The balls on this dude...


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These white devils want to rewrite the history of America...a land stolen from a race and worked by another till fruition...but no, they the whites did everything

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Rick Santorum said: "We birthed a nation from nothing. I mean, there was nothing here. I mean, yes we have Native Americans but candidly there isn't much Native American culture in American culture . . .
Unfortunately, his statement is consistent:

"We birthed a nation from nothing . . .
[because] there was nothing here."

- they treated the Native Americans, who were already here upon their arrival, as nothing;

- and they treated ours, upon whose backs large chunks of this country were built, as nothing.

Santorum is something: --> a P.O.S.


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Sounds like some Jonestown shit. We was here on every part of this earth and universe before any other race. There religion to destroy us or make us carbon copies off them


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Their ancestors have spent generations destroying the truth about blacks. They spent generations brainwashing and killing. While we was locked down they were destroying.
Along with eugenics they have did a good job of hiding truth.


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Pure mind fuckery

No such thing as Indian..

Cacs made that up to hide Moorish history...

And the many Moorish first Nations that was already here...

Muthafuckas stay lying..

There were many structures

With electricity that was here for thousands of years..

Cacs love talkin bout the "war" of 1812

But they don't like talking bout that 1811-1812 new madrid earthquakes...

Gave cacs a fantastic opportunity to rename and RE construct AlMoroc AMERICAN MOORISH shit....

Mutha fuckas stay lying

If nothing was here..

Where did colombus get all the fucking already MINED gold and silver from??


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Rick Santorum has been on my "wish he would die" list for a long time, right along with Clarence Thomas.:mad: