Things You Can’t Do While Black (or Brown)

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    Things You Can’t Do While Black (or Brown)

    Napping on campus?

    In your own building?




    A protest outside the Starbucks where two black men were arrested last month while awaiting a business partner.Tom Gralish/Philadelphia Inquirer/AP

    The latest addition to the list of things you apparently can’t do while black is a doozy.

    On Monday, a white graduate student at Yale called campus police on a black classmate who was sleeping on a sofa in the common room of the building where both students lived—Lolade Siyonbola, a grad student in Yale’s African studies program, had fallen asleep while studying.

    “I paid tuition like everybody else. I am not going to justify my existence here.”

    Siyonbola was detained for more than 15 minutes as officers tried to verify she was a student. The spelling of her name on her student ID apparently didn’t match the spelling in the database the officers used to look her up—which is really not all that surprising. Afterward, she posted two videos of the ordeal to Facebook. In one of them (below), which has hundreds of thousands of views, an officer asks for her ID. Siyonbola asks why, and another cop says they need to “make sure you belong here.”r

    “I deserve to be here. I paid tuition like everybody else. I am not going to justify my existence here,” Siyonbola protests later after one of the officers asks about the assignment she was working on. After a bit more back and forth, she adds, “I’m not going to be harassed.”

    When they finally let her be, one of the officers tells Siyonbola to have a good night. “I’m not going to have a good night,” she says. “But you have a good night.”

    Siyonbola also informed the officers that the woman who called her in had previously called the police on her friend “because he was black and in the stairwell.”

    Stuff like this happens every day in America: Black and brown Americans are unfairly perceived as suspicious or threatening by store clerks, restaurant managers, cops, and everyday people—who are often quick to call in law enforcement over behavior that is legal and/or benign.

    Here are 10 additions—since the mid-April arrests of two law-abiding men at a Philadelphia Starbucks—to the list of things you apparently can’t do while black or brown:

      • Shop for prom clothes at Nordstrom Rack: You’ve probably heard about this case of racial profiling by the store’s employees, but turns out it’s not a first.
      • Golf too slowly: Doesn’t matter whether the putters ahead of you are moving at a similar pace.
      • Move out of an AirBnB: Did you know you’re required to reciprocate when a neighbor waves at you?
      • Work out at your gym: Black folks apparently have to scan their ID twice.
      • Buy Mentos at a gas station: You just never know when a clueless off-duty cop will be standing in line behind you.
      • Listen to music on your front porch:This officer was a real prince, as it turns out.
      • Show up late for a college campus tour:These two Native American kids made a white mother “nervous.”

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    Police called on state representative for canvassing while black


    Oregon State Representative Janelle Bynum, who is running for reelection, was canvassing in Clackamas County when one of her constituents called the police. Why? According to Bynum's Facebook post, the resident thought she was acting suspiciously "going door to door and spending a lot of time typing on (her) cell phone after each house."

    She praised the deputy who responded for being professional, and said she asked him if she could meet the woman who made the call, but she was not available.

    "The officer called her, we talked and she did apologize," Bynum said, without specifying the race of the caller.

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    A white woman called police on a black 12-year-old — for mowing grass
    By Cleve R. Wootson Jr.

    June 30, 2018 at 2:45 PM


    A white woman called the police on Reggie Fields, a black 12-year-old, for mowing the lawn in Maple Heights, Ohio. (News 5 Cleveland)
    It’s a business that has existed for as long as there have been summer vacations and borrowed lawn mowers: A pint-size entrepreneur offers to endure the rage of a summer sun on a neighbor’s behalf, pushing a lawn mower across high grass for a small fee.

    Last week, in Maple Heights, Ohio, that entrepreneur was Reggie Fields, a 12-year-old middle schooler who is the owner and mower-in-chief of Mr. Reggie’s Lawn Service. His sister and two cousins also provided manual labor in their neighborhood outside Cleveland, working a rake and a broom to corral clippings.

    That’s what they told Lucille Holt-Colden, 51, who encountered them at a Dollar Tree where they were purchasing a gas canister and some lawn bags on June 23. Holt-Colden thought it was a good investment. Her grass was growing taller, and her $20 would be used to keep this particular group of black youths off the street and out of trouble.

    She was mostly right.

    Holt-Colden and Reggie are both black; the neighbor who called the police on Reggie is white, but Holt-Colden doesn’t know why the woman called the police. According to Holt-Colden, the same neighbor has called police in the past — in December, the neighbor reported a snowball fight between Holt-Colden’s children. The Post has contacted the Maple Heights Police Department to verify the call about a snowball fight. The neighbor could not be reached for comment.

    “If the kids were white,” Holt-Colden said of Reggie and his family members, “they would not have called.” She told The Post that neighbors of various races live in the neighborhood, but “I don’t have any problems with any other neighbors.”

    When the police came, Holt-Colden said, Reggie’s 9-year-old cousin was frozen with fear in her driveway, worried that he was in trouble.

    But Reggie kept mowing. The children were not cited or stopped by the police in any way.

    Still, Holt-Colden said she was upset that an officer responded in the first place.

    The Cleveland area has recently been shaken by the death of Saniyah Nicholson, a 9-year-old killed in the crossfire during a shooting in the eastern part of the city. Her death raised concerns about the idle time of thousands of students out of school for the summer, Holt-Colden said.

    Saniyah was sitting outside a boxing club in east Cleveland, according to the city’s Fox affiliate, WJW-TV, when two rival groups started firing at each other. The bullets missed the older men but struck the little girl while she was sitting in her mother’s car. Her family planned to bury her Saturday.

    Holt-Colden said she wants more people to do what they can to keep children occupied with meaningful tasks. She worried that Reggie’s interaction with the police would be discouraging.

    Many others chipped in to prevent that from happening.

    “People are inboxing me like, ‘How can I get in touch with these children?’ ‘Where are they at?’ ‘I got property I want these kids to cut,’ ” Holt said.

    She started a GoFundMe page for Reggie. By Saturday afternoon, people had donated more than $8,600, the equivalent of more than 430 lawns.

    But Reggie and his crew aren’t resting on that publicity-fueled windfall. Some people donated supplies — a leaf blower and a lawn mower — to help his business. And he’s still out mowing lawns.

    He even made fliers on orange paper with an image of a lawn mower: “Mr. Reggie Lawn Cutting Service. Taking it one step at a time. Schedule an appointment I’ll be on time …”

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    21 More Things You Can’t Do While Black

    In the United States, sometimes your skin color is evidence enough against you.


    1. Listen to loud music at a gas station.

    2. Walk home from a snack run to 7-11.

    3. Wear a hoodie.

    4. Drive after swimming.

    5. Drive in a car with a white girl.

    6. Appear in public in New York City.

    7. Walk on the wrong side of the street.

    8. Wait for a school bus to take you to your high school basketball game.

    9. Drink iced tea in a parking lot.

    10. Seek help after a car accident.

    11. Inspect your own property.

    12. Show up at your job.

    13. Talk trash after an NFL game.

    14. Throw a temper tantrum in kindergarten.

    15. Buy designer accessories at Barney’s.

    16. Buy designer accessories at Macy’s.

    17. Be a 13-year-old boy.

    18. Enter your own home.

    19. Botch a science experiment.

    20. Be a tourist.

    21. Lay face down in handcuffs.
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    'Eating Out While Black': Subway employee calls police on family for using the restroom too many times
    Elise Solé
    Yahoo LifestyleJuly 6, 2018, 6:03 PM GMT
    A Subway employee called the police on the Dobson family, claiming they were behaving suspiciously. (Photo: Felicia Chambers Dobson via Facebook)

    A Subway employee called the police on a black family eating dinner because they visited the restroom too many times.

    On Monday, while driving home to North Carolina from their grandmother’s birthday party in Georgia, Othniel and Felicia Dobson, their four kids, ages 19, 13, 12, and 8, and their children’s aunt decided to eat dinner at a Subway in Coweta County.

    “One employee, a white woman named Sandra, wasn’t that friendly — it seemed like she was making our sandwiches begrudgingly — but we didn’t pay much attention,” Felicia, 40, tells Yahoo Lifestyle. “We paid for our food, sat at a table, and I read a few pages of my book.” For the long drive, the family had packed their car full of snacks, including juice, which they drank from cups they had purchased for ice.

