{The Official 2021-22 NBA Thread} - Finals: Warriors vs Celtics…{4-2 advantage warriors } Dubs NBA champs, Curry MVP


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Like how the Rams were the greatest show on turf

Steph is the greatest show with the round ball

I forgot Bledsoe was on the Clippers now


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Good. Because Korkmaz started Wilin' from 3 in the 4th he didn't have to come back out in the 4th. He embarrassed Valanciunas as usual. Had 22 points in 26 minutes. Maxey had 20 points 7 rebounds and 5 assists starting for the Beige Bitch. That's why I said it really doesn't matter who the Sixers get for that faggot they don't need him. We are better off without that pussy


I see,Morey aint playing...lol


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Good Game Clippers Fans!
Kawhi coming back will be great for y'all.

Draymond needs to make free throws and they gotta move around more if you insist on getting steph off the ball which again makes no sense.

Wiggins went WIGGINS lol
missed every key shot including every open ass layup