, Haiti...)

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    source: CNN

    Washington (CNN)President Donald Trump expressed frustration behind closed doors with people coming to the US from "shithole countries," sources told CNN on Thursday.

    One of the sources briefed on the Thursday Oval Office meeting with lawmakers confirmed Trump asked, "Why do we want all these people from 'shithole countries' coming here?"

    A person familiar with the meeting said Illinois Democratic Sen. Dick Durbin and South Carolina GOP Sen. Lindsey Graham brought a plan to Trump that involved cutting the visa lottery in half and, at the behest of the Congressional Black Caucus, the rest would go to underrepresented countries in Africa and Temporary Protective Status nations, including Haiti. The person said the language was salty on both sides.

    One person briefed on the meeting said when Durbin got to Haiti, Trump began to ask why we want people from Haiti and more Africans in the US and added that the US should get more people from countries like Norway.

    A person familiar with what was said at the meeting told CNN that Trump also said: "Why do we need more Haitians? Take them out."

    Trump was taping a message in the State Dining Room on Thursday afternoon for Martin Luther King Jr. Day as the story was breaking, an official said. Another official said Trump expressed to aides within the hour that the media was blowing his comment out of proportion.

    The Washington Post first reported on Trump's comments in the Oval Office meeting, which the Post said "shocked" lawmakers in attendance.

    Reached for comment about the article, White House spokesperson Raj Shah did not deny the "shithole" remark, but instead said in a statement that Trump "is fighting for permanent solutions that make our country stronger by welcoming those who can contribute to our society, grow our economy and assimilate into our great nation."

    One of the sources told CNN that White House adviser Stephen Miller was at the meeting, and White House chief of staff John Kelly attended part but probably not all of the meeting.

    The Trump administration late last year announced it would end the TPS designation for Haiti, a move that could affect tens of thousands of Haitian immigrants. Likewise, the Department of Homeland Security on Monday announced it would end protections more than 200,000 Salvadorans, and on Thursday the White House rejected a bipartisan immigration proposal, including a fix for people protected under the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program.

    A White House official told CNN the President's "shithole" remark is being received much differently inside of the White House than it is outside. The official said that although this might enrage Washington, staffers predict the comment would resonate with Trump's base, similarly to how Trump's attacks on NFL players kneeling during the National Anthem did.

    Neal Katyal, a lead lawyer challenging Trump's attempts to impose a travel ban on mostly Muslim nations, has argued the travel ban reveals a discriminatory intent on the President's part, and responded to news of Trump's comment in light of the ongoing legal battle.

    "As I put the finishing touches on the travel ban brief to the Supreme Court tonight, the President's words remind us again of how his un-American racist ideology impacts policy," Katyal said.

    The White House denied similarly derogatory remarks in December, when The New York Times reported Trump said during a meeting in June that people coming from Haiti "all have AIDS," that recent Nigerian immigrants would never "go back to their huts" in Africa and that Afghanistan is a terrorist haven.

    White House press secretary Sarah Sanders denied at the time that Trump had made the comments and cited denials from several of the meeting's attendees.
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    From comparing Trump to Shakespeare (?) to blaming Democrats (?) to arguing no one even goes to the beaches in Haiti (?), Trump's sycophants are trying every excuse in the book to defend his "shithole countries" trash. Here are the lowlights.
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    The U.S. is a shithole country with its rampant surveillance and corruption.
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    “Mr. President, Are You a Racist?” Is the Question Reporters Should Never Stop Asking Donald Trump

    AFTER BIZARRELY OFFERING his “congratulations” to the late Martin Luther King Jr. at the White House on Friday, President Donald Trump was asked for the first time by reporters to explain why he referred to Haiti and some African nations as “shithole countries,” during talks about immigration a day earlier.

    “Mr. President, will you give an apology for the statement yesterday?” Trump was asked by April Ryan, Washington bureau chief for American Urban Radio, as he turned to leave the ceremony honoring the civil rights leader. When Trump ignored the question, a second reporter asked, “Did you use the word ‘shithole’ to refer to African nations?”

    Ryan then cut to the point, asking Trump the question that should be repeated every day from now until the end of his term: “Mr. President, are you a racist?”

    When Trump again ignored the question, Ryan repeated it — a fact lost on anyone who followed the event on the live video stream on the White House web site, since it abruptly cut out at that point, though C-SPAN continued to broadcast the event.

    Since Trump lies so easily and has previously called himself the planet’s “least-racist person,” there might seem to be little point in pressing him to answer Ryan’s question. But, as reporters in the Netherlands demonstrated this week, asking politicians who make offensive statements to account for their remarks can be a public service, by at least attaching some sort of social embarrassment to making such comments.

    That Trump did indeed refer, repeatedly, to those nations as “shithole countries” was confirmed on Friday by Sen. Dick Durbin, the Illinois Democrat who was in the room when the president complained that people from those nations should not be welcomed as immigrants.

    “President Trump said things that were hate-filled, vile, and racist,” Durbin told television reporters. “He used those words repeatedly.”

    When Durbin was asked later about a tweet from Trump, in which he seemed to deny using the word “shithole,” the senator said, “I stand by what I said. If the president disputes it, then … well, it’s not the truth.”

    "I’m not going to use the word ‘lying.’ I stand by what I said. If the president disputes it, then … well, it’s not the truth,” Sen. Durbin says

    — CBS News (@CBSNews) January 12, 2018

    Durbin also revealed that one Republican in the room, Sen. Lindsey Graham of South Carolina, took issue with Trump’s comments. Graham acknowledged as much in a statement released later on Friday, saying that he offered an affirmation of the multicultural roots of the United States.

    My statement on #DACA.

    — Lindsey Graham (@LindseyGrahamSC) January 12, 2018

    Top photo: U.S. President Donald Trump greets members of the African-American community after signing proclamation to honor Martin Luther King Jr. Day, in the Roosevelt Room at the White House, on Jan. 12, 2018 in Washington, D.C.

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    Lawrence on President Trump 'Shithole' Comment:
    'Hating Is What He Does'

    In a meeting on immigration reform at the White House, the president called Haiti & African nations 'sh*thole' countries. Lawrence O'Donnell has a message for lawmakers: If you make a deal with the devil, you can't be surprised to hear him sounding like the devil. » Subscribe to MSNBC:
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    Sen. Sanders: Trump's 'shithole' comment appalling

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    Republican Ana Navarro:
    No other way to interpret Trump's comments


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    Adam Zyglis Copyright 2018 Cagle Cartoons

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    The Backlash Continues on Trump's "S**thole" Comments: The Daily Show

    Cory Booker Is Not Having the DHS Secretary's Testimony: The Daily Show
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    :lol: noah does a good job and that white chick was copping pleas :lol2:
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