    During their meal, Felicia says Othniel returned to the car briefly and passed Sandra, who was talking outside on her cellphone. “My husband heard her say, ‘They’re leaving now.’ He asked her if there was a problem, and she ran back into the store, upset.”

    At that point, everyone had finished eating and cleaned their table, and Felicia told her children to use the bathroom before getting on the road. Felicia also filled up her personal water bottle with ice from the vending station, and the family left.

    Once outside, they were approached by a police officer. “He had received a call that we didn’t pay for our food,” says Felicia. “He explained that Sandra felt we were suspicious, and because she had been robbed before, she was afraid we would rob her.”

    ABC news affiliate WSB-TV in Atlanta obtained a recording of the 911 call, and a woman can be heard saying, “I need somebody to come through here please, ASAP. Now. There’s about eight people in a van, and they’ve been in the store for about an hour. They keep going back and forth to the bathrooms by my back door.”

    “She never clarified that we were a family, and she lied about us not paying,” says Felicia.

    A representative from Subway did not return Yahoo Lifestyle’s request for comment, however, franchise owner Rosh Patel told WSB-TV, “I take this very seriously, and I am fully investigating. I have also used this opportunity to reiterate to my staff the importance of making everyone feel welcome.”He also apologized to the Dobson family, and reportedly told Felicia that the employee had been placed on administrative leave.

    The Dobsons’ story has hit Twitter, where people are using the hashtag #EatingOutWhileBlack, which follows #MourningWhileBlack, #SwimmingWhileBlack, and #CampaigningWhileBlack.

    Felicia says her toughest challenge is explaining to her youngest child, an 8-year-old boy, what happened. “He keeps asking, ‘Why do we have to keep telling people about this?’ He understands our family was racially profiled. I tell him it’s about spreading awareness.” She adds that her 13-year-old daughter cried after leaving the restaurant and that her oldest child is feeling hopeless.

    “Fortunately, the police officer who responded was well-trained and professional,” says Felicia. “He told us, ‘I am so sorry this happened to you.’”
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    Woman fired for calling police on black man wearing socks in pool

    JUL 9, 2018 4:40 PM EDT U.S.


    • A white Memphis woman was fired from her job at an apartment development after she was recorded calling the police on a black man who was wearing socks while swimming in a pool. Trilogy Residential Management said Erica Walker, a manager at one of their properties, was "terminated immediately after we completed our investigation."

    The company said Walker would "never be employed by Trilogy Residential Management, LLC or any of its properties in the future."

    A woman named Camry Porter recorded the confrontation while she was at the pool area at the Riverset Apartments with her boyfriend and two godchildren on the Fourth of July.

    Porter claims Walker said her boyfriend needed remove his socks or leave. Porter later posted video of the incident on Facebook, where it has been viewed more than 1 million times.

    "And she was like, 'Well, I'm the property manager,' and she pointed at the rules. The rules say, 'Proper pool attire.' It doesn't specify what proper pool attire is," Porter told CBS affiliate WREG-TV.

    Porter said Walker told them hats were also prohibited from the pool, but didn't approach several white men who were wearing hats in the pool. In the video, Walker said hats are allowed if they're not dunked in the water.

    "You know everything happening in the nation now, and like, now I'm a part of it. It hits home," Porter told WREG-TV, adding that she believes they were singled out because of their race.

    "It does look funny," she explained. "It's 25, 30-plus white people out here and you haven't said anything. You're partying with them! But when we come, it's an issue."

    When police arrived at the scene, Porter and her boyfriend decided to leave.

    "You called the police on me. That could have went a whole other way. We've seen that," Porter told WREG-TV.

    Several white people across the country have lost jobs or faced legal trouble for similar incidents at swimming pools this summer. In South Carolina, a white woman faces third-degree assault charges for allegedly striking a black teen. She allegedly told him and his friends they didn't belong at a pool and needed to leave. In North Carolina, a white man was fired after he demanded identification from a black family who tried to enter a private community pool and called police on them.

    © 2018 CBS Interactive Inc. All Rights Reserved.

