The Reason the Zombie Apocalypse Happened In The Walking Dead


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We may not have all the answers we want about the current real-world coronavirus pandemic sweeping the globe, but Robert Kirkman is finally ready to talk about what caused the fictional zombie pandemic in The Walking Dead.

For fans who have been following the story of The Walking Dead since Rick Grimes first awoke from his coma back in 2003, this revelation is a long time coming. It's actually impressive that Kirkman, the series' creator, has kept his cards so close to his vest for so long considering the franchise has expanded to infect every quadrant of our media world: video games, books, TV — you name it.

Now, having reached the epic conclusion of his long-running tale (at least in comic form), Kirkman must have decided it was finally time to dole out a little fan service.

Through 193 issues of the original comic and no fewer than three television series set in Kirkman's post-apocalyptic world
we've seen survivors navigate every facet of this deadly scenario without any understanding of the zombie horde's pathogenic origins. Well, wonder no more. On Twitter (via, Kirkman confirmed that it is, in fact, aliens.

I don’t feel like posting the whole article but basically, aliens introduce a spore that turn human to zombies to thin us out so that they can take over the planet.



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Not accepting that for a minute! What does he take us for? We all know aliens simply abduct and anally probe humans.