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    Vacationing While Black: Exec finds racist note in his hotel room

    A hotel desk bell. (Credit: Fotolia)

    July 8, 2018

    A black CEO and his son were targeted by racists after staying at a ritzy Florida hotel while on vacation over the Fourth of July holiday, reports ABC News affiliate WWSB.

    Frank Davis, the president and CEO of the Horizon Group, was outraged after receiving a derogatory note in his hotel room while staying at the Art Ovation Hotel with his son Michael. Davis and son headed out one early morning for breakfast and a bit of shopping. But when they returned to their hotel room they saw a racist note.

    “You’re a n—-r,” the note read, according to the report.

    “This is something in 2018 you don’t expect this kind of thing to happen,” Davis told WWSB.

    Davis immediately reported the note to the hotel’s general manager. He also filed a report with the police. The hotel tried to make amends by offering the Davises a free night’s stay. But the Davises feared that the culprit was someone who had access to their room since the note was left on a lamp next to their bed, so they declined to stay another night.

    “Who knows what other kind of actions that individual, who clearly knew we were there, was capable of?” Davis said. “Which is why we decided to relocate and find additional lodging for the remainder of our stay.”

    Matthew Simone, Art Ovation general manager issued an apology to the Davis family and said “allegations such as this are very concerning to us.”

    The hotel is still investigating the incident.

    News of Racist Incidents: Can’t Get Away from Them

    Every day it seems we hear about more incidents targeting black families. Black families can’t seem to enjoy simple leisure activities such as vacationing like the Davises or grabbing a bite to eat or lounging at the pool.

    It’s a perpetual cycle of white people’s pettiness disrupting our day.

    Case in point: recently police were called on a “suspicious” Black family enjoying meal at Subway. The Dobson family were surprised when police showed up and told them an urgent 911 call had been placed and an employee complained that the family was using the restroom too much and putting water in soda cups.

    Seriously, Subway?

    Just last week over the fourth of July weekend, a white man in North Carolina, apparently with nothing better to do, called the police on a black woman he assumed couldn’t afford to swim in the pool of her upscale neighborhood. The woman called it a case of racial profiling.

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    Shopping While Black Lowe’s Protest

    Jul 10, 2018

    Activist Will Mega led a protest at the Lowe’s store in Parkside on Saturday afternoon, calling on Black shoppers to boycott the store. Tribune Digital Reporter Samaria Bailey has highlights from the protest that comes a little more than a month after Mega said he was racially profiled at the Lowe’s location.

    Protest calls for Lowe's boycott, demands bias changes
    Activist Will Mega led a protest at the Lowe’s store in Parkside on Saturday afternoon, call…

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    Oakland resident reports black firefighter to police during routine inspection

    By Dan Simon, CNN
    Thu June 28, 2018


    (CNN)An Oakland firefighter is at the center of the latest high-profile case of what appears to be racial profiling in the area.

    Last month, Kevin Moore and some colleagues were performing routine inspections in the upscale Oakland Hills, which has some of the priciest real estate in the Bay Area. Another firefighter, Megan Bryan, was so frustrated with the treatment he received from residents during the inspection, she wrote a post about it on Facebook.

    Because California wildfires have been devastating in recent years, Oakland Fire Fighters scour neighborhoods looking for fuel, such as dead trees and brush, to help mitigate a potential disaster.

    The fuel inspections are done annually and fire fighters try to alert the residents by knocking on doors and ringing doorbells. If no one is home, they still conduct the inspection -- sometimes going in backyards and taking photos. The purpose is to decrease the chances of a wildfire spreading from house to house by eliminating dry fuel on the property.

    Moore was wearing his usual dark blue uniform while he performed the inspections, and carried a radio and clipboard, Bryan wrote in her post.

    Still, that didn't stop one resident from calling the fire department to confirm that they were actually performing inspections, and sending security footage of Moore to the police department because she "suspected 'criminal activity' at her house," Bryan wrote.

    Then, when Moore was out performing inspections again last week, Bryan wrote, he was singled out again. This time, a resident approached him while video recording him on a phone.

    "He kind of startled me," Moore told the San Francisco Chronicle.

    "He says, 'Well, what are you doing here?'" Moore told the newspaper. "I say, 'We're here doing our annual vegetation inspection.' Then he asks for ID. I say no problem. He takes a picture of my ID and says I need to get a different one. I've had that ID for years. It's kind of dark, and I'm more of a dark-skinned black guy, but you can still see me."

    CNN could not reach Moore for comment.

    While Bryan did not state what race those residents were, the majority of residents in Oakland Hills are white, according to census figures.

    "Just in case you think people of color are treated the same as whites in this country, " Bryan wrote in her Facebook post. "Let's just say I've never had the cops called on me, in uniform or not. I've never been videoed, nor has anyone ever asked for my Fire Dept ID."

    CNN reached out to the Oakland Fire Department and to Bryan for comment, but hasn't yet heard back.

    According to the Chronicle, Moore was part of a group of firefighters honored by the Oakland City Council "for honor and bravery" in 2008 when he and others "jumped into a ravine to save passengers trapped inside an overturned vehicle during a rainstorm, then waded through the canal in search of an ejected 10-month-old baby."

    Dan Robertson, president of the Oakland Firefighters Association, said he is saddened by the incidents involving Moore, a 12 year veteran.

    "It's unfortunate this situation had to happen. We like to think in the San Francisco Bay Area we live in a bubble where this sort of thing doesn't exist but clearly it does. Especially in light of things going on nationally," Robertson said.

    "As fire fighters we'll continue to do our jobs, including putting our lives on the line for everyone who calls us, whoever needs our help regardless of whatever biases they may have."

    Moore's story comes on the heels of several widely publicized Bay Area incidents in which white people called police on black residents doing mundane things.

    This week, a white woman was filmed calling the police on an 8-year-old African-American girl selling bottles of water without a permit.

    The woman, Alison Ettel, has since apologized, and said the incident had nothing to do with race. She said she called the police department to confirm it was illegal to sell water without a permit, but did not file a report or request an officer to be dispatched.

    Earlier this month, a white man was dubbed "Jogger Joe" after he was caught on video in Oakland throwing away a black homeless man's belongings.

    In April, a white woman in Oakland became known as "BBQ Becky" on social media after she called police on black people who were barbecuing in an area of a park where that was banned, CNN affiliate KRON reported.


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    Nice thread, me like!
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    The truth of how were looked at and treated is being brought to light.we need Africa to be what it has to be for all blacks..we need a home because America is not it.i don't care how many generations your kin been here.and with Africa constantly gettin taken advantage of..we literally have nowhere to go.i wanna go where my people rule without Western interference.
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    White Woman Calls Cops on California Man Chilling in His Car Listening to Yoga CD

    The Root
    Breanna Edwards
    July 13, 2018

    Screenshot: Fox 11

    Imagine you’re vibing in your car, mentally working on aligning your chakras when a white woman comes and tries to throw a whole bucket of ice water on that mess by calling the cops on you.

    That’s exactly what happened to Ezekiel Phillips, who believes that if he wasn’t black, the woman would have never claimed that she felt threatened by his presence.

    Phillips told Fox 11 that he had just dropped someone off on Ramillo Avenue in Long Beach, Calif., and decided to take a 30-minute break before going to his yoga class around the corner. As he was listening to his Bikram yoga CD, the woman confronted him by walking up to his car.

    “You’re not supposed to be here. This is a good neighborhood,” Phillips claimed the woman told him.

    Phillips was taken aback, but like a true yogi, he attempted to disengage.

    “At that moment I’m like, ‘Wait, hold up. Have a good day, ma’am. Namaste.’ And I rolled my window up,” he told the news station.

    However, things quickly escalated as the woman started taking pictures and filming Phillips.

    “She took her phone out; started taking pictures, filming doing whatever she was doing ... So I got out the car, I started filming her as soon as I start filming her [she started screaming], ‘What are you doing?’ Leave me alone! I’m feeling threatened. Help! Help!’ It was one of those,” Phillips explained.

    In audio from 911, the woman can be heard frantically speaking to the operator who attempted to figure out what the situation was.

    “I noticed him two houses up from my parents’ house and I’m like, you know and he’s waving to me. I don’t know who he is,” the woman told the operator. “I go ‘Why are you sitting in your car in our neighborhood? And he goes ‘I’m resting’ and ‘I’m like you weren’t two blocks back.’”

    As the woman walks toward a neighbor’s house, Phillips followed her. It was at that point the woman could be heard screaming, “I can’t get away from him! Get away from me!”

    At one point, the woman claimed that Phillips had attacked someone, a statement that is not even remotely true based on the 911 call.

    “Ma’am. When you say he attacked other persons, what did he do to them?” the operator is heard saying in an attempt to clarify.

    “He’s trying to give his business card to this other guy that [is] proof that he didn’t do anything to me,” the woman responded.

    Oh no! The horror! The scary black man is leaving his business cards everywhere.

    Phillips said he had wanted to leave at one point, but said that may have made him look guilty so he stayed until officers arrived. The Long Beach Police Department did not file an incident report and acknowledged no crime was committed.

    Still, the police department said that the woman did the right thing by calling them, encouraging others to say something if they see something.

    Phillips, at least in his case, couldn’t fully agree with that sentiment.

    “It’s no longer cool to allow your discomfort to say that my discomfort is more valuable than the potential fact that [for] this call, your life can be taken,” he said.

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    Apartment Complex Manager Suspended After Black Resident Kicked Out of Pool

    The Root
    Stephen A. Crockett Jr.
    July 13, 2018

    Images from viral video in which Shayne Holland, (bottom) was asked to leave his Indianapolis apartment complex pool despite showing the officer his pool key and the apartment manage confirming that he was an apartment complex resident. Screenshot: YouTube

    A white apartment manager of an Indianapolis residential complex who kicked out a black resident for no other reason than she had the authority to do so, has been suspended from her job and may be fired once an investigation is complete.

    According to the IndyStar, a viral video showed an off-duty police officer working as pool security at the River Crossing at Keystone and the apartment manager harassing resident Shayne Holland last Friday. The officer wanted Holland to give her his address, which Holland was not comfortable with.

    It’s officially the summer, so you know what that means: the beginning of cop-calling season.

    “After I showed her my key here, this officer tried to walk up here and kick me out of my own goddamn pool, I pay $1600 in rent,” Holland is heard on the recording saying and showing his key that allowed him access to the restricted area, the IndyStar reports.

    “The question that you asked me was, ‘Do I live here?’ I said ‘yes,’ then you asked me for my address,’ Holland can be heard saying on the video recording. “I showed you my key. What more conversation needs to be held?”

    The building manager whom Holland calls “Candace” continues to tell Holland that he needs to give the officer his address although she’d confirmed to the officer that he was a resident. When Holland asked why that was necessary, she told him to leave.

    “You need to leave,” she said. “There is a sign here that says I can ask anyone to leave.”

    Barrett & Stockely, the building management company, apologized for the incident and added that “Candace” had been suspended pending an investigation.

    “We are disappointed that we weren’t able to handle this situation in a way in which everyone felt respected and understood,” the company posted on Facebook. “We should have communicated with all residents that we would have security on site, who would be asking for proof of residency. We continue to evaluate how we can better communicate our policies in the future and ask that you reach out to us if you have any questions. Please understand that we have policies that restrict what we can publicly share about specific residents.”

    There’s been no word as to what disciplinary actions were taken against the officer, whom Holland claims targeted him, the only black man, inside the pool. The IndyStar reports that the woman was not working in an official capacity, and was off-duty when the incident occurred.

    Here’s to hoping that Holland is issued a financial apology to make paying that $1,600 rent a little easier to pay.


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    Wells Fargo Employees Call Cops on 78-Year-Old Black Woman After Refusing to Cash Her Check

    The Root
    Michael Harriot
    July 26, 2017

    Photo: iStock

    An elderly Florida woman has filed a lawsuit accusing Wells Fargo of discrimination after bank employees called the police on her for simply trying to cash a check.

    According to the Miami New Times, Barbara Carroll, a 78-year-old black woman who holds a Ph.D., attempted to cash a check in Fort Lauderdale, Fla., on November 28, 2017. Carrol says she provided her driver’s license and a passport to a teller at the Victoria Park branch, an upscale neighborhood.

    The teller, a white woman, took the identification and told Carroll to have a seat in the bank’s lobby because there was a problem. After Carroll waited for approximately 30 minutes, she asked to see a manager, who unsurprisingly also turned out to be a white woman.

    The manager, according to Carroll, asked her what she did for money, refused to cash the check and wouldn’t return Carroll’s identification, informing Carroll that she had called cops. Carroll sat down and waited for the police to arrive, but when they took to long, she decided to call 911 herself.

    When the cops arrived almost 2 hours after Carroll first arrived at the bank, the officers checked her ID and informed the bank employees that the license was, in fact, valid. The National Bank of Becky finally cashed the check without even offering an apology and Carroll left angry and humiliated.

    “I felt very embarrassed. I felt belittled. I can’t tell you the emotions I felt,” said Carroll, a former bank teller and probation officer. “Things that we — and we being black people — things that we feel are sometimes brushed over, like, ‘Oh, she was just doing her job,’”

    Carroll refused to let the slight go by unnoticed. She called Wells Fargo’s corporate office but they gave her some Caucasian nonsense about training (I’ll bet an unendorsed Wells Fargo cashiers check that it was a white woman). So Barbara Carroll hired a lawyer and filed a complaint against the financial institution.

    And the most incredible part of this story is the outrageous amount on the check that Amber and Sarah refused to cash because somehow they believed the 78-year-old woman was pulling the most ingenious bank heist ever. How much was Barbara Carroll’s check that prompted a call to the police for suspected bank fraud?

    It was only $140.

    You know what they say: “You can’t buy love.”

    But, apparently, hate is cheap as hell.

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    They all fucked up but not surprising..

    The one that stands out was the hotel

    That left the racist note.. ..

    They know who the culprit was...

    I wonder if there are any updates on that
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    Police called on black Smith College student eating lunch

    6:35 AM EDT U.S.


    A visibly upset Oumou Kanoute speaks with CBS Boston on August 2, 2018CBS Boston

    NORTHAMPTON, Mass. --
    Smith College is investigating after police were called to check out a black student who was eating her lunch in a common room.

    "This shouldn't happen to anyone at all," Oumou Kanoute said through tears to CBS Boston.

    Kanoute is a rising sophomore at Smith. She works at a summer program teaching chemistry to high schoolers for Smith's STEM program and was reading in the dining hall of the Tyler House dorm Tuesday.

    "Next thing you know, I see the cop walk in with a Smith employee whom I've never seen before and the man said, 'We were wondering why you're here?"' Kanoute said.

    She says police told her an employee had called about a suspicious black man.

    She recorded video with her phone, adding her own text on Instagram, with a post that's prompted outrage from supporters.

    "It just still upsets me to just talk about it because I don't even feel safe on my own campus and I'm away from home. I'm the first in my family to go to college. I'm doing this not only for me but for my family, for my ancestors," Kanoute told CBS Boston.

    Smith's president sent a statement apologizing and assuring her that "she belongs in all Smith spaces. This painful incident reminds us of the ongoing legacy of racism and bias in which people of color are targeted while simply going about the business of their daily lives. … Building an inclusive, diverse and sustainable community is urgent and ongoing work."

    Kanoute appreciates the apology but wants more.

    "I want the identity of the caller released," she says. "I want a public apology from that caller and I want them fired from the school."

    Smith's administration says privacy laws prevent them from releasing the name, so Kanoute has turned to social media with a plea for help.

    "I tried to like shake it off. I didn't even want to speak up and speak out because I know not everyone's going to agree with what you need to say. Not everyone's going to listen to you," Kanoute says. "I'm just so upset."

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    Two young black Americans kicked out of event for Republican Sen. Marsha Blackburn for “Being Black”

    OUTRAGEOUS!!! How is this legal?! From Facebook user Jeneisha Harris: "We are being racially profiled at a Marsha Blackburn even [Senator from Tennessee.]. Black people are not allowed at her events without being harassed. But we are here. And we will not be silenced."

    Catherine Reed KriffI love the calm, determination of these two young people. “ We shall not be moved.”
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    Portland Hotel Calls Police

    On Black Guest

    — For —



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